Top 6 Best Unique Wall Clocks in 2018 Reviews

Wall clocks are very important to our life. Aside from the obvious benefit of telling us the time, modern wall clocks are designed in such a way that they enhance the aesthetic appearance of a wall and a house in general. Moreover, some wall clocks have sophisticated but simple features; thus, can tell the time, day, week, month and even year. Such wall clocks are among the best products you will ever come across on the market today.

However, getting such best quality wall clocks can be extremely difficult because of two reasons. The first reason is the numerous manufacturers who completely confuse buyers by producing multiple wall clocks. The second reason is the varying designs that make it difficult to distinguish between high-quality wall clocks and low-quality wall clocks. To help you avoid such confusions and perhaps regrets, we have come up with the following top 6 best unique wall clocks reviews.

1. Westclox 32038 Coffee Time 3-D Wall Clock

Add a piece of décor to your cozy wall with the Westclox 3-D Wall Clock. Featuring a unique coffee time design, this wall clock will not just show you the time but also will enhance the beautiful appearance of your wall. It has convex glass lens and quartz accuracy for noticeable results. The fact the wall clock only requires 1A battery makes it economical and it will save you a lot of money. The wall clock has metal hands for durability, and its attractive appearance makes it ideal for kitchen, bakery, coffee shop, or any coffee aficionado.

2. Decodyne Math Clock

Decodyne Math Clock is specially designed for those people who algebra, equation, and math sound draconian to them or send a chill down their spine every time they meet them (algebra, equation, and math). This wall clock gives you a rare opportunity to solve some simple math problems with each corresponding hour, thereby, helping you overcome your fear of math, algebra, and equation. Its diameter measures 11-1/2 inches for improved accuracy and optimum performance. Decodyne Math Clock only requires 1AA battery; thus, it is economical.

3. Whatever Wall Clock

Designed by Lorrie Veasey, Whatever Wall Clock features an exquisite design of black and white for improved aesthetic appeal. Just as the name suggests, the “Whatever” Wall Clock is especially designed for those people who want to free themselves of the time constraints of life. It is a real working clock with all the numbers fallen and rest jumbled on the bottom of the clock. Requiring only 1AA battery (not included), this ceramic wall clock is economical and will help you save a lot of money. It measures 6.125 inches and it makes a perfect gift idea for your loved ones.

4. Wall Clock, UNIQUE GIFT

This sleek looking affordable wall clock will discreetly conceal jewelry, sunglasses, gun case keys, prescription drugs, passports, medicine, credit cards, and shades among others in a convenient and easy to access location. It enables you hide your stash cash and other stuff while perfectly blending with your office, home or kitchen décor. With stylish and functioning attributes, this Diversion clock safe will be the last place a thief will look. Featuring such a fascinating hidden space for storing and hiding valuables, this wall clock is the answer for those who have difficulty concealing their daily valuables.

5. IMAX Large Wall Clock

Produced by IMAX, the Large Wall Clock is unique and it will be a great addition to your business or home. It features a pendulum for noticeable results and premium quality features for optimal performance. Given that it has a traditional design, this clock features a unique design that will enhance the aesthetic appearance of your home. In fact, the traditional wooden design stimulates sweet memories that you always do not want to let go. IMAX Large Wall Clock is a decorative accessory and a great gift idea for your loved ones.

6. George Nelson Ball Clock

Embodying the energetic joie de vivre of post-war America, the George Nelson Wall Clock used an innovative stick and ball design, which reminded most people of scientific models used in the illustration of atomic structure. The clock is made of beech wood with acrylic lacquer and metal for durability and efficiency. It has high-quality quartz clockworks, and it comes with 1.5v (AA) battery. Also included is 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. With such a unique and attractive design, George Nelson Ball Clock captures the spirit of emerging modernism in 1947.

The top 6 best unique wall clocks reviews bring you the best products with outstanding features. Since they are unique, these wall clocks will definitely be a great addition to your home or office. Their attractive designs perfectly blend with the cozy décor of most walls. Considering their affordable prices, these wall clocks are must-haves to anyone who wants to enhance their home décor.

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