Top 10 Best Wireless Routers In 2017

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Working wireless in your office or home is much dependent on the quality of the model of the wireless router you are using. Skimping on a poor router can be a real disaster.

Even if you have a superior internet plan with quick upload/download speeds, a bad router can still become a bottleneck.

All the connected devices—laptop, desktop, phone, tablets, or game console—will eventually have their speeds whimper.

However, with the technology advancing with great leaps and bounds, wireless routers developed today can offer users with many new great benefits.

If you intend to go shopping for a new model of wireless router, there are some important factors you ought to consider before committing to make a purchase.

Maximum speeds, wireless range and stability, ease of setup, customizability and security are some top factors to stay reminded of. In that regard, this article brings you the top 10 best wireless routers in 2017 reviews.

10. The LinkSYS Dual-Band E2500 Router

The LinkSYS Dual-Band E2500 Router

Today you can enjoy lightning and reliable fast Wi-Fi coverage in your office or home if you acquire the LinkSYS Dual-Band E2500 wireless router.

Featuring dual-bands of up to 300-Mbps and 5 GHz, you can effectively connect wirelessly to strong Internet and avoid annoying interferences.

This powerful home network allows you to seamlessly connect to strong internet and savor your favorite music and also video streaming through the four USB functional high-speed ports.

There are extra security features for ensuring that you are safe while you browse the internet, thus keeping your network entirely safe.

It includes software to allow you easily customize the router settings for almost anywhere.

9. Medialink Wireless Router

Medialink Wireless Router

This is another high quality wireless router model that is available on the market today.

It is unite convenient and easy for you to learn how to use this unit for your day to day Internet connection needs.

This wireless router can support the overall speed of up to 300-Mbps, allowing you to smoothly and effectively achieve any online activity when you use it.

It is able to support even the latest wireless cyber security features like the firewall as well as encryption technology. It is a great model to use for your internet needs.

You will be impressed by the positive reviews its users have posted to trusted online retailers like the Amazon, saying how satisfied they are with this model.

8. Securifi Almond 2015 Wireless Router

Securifi Almond 2015 Wireless Router

The Securifi Touch-screen almond 2015 is a touch-screen wireless router model that demand less than 3 minutes to completely set up, and one of its kind, t brings touch feature to your network.

Its long-range extender and its ability to well operate through touch-screen makes this model real unique.

If you are now using a router and you need to just extend the current range, this model will help you in increasing the range easily.

For the fact that it is compatible with every top manufacturer router, you can easily increase range.

7. The TP-LINK Dual-Band C7-AC1750 Router

The TP-LINK Dual-Band C7-AC1750 Router

Here is a little but powerful wireless router model able to pack a real great punch and keep you connected to the internet even from great ranges.

This model delivers 450 Mbps at 2.4 GHz and can go up to an awesome 5GHz.

It indubitably belongs to the next generation of advanced wireless routers and it allows you to connect multiple devices to the network at once, thanks to its dual USB ports that provide for easy sharing of all your files and media.

Guest-Network-Access feature ensures your privacy when you are logged in, and its bandwidth controls excellently make it easier to manage any of your devices that are connected to this router.

It is a model that has hassle-free installation process and features 24/7 live support for greater performance.

It is a best seller model among the most popular wireless router available today, which is a proof to how much satisfaction it offers to its users.

6. Net-Gear AC1750 Wireless Router

Net-Gear AC1750 Wireless Router

NetGear AC1750 is a highly impressive 1300Mbps speed wireless router, the ultimate model for those who have large homes.

For those who have homes with 12 or more wireless network enabled devices, this is the right router to go for. It can seamlessly handle the enormous task of connecting all of them effectively and sufficiently.

This model features a dual core processor is powerful enough to deliver instant and highly reliable internet connectivity and is more than 10 times faster than the traditional USB access.

