Top 6 Best WiFi & Wireless Baby Monitors in 2018 Reviews

A Wi-Fi and wireless baby monitor is one of the most essential pieces of equipment new parents can have. The convenience, peace of mind, and security that baby monitors offer is unparalleled by any other modern parenting, electronic or otherwise. These items are great and they offer parents numerous advantages. Their advanced functionality gives you a golden chance to see if your young one is lying or standing. They also have sophisticated features that allow them to make accurate sleep tracking.

Nevertheless, getting the best Wi-Fi and wireless baby monitors can be a daunting task, especially with the many manufacturers and designs. You may think you have the best product only to realize later on that the manufacturer was after making a fortune from the product. To help you escape such misfortunes, we have compiled the following top 6 best wifi & wireless baby monitors reviews.

1. Safe BabyTech Best Baby Monitor

The Safe BabyTech Baby Monitor features a beautiful 7-inch LCD display, which is 3 times larger than the competition. In fact, the screen allows you to see your baby. The high-resolution display monitor supports both regular DAY mode and State-of-the-Art Night Vision video. The monitor of this video features a Sleep Mode (an Auto-Dim feature, which allows you to turn off the display while keeping the audio activated) for optimum performance. The sleek modern high-end resolution is framed by a crystal-clear bezel, which blends in perfectly with any décor. Safe BabyTech Baby Monitor can be placed on a nightstand or any desirable place for an incredible custom look.

2. Infant Optics DRX-8 Video Baby Monitor

The Infant Optics DRX-8 Video Baby Monitor is arguably the first baby monitor featuring interchangeable lens technology. With three separate lens that types wide angle (sold separately), zoom, and normal, the monitor allows you to choose the most suitable viewing angle and focal length for the specific environment, just like a professional camera system. The video is streamed in real-time to a compact three and half inch LCD color display providing a crystal-clear image. The Infant Optics Baby Monitor comes with a roaster of advanced features for efficiency and convenience. Some of these advanced features include room temperature sensor, remote camera pan/tilt, talk-back function, and infrared night vision, among others.

3. Infant Optics DRX-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor

Designed with portability in mind, this Wi-Fi & Wireless Baby Monitor features a slim and lightweight construction that allows you to monitor your baby around the house with much ease. It is equipped with 2.4GHz FHSS digital wireless communication link to ensure 100% privacy. Its 2.4-inch super bright TFT LCD screen is powered by a rechargeable Li-on battery, which allows for hours of portable usage. Boasting an impressive 800-foot outdoor reception range and 500-foot indoor range, you will always be connected, regardless of where you are inside the house. Manufactured by Infant Optics, expect the DRX-5 Portable Baby Monitor to have reliable features and intuitive functionality.

4. Seneo Wireless Security Video Baby Monitor

Equipped with remote monitoring, the Seneo Wireless Security Video Baby Monitor operates on 2.4GHz static free digital wireless transmission. It has a covering range of up to 900 feet in open areas and its encrypted digital signals allow no interference from microwaves or phones, and this enhances private protection. The microphone and built-in speaker allow voice communication between the monitor and camera. The video baby monitor boasts built-in IR LEDs, which allow the parent to view and recording live video in darkness. With noise reduction function, this video monitor is among the best items on the market today.

5. Infant Optics DRX-5+ Portable Video Baby Monitor

Designed as an upgrade of the DRX-5, the DRX-5+ has many features than ever. It allows you to fine-tune system settings such as time delay, VOX sensitivity, night vision modes, and video saturation, among others. Unlike the DRX-5, the DRX-5+ allows you to toggle off audio alert warnings (beeping noise) and the lightweight and compact design gives you the splendid opportunity to conveniently carry the monitor around the house. Wireless audio/video transmission logic has been upgraded to prevent signal dropouts and Wi-Fi interference, which is common among 2.4GHz baby video monitors.

6. Samsung SEW-3043W Baby Video Monitoring System

The Samsung Baby Monitor features HD camera with 5-inch touch screen monitor and remote 300 degrees pan angle & 110 degrees tilt angle camera. The built-in microphone and HD audio allow for two-way talk, while the non-visible IR LEDs is for night vision up to 6 feet. In addition to the 4 Pre-programmed lullabies, the Samsung Baby Monitor offers a soft and calming night-light for optimum performance. It has feed timer alerts and it can support up to four cameras. The long lasting monitor battery enhances the durability of this gadget. The Samsung Baby Monitor can cover a distance of up to 900 feet.

Getting the best baby monitor has never been easier; thanks to the above top 6 best wifi & wireless baby monitors reviews. Through them, you can get premium quality product with much ease. The monitors come in a variety of designs and they are made by different manufacturers to ensure you get something that fits you and your baby’s needs perfectly. With identical performance and functionality, all you need to do is to go through the above reviews to choose one of the above top 6 baby monitors.

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