Top 6 Best Kids Guitars in 2018 Reviews

You need to make your kid happy, and one way to do this is by buying them things that they desire most. Well, among the things kids desire most are toys and playing instruments such as guitars. With ability to produce distinct sound, these instruments are not only used to make your kid happy and entertained but also they nurture your kid’s talent in playing musical instruments. They bring out the much-needed creativity and intelligence, and this is essential to anyone at early developmental stages. With this in mind, we bring you the top 6 best kids guitars reviews to help you get the best product for your child.

1. New 30” Kids Black Electric Guitar

New 30” Kids Black Electric Guitar features an impressive black finish and it comes with a guitar strap, cable cord, guitar picks, and amp. It gives your child a brilliant opportunity to play his/her favorite tunes with dedication and practice. Some notable features of this excellent product are solid hardwood body for durability, 5-watt amp for optimum performance, and volume X1 for noticeable results. New Kids Black Electric Guitar measures 30 inches and it is the perfect choice for your kid.

2. Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course

Manufactured by Alfred, the world’s leading Music Publishing Industry in music and instruments education products since 1922, this guitar is among the best products you will ever come across on the market. It features high-quality three-quarter size firebrand acoustic nylon string guitar that has sides and basswood back, rosewood fretboard, and spruce top for ultimate tone. This Guitar Course comes with deluxe accessories, such as a guitar gig bag that has carrying straps, a set of three guitar picks, a custom fit, and a portable electronic tuner. Its package also includes Kid’s Guitar Course, which consists of colorful 48-page book, software (PC/Mac) featuring interactive guitar tuner and chord dictionary, DVD with lessons from a skilled guitar tutor, and CD featuring audio tracks.

3. 6 String Guitar with Metal Strings

6 String Guitar has metal strings for ultimate tone, and it features a molded composite body with dual curves to enhance sound and durability. It also has birch soundboard for excellent tone and resonance, molded composite fretboard for impressive height and spacing of the frets, and hardwood neck for rigidity and durability. Its six steel strings allow a variety of rich sounds. This guitar comes in numerous vibrant designs including Pick and Extra StringColor Multi, Red/Black, and Oak/Mahogany, among others.

4. 30” Kids Pink Electric Guitar

30” Kids Pink Electric Guitar features an impressive pink finish, and it comes with guitar picks, a 5-watt amp, guitar strap, and cable cord. With this guitar, your kid will have an excellent chance to play his/her tunes with dedication and practice. It has a 30-inch specification for ultimate performance, and solid hardwood body for durability. Other important features include volume X1 regulator, rosewood fingerboard, and hardwood with truss rod neck. 30” Kids Pink Electric Guitar has 22 frets for maximum performance.

5. jamstik + Portable SmartGuitar

This guitar is the world’s first Smart Guitar that connects wirelessly to your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It includes an interactive teaching app that gives you an excellent opportunity to learn chords in no time. Moreover, this is the only guitar on the market, which can sense the placement of your fingers and display them on the screen, to show right from wrong. It has the instant feedback that changes the game for anyone who desires to become a guitar player. The included software makes the guitar fun and entertaining to play. jamstik is a travel guitar with a portable size that perfectly fits in your briefcase, backpack or carry-on. It is compatible with Logic Pro, 100’s of MIDI apps and DAW’s like Garageband, and Ableton Live.

6. Best Choice Products Electronic Kid Guitar

Best Choice Products Electronic Kid Guitar comes with a speaker, MP3 cord, and microphone. The microphone has a microphone stand, which can be raised up to 20 inches. Its versatile speaker intensifies the voice or music, and lights up as your kid is playing. The guitar utilizes 4AA batteries to play six different tunes with the music demo button and it allows you to remix the tunes with the whammy bar. Best Choice Products Electronic Kid Guitar comes with six strings and it is decorated with attractive blue lights to create a great show.

Help your kid learn guitar by buying him/her the best quality guitar product. Although they come in a wide range of vibrant designs, we believe the above top 6 best kids guitars reviews will help you get your child the best product with fascinating features. Since guitars help enhance the creativity and intelligence of your kid, it is recommended that you buy him/her a great one ASAP.

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