Top 10 Best Tripod Monopods in 2018 Reviews

Tripod monopods have been overlooked as a valuable equipment to improve still videos and photos for quite a long time. In fact, if you compare the number of reviews other photography equipment has to the number tripod monopods have, you will be surprised at how few the latter is. But despite being underappreciated, this equipment is highly crucial in any photo-taking session. In addition to producing a much smoother video, a tripod monopod helps you avoid the common photo mistake of a blurry image that you would otherwise get with a hand held photo.

Most of them are also lighter and easy to use. They accomplish any action photography like photographing fast moving athletes, birds in flight or race cars by the ease of rotating them instantly to follow the action. On a lighter note, using a tripod monopod gives you the appearance that you really know what you are doing as a photographer. The following top 10 best tripod monopods reviews highlight some of the best quality tripod monopods.

1. Prost M5 Tripod Monopod

Do not be fouled by its ultra-mini body. Constructed with CNC aluminum magnesium alloy, the Prost M5 Tripod Monopod can load professional photography equipment up to 3 kilograms. Ideally, it can be extended to 47cm long, which is adequate for most of the low-angle shooting. The unit’s center column can be totally detached to become a small monopod, while each of the 5-section legs (protected by rubber mat) can be adjusted individually in length and in 180 degrees. This tripod monopod can easily be turned into a shoulder pod or chestpod by adjusting the legs in different lengths, making it ideal for long-hour video-making or photo-taking.

2. Koolehaoda Tripod Monopod

This brand new, high quality tripod monopod is made of magnesium aluminum alloy for durability. It has a maximum height of 55.9 inches and can accommodate up to 8 kilograms. Featuring a ball head design, this traveler tripod monopod is the best choice for outdoor photograph activities, which make your trip more enjoyable. It has quick release leg locking system that ensures a more convenient leg-handling activity.

3. Dolica TX570DS Tripod Monopod

The new Dolica Tripod Monopod (TX570DS) is great for both indoor and outdoor photography; thanks to its folded length of 12.5-inch, reversible legs, maximum weight of 2.5 pounds, and 4-position leg locks. The four-leg extensions come equipped with extra strength gauged aluminum and have nonslip rubber feet that enhance its stability. The unit’s upgraded legs feature 4 rounded ribbed leg locks, which create maximum locking power and tensional rigidity. The Dolica TX570DS Tripod Monopod also has a dual center column that provides extended height extension, making it the perfect tripod for all events like family gatherings, sports activities, camping, and much more.

4. SSE Tripod Monopod

This 72-inch tripod monopod is perfect for both still and video cameras. It features foam-padded upper legs, a center pole hook, and a carrying handle for easy portability. Its quick release plate ensures easy removal of a camera, while its two-bubble level indicators and non-slip swivel feet enhance its performance. The heavy-duty center pole bracket, 3-way pan head, and 3-section aluminum alloy legs ensure peerless performance. The SSE Tripod Monopod collapses down to 26 inches and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

5. Foneso Tripod Monopod

This is arguably the most portable lightweight selfie stick available on the market today. It is compatible with cameras, Gopros, and smartphones such as Galaxy S6, HTC One, LG, Nexus 4, and other Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. It is extendable from 8.7 inches to 32.7 inches, and its phone clip allows for 270-degree rotation so you can take a photo from any angle. Using this tripod monopod is relatively easy, as all you need to do is to rotate the stick to lock and unlock after you pull it to a length.

6. Andoer Tripod Monopod

A tripod monopod should keep your camera or camcorder comfortable and stable for any occasion, and that is what the Andoer Tripod Monopod does. It has a pan head with ¼ screws and it is adjustable for noticeable results. Featuring a considerable waist strap design, this tripod monopod is convenient for use. Although it may be enjoyed with point-and-shoot cameras, the Andoer Tripod Monopod is capable of being used as a sound boom or video boom.

7. Zomei Z668 Tripod Monopod

The Zomei Z668 Tripod Monopod features a leg section locking system that you can rotate clockwise to lock and vice versa. It also features a 360-degree horizontal rotation panoramic head that allows you to easily get panoramic photography, macro shooting and vertical shooting. In addition to having a maximum height of 1600 millimeter, the Zomei Z668 Tripod Monopod is light weight and convenient.

8. NOSTON Tripod Monopod

Made of aluminum material, this tripod monopod is durable and high quality. It is lightweight and features 3 adjustment knobs for enhanced performance. It also has a 180-degree folded designed tripod leg structure. Ideally, this unit comes with a tripod bag for easy portability. Other great features that come with the NOSTON Tripod Monopod are 5-section legs for height adjustment and twist lock leg system, which makes it easy to carry.

9. Polaroid Tripod Monopod

This 2-in-1 photography equipment features a monopod and tripod case that can be used independently or together. The locking tripod feet with rubberized grip pads enhance stability and the base tilt angle, rotation & telescoping section locks ensure optimal positioning. The Polaroid Tripod Monopod features an integrated removable wrist strap and comes with a shoulder/carrying bag. The monopod extends up to 65 inches high, while tripod on its own lifts camera to 4 inches tall.

10. Neewer Tripod Monopod

Looking for a premium quality tripod monopod? Look no more because the Neewer Tripod Monopod has it all. This lightweight and portable tripod monopod extends up to 66 inches (168cm) so you can use it conveniently to get desirable results. It has a 360-degree ball head and bubble level to ensure great results. Despite its sleek design, the Neewer Tripod Monopod holds equipment up to 12kg (26.5lbs). Ideally, it mounts to the bottom of the camera via standard ¼-inch-20 screws.

Although underappreciated, tripod monopods help us a lot. They are crucial in capturing athletes, race cars or birds in flight. Moreover, they are versatile; thus, can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. The fact that they are lightweight means tripod monopods are easy to transport and convenient to move around with. Tripod monopods listed in these reviews come in a variety of designs and styles and are within an affordable range to ensure there is something for everyone.

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