Top 10 Best Top-Load Washers In 2017

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Even though considered traditional by most people, top load washers remain sought after for the value that they offer. If pricing is an issue, for instance, most models are affordable.

Washing capacity is also impressive while their reliability and the availability of replacement parts in the market makes them ideal accessories for both personal and commercial use.

To get the best in this niche, however, the 10 washers reviewed on this list will serve you best. They are durable, cheap, and recommended for cleaning all types of clothing.

10. LG Power

LG Power

LG Power is a self-contained laundry system with a power-efficient design that makes washing fun. Even though cheap, the advanced technology that people get works fast.

The mega capacity offered (5.0 cubic feet) allows you to wash large batches of clothing per session while its sturdy design is not only durable but also comes with a plethora of advanced technologies that will better your experience overall.

The TurboWash technology offered, for instance, boosts its washing power tenfold to clean heavily soiled clothes easily.

It also has an advanced wave force technology that boosts its performance further, Oxi-sanitize programs that eliminate germs and allergens, and a durable NevRust drum that does not rust nor snag clothing.

All controls are up front for easier access, sensitive, and have LED backlighting that eases usage at night.

9. GE Top Loading Washer

GE Top Loading Washer

Recommended for individuals with small families and or those with space limitations, this top loading washer by GE is a premium 4.2 cubic feet accessory with an aesthetic white theme that blends well in homes.

It is durable, freestanding, and has a rustproof stainless steel drum that does not snug nor lower the quality of clothing when in use.

The 13 wash cycles offered allow you to clean several types of clothing (both light and heavy) problem-free.

The six temperature settings offered allows you to customize your wash experience further while the five soil levels that buyers get allows you to clean heavily soiled overalls and similar types of clothing.

Measuring 27″ X 44″ X 27″, this top load washer is space-efficient and perfect for home use.

8. Avanti TLW21PS

Avanti TLW21PS

A trusted brand in the machine-washing niche, Avanti prioritizes quality during production to offer people valuable products that never disappoint over the years.

Perfect for traveling and home use, for instance, this 2.1 cubic feet top loading washer, for instance, is a versatile platinum-themed accessory with innovative components and features.

The stainless steel washtub that it comes with, for instance, is durable and has a well-finished snug-free interior that resists rust and corrosion.

Its pulsating bottom works quietly to improve its cleaning power significantly, while its convenient electronic controls are not only sensitive but also have LED status indicators that reflect its status.

Avanti TLW21PS is durable, affordable, and has automated and pre-programmed cycles that offer value.

7. Speed Queen AWNE82SP

Speed Queen AWNE82SP

With a new Speed Queen AWNE82SP, you get a well-designed 26-inch top load washer with convenient electronic button control that eases customization and operation significantly.

It is white-themed, made of heavy-duty steel, and has a large (33 cubic foot) stainless steel tub and a built in 210 Agitation that generates up to 68 strokes per minute.

Setup (both electrical and plumbing) is easy. The six preset wash cycles offered enhance its versatility while its power efficiency and space-efficiency (factoring the large interior offered) make it an ideal household washer.

Speed Queen AWNE82SP is reliable and recommended for cleaning several types of clothing in homes and even hotels.

6. LG WT1701CV+DLEY1701V


By purchasing this LG WT1701CV+DLEY1701V pair, you get two commercial-grade accessories with powerful freestanding systems that offer value on a budget.

The graphite steel used to manufacture the top load washer offered, for instance, is durable, rust and corrosion resistant, and has a charming brushed finished design that boosts its overall value.

The 5.0 cubic feet washing capacity offered is modest, while the Oxi-sanitize, TurboWash, and WaveWash programs that buyers get enhance its performance for faster and better results. All parts are durable and built to work without rattling or lowering the experience of users in any way.

The front-loaded LED-backlit controls offered are easy to use and its classic European styling eye catching.

5. Danby DWM17WDB

Danby DWM17WDB

Sought-after for its space-efficiency, Danby DWM17WDB is also space-efficient and performs better than most standard top load washers perform.

Affordable, reliable, and with an aesthetic white-themed body that blends well in homes, this washer accommodates and cleans up to 11.02 pounds of clothing without damaging and or lowering their value in any way.

Its quiet system is perfect for home use while the galvanized steel used to manufacture its body is not only sturdy but also resists rust and corrosion over the years.

Installation is simple. Operation is also simple courtesy of its electronic controls while the eight wash programs that it comes with improves its versatility and the type of clothing that you can wash.

You also get a safety lid, four water level settings (with an overflow protection feature), and efficient water and electrical systems that boost its value.

4. Panda PAN30SW

Panda PAN30SW

Do not confuse this washing machine’s small size for a weakness. Even though compact, it is durable and has a fully automated system that accommodates and cleans up to 6.6 pounds of clothing per session.

If money is a challenge, it is also cheaper and has a durable and low maintenance design that will never frustrate you and or lower your personal experience in any way when in use.

With an original, for instance, you get a durable stainless steel tub.

You also get a built-in pulsator that varies water flow for a faster and better cleaning experience and has five automated wash programs and three water level settings that you can customize on demand to match your needs.

3. XtremepowerUS Portable Washer

XtremepowerUS Portable Washer

In top 10 best top-load washers in 2017 reviews shared on the Web, this portable washer by XtremepowerUS is a durable and fully automated machine with a large 8.8-pound stainless steel washtub and a high-powered 300-watt electrical system that delivers value.

The 24-3/4-inch design offered is sturdy. Its light and easy to use design makes it an acceptable alternative for most larger and expensive models in the market while its quietness and programmed wash cycles work well in homes.

2. Speed Queen AWN432S

Speed Queen AWN432S

As the Speed Queen AWNE82SP listed, Speed Queen AWN432S is a valuable top load washer with a well-balanced and functional design that will improve how you clean every day.

Even though smaller than most brands listed, its durability, power efficiency, and convenient top load model has improved its reputation all over the world.

The auto balancing system that it comes with eliminates rattling and productivity issues common with some traditional washers.

Its steel tub is rust resistant while its dual-speed system and the 17 wash cycles offered boost its versatility. Speed Queen AWN432S draws its power from a reliable 1/2HP motor.

1. Haier HLP21N

Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

An acclaimed pulsator washer in the market, Haier HLP21N offers value in a compact (1 cubic foot) and affordable package that most individuals appreciate.

It tub is stainless steel. The three wash cycles and three water levels offered allow you to customize its performance to match load (up to six pounds) while its electronic controls ease operation.

Haier HLP21N also has LED indicator lights, a quiet motor driven system, and adjustable leveling legs with casters for easy transport.

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