Top 10 Best Snowshoes in 2018 Reviews

Top 10 Best Snowshoes in 2018 Reviews

Snowshoes are ideal for anyone living in a cold climate, or who likes to take trips to the snow. They allow the wearer to easily walk over snow, while also providing foot support and comfort. Runners or hikers who want to move around snowy mountains will appreciate the usefulness and practicality of this list of snowshoes available for purchase on

Buying snowshoes on can be a difficult task, because the range available for purchase is immense. Deciding on the type of snowshoe you want to buy is the first step in the process, as there are different types for mountains and flat, or ice and snow. Your level of expertise will also help to determine which snowshoe is right for your purposes. Buying a good pair of snowshoes is a smart idea if you intend to be walking around in the snow this winter as it is well known.

#10. MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoe

MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoe

These snowshoes clamp on to the outside of your boots to give maximum grip and safety when walking around in icy or snowy conditions. They are ideal for explorers and alpinists, and can be used to give great traction while climbing on hilly terrain.

#9. MSR Women’s Revo Explore Snowshoe

MSR Women's Revo Explore Snowshoe

Another pair of the well-reputed MSR snowshoes, these are designed specifically for women who want to climb mountains with great traction. They have an ergonomic style and special fastening settings.Easy to take off and put on, these will allow you to ascend and descend mountains with ease.

#8. Chinook Trekker Snowshoes

Chinook Trekker Snowshoes

These snowshoes have an aluminum frame and provide both comfort and support as you walk through the snow. Rotating crampons ensure maximum grip, and a carry bag is included with these snowshoes for convenient carrying.

#7. ALPS Performance Snowshoes with Pair Antishock Snowshoes Poles + Free Carrying Tote Bag

ALPS Performance Snowshoes with Pair Antishock Snowshoes

Fastening around your boots with multiple plastic straps, these snowshoes offer maximum hold an will not come off your feet. Lightweight and practical, they are recommending for those who like to walk trails in wintertime. The pressure of the bindings is distributed evenly across your foot, so that there is no pain or potential for blistering.

#6. Tubbs Girls’ Storm Snowshoe

Tubbs Girls' Storm Snowshoe

For snowshoes that will fit the feet of young girls, these are perfect. The pink design makes them attractive to children, and they are specifically made to fit young feet. With a simple, adjustable fastening system, these are a great option for lightweight children’s snowshoes.

#5. Atlas Snowshoe Company 1035 Snowshoe

Atlas Snowshoe Company 1035 Snowshoe

Practical yet innovative, these snowshoes come with a spring loaded suspension that makes walking in snow much easier. This system will absorb impact and allow penetration into the mountain slope so that the crampons can take a sturdy, hard to break grip. Hiking in the snow has never been easier!

#4. Tubbs Snowshoes Wilderness Snow Shoes

Tubbs Snowshoes Wilderness Snow Shoes

The Fit-Step technology of these snow shoes absorbs impact and limits fatigue. Multiple bindings provide a fit around your boot that is snug and secure, even in tough conditions. A light frame holds the snow shoe together and makes walking easy.

#3. Yukon Charlie’s Advanced 9 x 30 Inch Men’s Snowshoe Kit with Poles and Bag, Orange

Yukon Charlie's Advanced 9 x 30 Inch Men's Snowshoe Kit with Poles and Bag, Orange

These snowshoes come with both poles and a bag, for the ultimate snow hiking experience. The orange color is distinctive and useful, making it hard to lose these durable snow shoes. The crampons are powder coated, which makes them able to grip even on icy, slippery surfaces.

#2. Tubbs Men’s Frontier Snowshoe-Tan/Blue

Tubbs Men's Frontier Snowshoe-Tan/Blue

These innovative snowshoes provide the ultimate grip on icy surfaces, with an underfoot pivot point that bites in effectively. The easy fastenings only have one buckle, so you can strap on and get going. Carbon crampons provide a durable, secure grip.

#1. Louis Garneau – HG Women’s Massif Snowshoes

Louis Garneau - HG Women's Massif Snowshoes

These synthetic snowshoes are perfect for short hikes and day trips, with their ease of use and practicality. The harness system grips onto boots without need for lots of buckles or complicated straps.

Final Thoughts
The Atlas Snowshoe Company 1035 Snowshoe is the best choice for those who are looking for a durable snow shoe that can withstand all conditions. For those who want snow shoes for other purposes, the other options are also high quality and effective.

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