Top 9 Best Bike Locks in 2018 Reviews

Top 9 Best Bike Locks in 2018 Reviews

A bike lock is an essential item when you want to leave your bike unattended for some time. It might not appear as the most exciting item to splash your cash on, but bike theft is real. A quality bike lock is an effective deterrent.

Finding the best bike lock for your bicycle can be a bit difficult, but that should not be an excuse not to buy one. There are hundreds of brands to choose from, and a wrong decision can be quite disastrous. It is recommended that you aim and spend 10% of your bike value on a quality bike lock. This article will review the top ten best bike locks in the market currently. It is aimed at helping you arrive at the best lock possible by narrowing your search down to the very best. Read on and choose one that suits your needs and desires.

9. Etronic Security Bike Rod

Etronic Security Bike Rod

The Etronic Security Bike Lock is the perfect solution to secure your bike with ultra-high able performance. The lock comes with a resettable combination locking mechanism that allows users to set their own password. It is easy to set and reset the password. The cables used are braided steel for strong cut resistance. They are further protected by a vinyl coating that helps prevent scratching. Etronic is a great pick that is versatile and can be used to lock lawnmowers, skateboards, sports equipment, tool boxes, ladders, gate & fence and many more. It also comes with a bike mounting bracket that makes transportation easy.

8. Ushake Bike Lock Cable

Ushake Bike Lock Cable

The Ushake is a great bike lock that is quite long giving bike owners several locking options. It comes with an easy to set 4-digit combination locking mechanism giving you a keyless convenience. You can easily set and reset your personalized 4-digit password. The performance of the cable is great with cut resistance ability. It is a versatile lock that can be used not only in bikes but also skateboards, gates & fences, lawnmowers, and other sports equipment. There is a PVC coating that helps prevent it from scratching.

7. Master Lock 8417D Python Adjustable bike locking cable

Master Lock 8417D Python Adjustable bike locking cable

The Master Lock Python bike lock comes with an adjustable locking cable giving you various locking options. The lock works by using the pin tumbler mechanism securing your bike to anything within your grasp. The cable is cut resistant and coated with vinyl to prevent scratching. The best feature about this lock is that it can hold your bike to almost anything within reach. It might not stop those thieves with plier’s cutters, but it is an ideal option to stop people with ill-intended intentions.

6. SIGTUNA Bike Locks

SIGTUNA Bike Locks

The SIGTUNA is another great option for a bike lock when looking for quality and convenience. The lock comes with a resettable combination lock taking away the option of a key. The U-lock is amazing and heavy duty giving you peace of mind when away from your bike. The 1200mm flex cables ensure you have great locking options and that your bike is safely secured at all times. The sturdy mounting bracket ensures you can carry it with easy. You can buy this one without any worries as it offers you a good value for your money.

5. 6-Feet Bike Cable Basic Self Coiling Bike lock

6-Feet Bike Cable Basic Self Coiling Bike lock

This is a smart bike lock with a smart integrated 5-digit resettable combination security lock. The lock comes with the original combination being 00000, and the user then has to change to his preferred combination. The cable is strong and resistant from saw cutting and water. The metal is waterproof with durable twisted metal cables inside the transparent coating materials. This is a heavy duty lock bike that can also be used to lock several other items. The cable lock will not be out of shape even during the hottest days with temperatures beyond 40 degrees.

4. Kryptonite 999492 Black bike lock

Kryptonite 999492 Black bike lock

The Kryptonite is a powerful bike lock with 14mm six-sided chain links that have been made out of 3t hardened manganese steel. This is the ultimate bike lock for protecting your bike at all times. The chains have a durable protective nylon cover hooks and loop fasteners that hold it tight in place. It is reinforced with pull cylinder protection and anti-drill. It comes with a stainless steel ?I’ keys for better ergonomics.

3. Zacro Cable Bike Lock

Zacro Cable Bike Lock

The Zacro comes with a long and strong cable giving you various options when securing your bike. It is 39.4 inches long and flexible. It is a heavy duty cable with a PVC coating and cut resistance. The lock comes with an adjustable plastic mounting bracket that fits on the seat post with ease. The cable is self-coiling make it easier for storage. Insert the locking bolt to secure your bike safely. There is an additional sliding cover the secure the keyhole against dirt and dust.

2. Bike Lock Cable

Bike Lock Cable

The bike lock cable is great braided steel that is developed to last and deter away thieves. There is an additional vinyl coating that helps keep the bike safe from scratches. Easily set and reset your combinations to over 10, 000 combinations. The lock is further backed with a 30-day money back guarantee.

1. MEETLOCKS Resettable

MEETLOCKS Resettable

This is a keyless lock with an easy to open locking mechanism. It is quite easy to install, carry and store. It is also highly durable, easy to carry and resistant to cut. The MEETLOCKS comes with a vinyl coating that helps keep the cable free from scratches. The design is great and one that remains highly recommended.


These are the best bike locks in the market currently and best placed to secure your bike. You can order any of these without fear knowing you have a good value for your money.

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