Top Best Portable High Chairs Booster For Babies 2018 Reviews

The moment that your baby can sit up on his own and is already delighted about eating his solid food, you know that this is the right time to search for the right high chair. Most parents note that their babies are ready when they reach 4 – 6 months. It is about time that you take a look at some high chairs. You can search for one that will fit well with the rest of your kitchen decorations.

Fact Sheet – Mini Comparison of Best portable high chairs booster for babies

No Brand Name Image Harness Type Material Special Feature
1 Cozy Cover Easy Seat – Portable … Best mountain bike gloves reviews 5 Point Harness System Polyester Most effective for 35 lbs babies or less.
2 Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort … Best mountain bike gloves reviews 3 Point Restrain System Plastic Safe tray and less complicated to clean up your baby’s mess.
3 Summer Infant Pop N Sit … Best mountain bike gloves reviews 3 Point Safety Harness Polyester With a BPA – free tray that makes it safer for babies
4 Kaboost Booster Seat for Dining, … Top Best Portable High Chairs Booster For Babies 2018 Reviews No Harness Wooden Material with Rubberized Feet Not need to be assembled before you use it.
5 Hoohobbers Junior Director … Best mountain bike gloves reviews Bird’s Mouth Feature for safety Polyprolene Plastic – Water-resistant
-For both indoors and outdoors.


With the number of high chairs that are available right now, how can you possibly choose the one that is right for your baby? There are so many to choose from so it can be overwhelming in the beginning. You can always consider your preferences and you can also consider the amount of time that you are going to use the high chair. Do you want something that will last for a long time?

These are some factors you can think about in choosing the right high chair:

  • Ease of Use – Is the high chair easy booster to use? You need to know if it would be easy to put your baby in and remove your baby from the high chair booster. You can ask other mothers for some recommendations and you can also go to various stores to check out their selections. Checking out online stores may help as well. Check out the seat straps to see if they are easy to buckle and unbuckle.
  • Materials – The high chair boosters all come in various materials that are meant to be stable and durable enough to hold your baby.
  • Convenience – How convenient will it be for you to have the right type of portable high chair booster? You want to find one that you can easily fold and keep inside your bag.
  • Versatility – It will help if you could choose a high chair booster that can be used for things other than its main function.
  • Sturdiness and Safety – These are two important factors that you should not overlook when searching for the right high chair booster. It should be sturdy enough that it will rip or collapse even when your baby is a bit rowdy. You can check the harness of the high chair booster to be sure.
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There are still a lot of factors that you can think about when choosing the right high chair booster. Find one that will be comfortable for your baby so he would love sitting on his high chair. You have learned the various factors that can help you make the right decision in choosing portable high chair boosters. Now, it is time that you get to know the best portable high chair boosters to pick right now.

Cozy Cover Easy Seat – Portable Travel High Chair and Safety Seat for Infants and Toddlers

Best mountain bike gloves reviews

If you would like to have a portable high chair booster that you can just insert in your bag whenever you travel, this is one of the best options for you to try. You can fold this quickly when you are not using it and unfold it when you already need it.

Major Features:
  • Flexible back with straps – This will ensure your baby’s maximum comfort.
  • Five Point Harness – This will help secure your toddler from 6 months of age. This can be used by toddlers who are up to 35 lbs.
  • 100% Polyester Material – This is easy to wash. Just place it on your washing machine and you can use it again once it dries.
What We Think Is Good
  • This can work for different chair sizes.
  • The seat is adjustable to ensure maximum comfort for your child.
  • This is very compact.
What We Still Consider
  • This is not too easy to strap on.
  • This may not work too much for toddlers who are energetic.

Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster

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Are you searching for a convenient solution that will allow you to feed your child easily whether you are at home or on the go? This folding booster is one of the things you should consider. This has a machine washable cover that can make it more convenient for your child to stay in place.

Major Features:
  • The height can be adjusted – It is not one size fits all when it comes to portable high chair boosters. This will allow you to adjust it to ensure maximum safety and comfort for your baby.
  • Feeding Seat – If you want your baby to feel like he is eating at the table, you can use the harness system to keep your baby on the chair while feeding.
  • Ultra Compact Folding System – This will ensure that this product is easy to keep and store when you are not using it.

What We Think Is Good
  • This is perfect for people who do not have a lot of space at home.
  • It can be used for a long time.
  • It can be folded up and brought for traveling.
What We Still Consider
  • Others say that the arm rests are cheaply made.
  • The buckles are made out of thin plastic.

Summer Infant Pop N Sit Portable Booster

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You are searching for a portable booster that will be good for you and your child. This is effective for parents who are always on-the-go and would need to take their child with them. This can make feeding time more convenient for families from different parts of the globe.

Major Features:
  • BPA-Free Tray – Whether your baby would like to play or would like to try feeding himself, it will be okay because of the safe, BPA-Free tray.
  • Comes with its own carrying bag – No need to worry where you are going to place it when you travel as it has its own bag that you can use to carry this portable booster.
  • 3-Point Safety Harness – This will ensure your baby’s safety while using the portable booster.
What We Think Is Good
  • The handy carry bag makes it easy to bring and to store when not in use.
  • Its also perfect to just place on the ground like on the beach or in the park.
  • This is sturdy enough.
What We Still Consider
  • The actual product may looks slightly different from the picture used.
  • This may be a bit uncomfortable for your child because of its construction.

Kaboost Booster Seat for Dining, Green – Goes Under the Chair – Portable Chair Booster for Toddlers

Top Best Portable High Chairs Booster For Babies 2018 Reviews

This will not be rated the number 1 toddler booster for nothing. If you believe that your child only deserves to get the best like most parents, then this is surely one of the portable chair boosters that you are going to consider purchasing.

Major Features:
  • 5 lbs. – It may appear heavy because of the wooden-like frame but it is very light. It will be easy to bring with you when you travel to various places.
  • Comes with rubberized feet – This will make sure that the portable chair booster will stay in place even if your child is a bit energetic.
  • No need to assemble – You can easily fold it up the moment that you bring it out of the box.
What We Still Consider
  • Some people are afraid to use it in fear that it will cave in or will fall over from the chair.
  • This is a bit large for some people.

Hoohobbers Junior Director Chair – Primary Canvas

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Your little one may love sitting down on this chair especially since you have the option to place your child’s name there. It can be a good memorabilia that you will keep especially when your child grows bigger.

Major Features:
  • 3 lbs. – This is lightweight especially when compared to other portable boosters.
  • Bird’s Mouth – This is the company’s very own safety feature that will be similar to the harness that other companies use.
  • 100% Waterproof – It does not matter whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors. It will work because it is waterproof.
What We Think Is Good
  • This serves as a great booster seat.
  • The frame of this booster seat is solid.
  • This has a safety feature that will keep your child safe.
What We Still Consider
  • It does not come with its own bag for travel.
  • Order may take some time.


Even if your baby can already sit on his own, he still needs to be fed. Over time, he will learn how to spoon the food into his mouth but as of now, it will be more convenient for you if you would feed him. The high chair will make it easy for you while you are also sitting down on the table. At the same time, a high chair can keep your baby in place.

There are basic high chairs that are available in the market but if you want to keep your baby safe and protected while eating, a quality and durable model will be ideal.

Final Verdict

These products are great portable high chair boosters. There are some that are meant to be used for months or so but there are also some products that can transition with your baby as he becomes a toddler then a child. Invest in great quality pieces that will ensure your baby’s comfort so you do not have to worry all the time. Just remember: it is still best that you watch your baby all the time.

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