Top 6 Best Cheap Push Lawn Mowers in 2018 Reviews

Mowing the lawn is highly important as far as proper yard care is concerned. Lawn mowers come in different brands, including Reel Lawn mowers, Honda Lawn Mowers, and Push Reel Mowers. While they may differ in design, these mowers perform nearly the same function. But of the three, a push lawn mower is arguably the best given its ease of use. All you need to do is to push your lawn mower through your lawn or yard to promote a cosmetic look.

Moreover, using a push lawn mower will leave a clean lawn behind. Clean lawns are free of pests or diseases; thus, are healthy. Given that lawns are the first things you meet when you get to your home, a properly mowed lawn will increase the aesthetic looks of your home. Ideally, a push lawn mower often slice the growth down to a short and uniform level, and this helps the growth gets an equal distribution of resources, which promotes health. To help you choose the best product, we have come up with the following Top 6 best cheap push lawn mowers reviews.

1. Scotts 2000-20 Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

Economical, maneuverable, and light, this Scotts 2000-20 Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower gives you the much-needed fuel savings of a manual mower. It features a unique rear wheel design that helps reduce drag and upgrade maneuverability. This lawn mower has a wide cutting width of a power mower that handles thick turf with ease while providing a quiet and pollution-free solution to any lawn. Its ultra-sharp steel blades and dual tracking wheels offer efficient operation and ensure easy and accurate. With its quick-snap height adjusters, you can keep control of your grass height. Scotts 2000-20 Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower has comfortable loop handles with form grip easy assembly to improve efficiency.

2. American Lawn Mower 1204-14

American Lawn Mower features a powerful 14-inch deluxe reel-hand mower that provides a clean and precise scissor-like cut for most turf grasses, including cool-season grasses such as fescue, rye, and bluegrass. It has a cutting height of to 1-1/2 inches and a cutting width of 14 inches for maximum performance. Its 8-1/2 –inch diameter and polymer wheels with integral molded tread allow you to slice larger surface area. Other important features include a 3-spider one-blade reel, an adjustable 3-section roller, a bed knife blade, and an alloy steel reel. The zinc-plated handle features plastic grip for improved comfort. American Lawn Mower has a weight of 19 pounds and comes with a limited 3-month warranty.

3. Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower

This lawn mower combines superior ergonomics and patent-pending technology to deliver best-in-class cutting performance. Unlike most mowers, it is quiet and does not create noise while slicing the grass. Moreover, it works without oil, gasoline, charging or the hassle of cords. It has an inertiaDrive reel for twice cutting power of a standard reel lawn mower; thus, it is efficient and fast. It also features a StaySharp Cutting System that helps eliminate the cost and inconvenience of annual blade sharpening. With VersaCut Technology, this mower not only provides easy cut height adjustment but also offers a clean cut on any type of grass. The combination of these technologies helps you get more work done with less effort by making Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower 60-percent easier to push when compared to other reel mowers.

4. Brill 78371 Razorcut 38 Reel Push Lawn Mower

This premium, German engineered reel lawn mower is perfect for small to medium sized grass. It has a cylinder with hardened steel cutting and its spindle is mounted on sealed ball bearings to allow it spin more easily. As opposed to many reel lawn mowers, the blades of this lawn mower use a contact free cutting technology, and this significantly increases blade life by preventing metal on metal contact. The silent cut design allows you to hear the environment around you when you mow and not disturb others with engine noise. The Brill Lawn Mower features a top cover that protects your shrubs and flowers from blades.

5. Husqvarna 7021P Push Lawn Mower

Offering everything from rid-on mowers and lawn mowers to chainsaws and trimmers, Husqvarna Lawn Mower let you master your great outdoors. This efficient mower has a compact design that makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. It also comes with 3 cutting systems, mulch, side discharge and collection for optimum performance. Its handle folds for easy transportation and storage, and its double-ball bearing wheels enhance durability and smooth operation. Husqvarna 7021P Push Lawn Mower provides four-point, 9-position cutting height adjustment for varying lawn conditions.

6. Scotts 20-Inch Reel Mower

The 20-inch cutting deck with quick-snap height adjustment promotes a custom fit. The mower has a grass-catcher bag that ensures the cut grass does not spill on your shoes. Ideally, it features a cushioned loop-style handle and tool-less assembly that make its operation a breeze. The Scotts 20-Inch Reel Mower features a dual wheel tracking system that offers added maneuverability. With a 10-inch ball bearing wheel, this mower provides smooth maneuverability and its height can be adjusted from 1 – 3 inches to meet your mowing needs.

Lawn mowers help us maintain the aesthetic looks of our yards in a much easier way. Most of them feature ball bearing wheels for easy maneuverability and smooth operation. Ideally, they come in a variety of designs to ensure there is something for everyone. With affordable prices and great performances, these are the best equipment for maintaining your lawn.

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