Top 6 Best Folding Mountain Bikes in 2018 Reviews

Long ago, more than a few people used to think you are crazy just by riding a folding mountain bike. But with the rapid advancement in technology, we are starting to see folding mountain bikes in another picture. We all know the benefits of riding a bicycle, and just a reminder; some of these benefits include being fitter than going to the gym and helping to keep your lungs in check.

Since it is a bicycle, a folding mountain bike depicts all the benefits of a bicycle and does not stop their: Its remarkable design adds it more benefits such as convenience and space saver. Of course, this rare type of mountain bike requires low maintenance and it is easy to use. The fact that it has an incredible design makes it a conversation starter. It also does not depreciate, and this is great because you do not lose anything when you buy it. For these reasons, you may need to buy one folding mountain bike, and that is why we bring you the following top 6 best folding mountain bikes reviews.

1. Merax Finiss Mountain Bike

Made of heat-treated aluminum 6061 mountain frame, this 21-inch folding mountain bike is strong and has an amazing lightweight. Its magnesium alloy wheels are also lightweight for great riding experience. The advanced aluminum mechanical lock out mountain bike suspension fork helps the bike provide the much-needed efficiency to perform at an optimal level. Merax Finiss Mountain Bike also features Shimano 21-speed derailleur and shifters for reliable shifting. The front & rear mechanical disc brakes system helps increase efficiency. Merax Finiss Mountain Bike has a weight of 330lbs for maximum performance.

2. Stowabike Mountain Bike

If you consider this black bike as just a mountain bike, you are wrong. Featuring an incredible folding frame, this bike is among the few amazing products you will ever come across on the market today. The manufacturer knows that space is premium, and that is why they have come up with this stunning commuter. In addition to looking great, the Stowabike Mountain Bike is tough and it is built to last. It features dual suspension and quality components that enhance its performance. Other features of this 18-speed mountain bike include 26-inch suspension steel fork and 26-inch steel stowabike folding frame.

3. Xspec Folding Mountain Bike

With Xspec Folding Mountain Bike, you will bid bye to the dangers of locking up your bicycle in unsafe public spaces. It folds neatly in about 15 seconds, and this gives you a brilliant opportunity to store it perfectly in the trunk of a car, store it neatly in a closet or take it with you to the office. The added convenience of portability will give you a great ride and the high tensile steel folding frame ensures the bike serves you for several years to come. The folding frame features Shimano trigger SL-TX30 Shifter & Shimano RD-TZ50 Derailleur. The steel disc brake allows you to slow quickly and the 7-speed function offers you the option to cruise or punch the bike in high gear.

4. New Updated Cyrusher Folding Mens Mountain Bike Bicycle

Made by Cyrusher, this brilliant folding mountain bike is one the best products you will ever come across on the market. It features a disc brake system that allows it to slow down quickly and an aluminum frame lock out fork for optimal performance. The bike also has Shimano M310 ALTUS 24 Speeds to ensure you have great time riding it. With classical folding in black color, The New Updated Cyrusher Bike will look neat in your closet or office, or anywhere you decide to keep it. It features soft tail full suspension for great riding experience.

5. X-Treme Scooters Folding Mountain E-Bike

This bicycle is a lithium battery-powered bicycle and it is can fold in half to enhance easy portability and storage. It operates on a 300-watt rear hub motor that allows it to travel at 20mph. Constructed with premium quality components, this folding mountain bike features a 7-speed Shimano tourney gears and shifter system for optimal performance. The 7 lightweight lithium LiPo batteries, fully adjustable seat, front suspension, and a 100% aluminum frame make this bike efficient and reliable. The bike is fantastic for college students, campers, RV’ers, and anyone who adores a lightweight foldable mountain bike for easy transportation.

6. Montague Mountain Folding Bike

Designed to let airborne soldiers drop out of helicopters and airplanes and into combat, this folding mountain bike features a patented folding design and has advanced features for maximum performance. It includes 24 speeds, and front & rear mechanical disc brakes to make it slow down quickly. It is not only durable but also it can bear loads with much ease and comfort. The brilliant combination of the patented CLIX system enables this bike to be folded in just 20 seconds without using any tools. The Paratrooper Bike is perfect for weekend warriors and daily commuters.

Space is premium, and that is why we bring you these top 6 best foldable mountain bikes. The bikes are not just foldable mountain bikes; they are the best foldable mountain bikes you will ever meet anywhere. Featuring patented designs with reliable and efficient features, these bikes are the real deal. They are perfect for everyday commuters, college students, campers, and more. For great commuting experience, choose one of the six best folding mountain bikes in the above reviews.

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