Top 6 Best Standing Lamps in 2018 Reviews

No one can do without light. We all need light to go about various activities. While there are different sources of light, some are beautifully designed to ensure they do not just emit light but also enhance the aesthetic looks of your home décor. Different sources of light also feature different shapes and colors to make sure there are plenty of options to choose from. Given the rapid evolution in technology, things are either invented and introduced as new or enhanced with other added fascinating features.

One product that has benefited from this technology is the standing lamp. Featuring unique design and brand new shape, standing lamps offer great lighting experience while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home décor. Their different designs and shapes also allow them to perfectly blend with any home décor. To help you get the best product, we have come up with these top 6 best standing lamps reviews.

1. Ikea 101.398.79 69-Inch

This 69-inch uplight lamp comes in black and white color to perfectly match with your home décor. It has a base diameter of 10 inches so it does not topple easily and shade diameter of 7 inches for great lighting experience. It also features a cord length of 6.3 inches; thus, it can be moved around easily. Although Ikea 101.398.79 should be assembled upon arrival, its features are uncomplicated, making assembling easy and quick. For easy care, consider dusting the lamp using a dust cloth.

2. Boston Harbor 3-Light Tree Lamp

This tree light lamp is the perfect lighting to light up any room in your house. With an overall height of 65 inches and 3 adjustable spotlights, the lamp gives you a brilliant opportunity to illuminate any area of a room you need. Each spotlight has its own on/off switch for easy and quick operation. Moreover, the spotlights can rotate at 350 degrees and pivot at 45 degrees to illuminate anywhere. Boston Harbor 3-Light Tree Lamp comes with complete instructions, and this makes it easy to assemble. It uses three 60 watt maximum A19 incandescent (not included).

3. Lavish Home Sunlight Floor Lamp

The light illuminated by the Lavish Home Sunlight Floor Lamp makes colors appear more vivid and true to life. It features black and white contrast, which are heightened for easy reading. Its soft and pure white light is easy on the eyes since it spreads to clearly illuminate your room. With a flexible gooseneck, this Lavish Home Sunlight Floor Lamp can be fully adjusted to any angle, and this makes you see more comfortably for working, reading, and more. Given that it provides a natural light, this standing lamp helps reduce eyestrains. Lavish Home Sunlight Floor Lamp will look great in any room in the house. It will also look great in an office.

4. Ikea 301.841.73 Holmo 46-inch Floor Lamp

Manufactured by IKEA, this standing lamp is one of the best products you will ever come across on the market. It measures 46 inches; thus, it will illuminate large area in your room. With a cord length of 9 feet 2 inches, you will be able to move the Ikea Holmo Floor Lamp freely. It has a shade diameter of 9 inches for optimum performance. Featuring a rice paper shade, IKEA 301.841.73 Holmo 46-Inch Floor Lamp is highly efficient and it will light up every place in a room.

5. Adesso Tall Floor Lamp with White Poly

This handsomely crafted floor lamp features unique design and has stunning features for overall room illumination. Made of black walnut wood, this standing lamp will match the décor of any home. The walnut wood also enhances the aesthetic appearance of any home. Other features include modern open-box frame and 3 flat surfaces for display or storage. The lamp measures 10-1/4 inches long by 10-1/4 inches wide by 63 inches for optimum efficiency. It also has a collapsible, poly/cotton white shade that measures 8-1/2 inches across by 14-1/2 inches high for great lighting experience.

6. Ikea Floor Uplight/Reading Lamp

Ikea Floor Standing Lamps can be both reading lights and general lights and can be switched on and off separately. With a base diameter of 11 inches, this lamp has high stability and it will not topple easily. It has a height of 69 inches so it can light up every place in a room. This uplight and reading lamp requires assembly upon arrival, though the assembly is easy and quick. For best results, IKEA recommends LEDARE LED reflector bulb E17 200 lumen and LEDARE LED bulb E26 400 lumen.

Although they come in different designs and shapes, these standing lamps have identical performance and functionality. They feature different heights and colors to ensure you have plenty of options choosing that product, which suits you best. While their prices may be different, these standing lighting sources are within an affordable range. With all the fascinating features and unique designs, you have no reason to avoid buying one of these natural illuminates.

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