Top 6 Best Bonnet Dryers in 2018 Reviews

Bonnet dryers are designed to provide salon-dryer quality results at home. Most of them are versatile; thus, are used for hair conditioning, hair drying and hair treatments requiring heat activation, precision styling, and roller. Ideally, some dryers are designed in such a way that you can easily tuck them away for traveling. Unlike standard hand dryers that are perfect for piece-by-piece styling and straightening, bonnet dryers tend the hair as a whole, thereby, making it ideal for a completely uniform drying season.

Nevertheless, it is not easy to get the best quality bonnet dryer. You may think you have the best product only to realize later on that the manufacturers were after making a fortune from the product. Moreover, you do not want to make frequent visits to retail stores looking for a bonnet dryer because the ones you have got damaged after a short while. To help you escape such fuss, we have compiled the following top 6 best bonnet dryers reviews.

1. Laila Ali Bonnet Dryer

Because it is ironic, this soft bonnet dryer utilizes ion-infused airflow for quick drying of hair. It is the best solution for drying braids and roller sets, and processing conditioning and chemical treatments. With ionic technology, this product retains moisture for preventing breakage for shinier and healthier-looking hair styles. Featuring 3 heat and speed settings, Laila Ali Bonnet Dryer offers you the flexibility to dry as well as style your hair exactly the way you want. When you are done, use the cool setting (which release cool air) to help set the style. This soft bonnet dryer can accommodate a set of jumbo rollers, thereby, giving you an excellent opportunity to create loose curls and waves quickly. It comes with a compact and convenient storage for holding the entire unit, including the power cord.

2. Conair Bonnet Dryer

The Conair Bonnet Dryer provides you with 400 watts of power for even and quick drying of your hair. It comes with two attachments to ensure you have a variety of drying options. The model also has an extra-long four-foot flexible house featuring the lock-and-release system for maximum performance. It is spacious enough for jumbo rollers and it will secure around your hair with a drawstring. The bonnet also features four heat settings, including low, warm, hot, and cool for noticeable results. It is a standing-up soft bonnet for easy, space-saving, and quick storage.

3. Hair Flair’s Deluxe Softhood Dryer

Hair Flair’s Deluxe Softhood Dryer gives you a convenient and fast way to dry your hair. It is highly efficient, and it fits all handheld hair dryers with maximum diameters of 2.25 inches or 55mm. It comes in an attractive storage bag, which makes it ideal for traveling. Hair Flair’s Deluxe Soft Bonnet Dryer features a unique non-slip silicone collar for optimum performance. It has a remarkable 39 inches (1m) nylon tube, which makes it great for multitasking. This bonnet dryer is perfect for conditioning treatments.

4. Limited Edition Deluxe Softhood Dryer Attachment

This new bonnet dryer provides you with a convenient and fast way to dry your hair. It is arguably the best accessory to use with your rollers, Curlformers, and Velcros. It has a side-located drawstring and an adjustable chin strap to ensure it stays securely in place. The larger hood capacity will give you a greater flexibility and ensure you get the best results ever. Moreover, Edition Deluxe Hair Dryer Attachment has more ventilation holes for faster and even heat distribution. It is ideal for processing a conditioning treatment and it will fit all hair dryers with a nozzle diameter of up to 2.2 inches or 5.5cm.

5. Hot Tools Bonnet Dryer

Hot Tools Ionic Bonnet Hair Dryer uses ion-infused airflow to make hair dry quickly. Its compact and convenient storage case makes it easy to store and great for traveling. Conditioning ions help retain moisture for preventing breakage for shinier and healthier-looking styles. Hot Tools Bonnet Dryer is great for drying braids and roller sets and processing conditioning and chemical treatments. Produced by Hot Tools, this bonnet dryer is perfect for ethnic consumers.

6. Andis Bonnet Dryer

The Andis Bonnet Dryer is designed for ethnic hair, and it is so far the best hair dryer for individuals who desire to set those curls in or for individuals who are after a quick all around dry hair. It uses ionic technology; thus, it will dry your hair within a snap. With two heat settings and two speeds, this highly efficient hair dryer offers the much-needed optimal performance. Its features and performance will protect your hair from damage while giving it a sleeker, healthier look. The Andis Bonnet Hair Dryer weighs 4.2 pounds for easy portability and storage.

Choosing the best bonnet dryers can be an arduous task given the many manufacturers and designs. But with the above top 6 best bonnet dryers reviews, you will have ample time getting the best product with the best features. Products in these reviews have identical performance and functionality, and their prices are within an affordable range to ensure you do not have any reason for failing to buy them.

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