Top 6 Best Cat Travel Carriers in 2018 Reviews

If you think travel cat carriers are optional, you are wrong. Given that these products are regarded as safety devices, it is important to buy your pet one. Other than making it easy to travel with your pet, cat carriers will protect your pet from numerous factors. Like any other animal, pets reason by instincts; thus, are likely to panic during travel. When an animal panics, the next thing it thinks is to escape. For instance, most cats try to escape or hide when they feel the environment is not favorable for them. While escaping might be the “best solution”, it is a survival trait that does not work for anyone in the modern world.

To avoid all this hassle of running after your cat in an attempt to prevent it from escaping or hiding, it is recommended that you buy a premium quality cat travel carrier. Best quality cat travel carriers are sturdy and will protect your pet from any scary or stressful activity. Consider these top 6 best cat travel carriers reviews to get the best product.

1. Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel (Metallic Pearl Ash Blue/Coffee Grounds)

This 2-door top load pet kennel provides easy access to your furry friend. It has superior ventilation and visibility that your pet will enjoy. Aside from using it as a pet travel carrier, this cat kennel can make a great tool for housetraining and crate training. Other important features are water cup, steel front door with secure latch, secure wing-nut and bolt design, and comfort carry handle. Made of sturdy yet heavy-duty plastic, this kennel has improved visibility, safety, and strength. Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel meets most airline travel requirements.

2. Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel (Metallic Pearl Tan/Coffee Grounds)

This new 2-door Top Load Kennel offers the ultimate easy access to your beloved pet. It features durable top and front doors that make unloading and loading of your pet super easy. Ideally, it comes in trendy, stylish colors that every pet parent will adore. Aside from the unique design, Metallic Pearl Tan Petmate is comfortable and lightweight for easy transportation of your pet. Its superior ventilation and visibility will make your pet comfortable and enjoy the whole experience rather than being afraid and stressed up.

3. OxGord Airline Approved Pet Carriers

Carry your pet with confidence in this soft-sided pet carrier. Featuring a zippered opening, this comfortable carrier allows you to comfort your pet when traveling. It is distinctly sophisticated with fascinating features that will keep your beloved furry friend enclosed, safe, and calm throughout the travel. It includes a padded shoulder strap for easy portability, removable fleece travel bag for optimum comfort, and storage compartments where you can keep medicine, treats, toys, and more. It also has a Lost and Found Tag to give you easy time getting your pet. OxGord Pet Carriers is 100% washable and it features ventilated security screens and safety belt buckle to allow it be restrained with vehicle seat belts.

4. Portable Ultra Light and Sturdy Cat Carrier

Sturdy and lightweight, this cat carrier will offer your pet all the things it needs while inside. It has the ability to stay comfortable inside while moving and it folds completely for easy storage. With dimensions of 15.7-by-13-by-19.6 inches, this portable and ultra light cat carrier will offer enough space for your beloved pet. It has superior ventilation from all sides that your cat will enjoy. Although it is extremely lightweight, this cat carrier is durable and can withstand weights of up to 20 pounds. Portable Ultra Light and Sturdy Cat Carrier is designed for cats and it has super easy features for getting your cat in.

5. AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel

Whether it is a graceful tabby or an adorable Yorkie, conveniently get your beloved pet from point A to point B with this 2-door top-load pet kennel. Designed to keep your furry friend comfortable, secure, and safe, the 23-inch AmazonBasics Pet kennel is perfect for anything from dog park to trips or hiking trails to the vet to routine visits. Its width is 15 inches and its height is 13 inches for maximum space and comfort. The top door can either open to the left or right for easy and quick access. AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel is made of durable plastic with a steel-wire front door and it includes screws that can be used to further secure its top and bottom for added reinforcement.

6. Pet Gear Car Seat & Carrier

This cat travel carrier easily attaches with the car seat belt to keep your beloved furry friend safe and your carrier secure in the seat. It has carry handles that facilitate transportation and top and front zippered doors for easy accessibility of your pet. It also features interior tether so your pet cannot run away and rear pouches for small storage. Its fleece pad is washable and it measures 19 inches long by 12.5 inches wide by 12 inches high for ultimate space. Pet Gear Car Seat & Carrier is designed for cats and dogs of up to 20 pounds.

With cat travel carriers, you do not need to be afraid of moving around with your pet. These products offer the same quality performance and functionality. They come in various designs to give you multiple options in choosing the one that suits your needs best. Moreover, they have affordable prices to ensure you get a comfortable place for your pet during travel.

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