Featuring quicker connection speeds, top online security features, and a longer coverage range, this router is able to effectively connect any of your mobile smart devices to the Wi-Fi network and experience no short.

5. RAVPower Wireless-N-Portable Pocket-Travel Router

RAVPower Wireless-N-Portable Pocket-Travel Router

What about those who are looking for a smaller router model that is highly portable and you can easily take anywhere you need it? There is no need to fret since RAVPower Wireless N Portable Pocket travel answers your call. Besides being smaller, it is a lot cheaper than most other models highlighted herein.

Featuring an elegant design and coming in white color, most travelers who have used it before have returned to say their appreciated and comment just how great this router delivers.

There are a whole lot of favorable and high rated reviews about this model that works just superbly and solves your Wi-Fi sharing and connection while you travel or camp.

4. Asus Wi-Fi RT AC68W Wireless Router

Asus Wi-Fi RT AC68W Wireless Router

If you get out shopping for one of the world’s fastest wireless routers, this model could be your ideal choice.

It brings together dual-band data rates and 1900Mbps processing speeds to deliver exactly what you need.

At high 5GHz, the RT-AC68W Wi-Fi router from ASUS can supercharge your network and excellently connect your wireless network enabled devices to super-fast internet.

You will no longer be embarrassed by slow and dragged connection speeds or even security fears as you utilize the impressive power of this top quality wireless router.

3. TP-Link N300–WR-841N Router

TP-Link N300--WR-841N Router

Offering wireless processing speeds of as high as 300Mbps, this TP-Link N300–WR-841N model of wireless router is an ideal answer to your network supply if you take part in video streaming, online gaming, as well as working online.

Featuring 2 antennas, this model’s wireless stability is almost doubled and the connection is stronger and more reliable.

It further features parental control functions that allow you to prevent your kids from accessing certain information on the Internet. Moreover, its increased bandwidth ensures you can connect several wireless devices which can be used to browse the internet at a go an experience no slow-downs in speed or any connectivity problems.

This model features a WPS button to allow you easily and quickly set the wireless router up.

2. Apple ME918-LLA Airport Base-Station Router

Apple ME918-LLA Airport Base-Station Router

This simple-to-use ME918-LLA wireless router by Apple excellently combines high quality wireless access points and dual band support in order to provide top-performance connections from any position in your house.

Ideal fr connecting wireless devices like Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, as well as other laptops and computers you are bound to enjoy 3 times speedier Wi-Fi speeds for delivering a stronger and clearer signal.

His router model transmits at 2 different frequencies at a go, allowing you to ever connect to superb speed Internet at the most possible high-speed.

Its 6 antennas ensure that no matter where you move to in your house, you stay connected to strong and solid internet.

It is super simple to set up and anyone can do it in a matter of minutes, while its powerful firewall is great for ensuring your informations are secure and private any time you are logged in.

1. ASUS Dual-Band RT-N66U Router

ASUS Dual-Band RT-N66U Router

if you need to acquire a wireless router model that will ensure you stay strongly connected, even if you are using multiple devices to browse at a go, the Dual-Band RT-N66U model by ASUS that will effectively meet that challenge and deliver beyond.

With an impressive capability for connecting any of your wireless enabled devices at a go, this device combines high security, high speeds, long range reach, and sure connectivity to provide you a stable device for easy access to the strong internet.

Its easy set-up functions will get you powered up in a matter of minutes and ultimately enjoying fast streaming of music, videos, and games whenever you need them.

The models highlighted in the above top 10 best wireless routers in 2017 reviews are, of course, not the only options available on the market today. You may have seen or heard of other models, yes, but the truth is that they cannot match the strength and reliability and security provided by the above top 10 best for this year.

You will be interested by how best these devices deliver to their purposes, that they completely eliminate any embarrassments of poor network connectivity with seamless ease, allowing you enjoy your best moments browsing the internet, streaming music and/or videos, communicating or working online.

Choose yours from the above options and you will never regret it.

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