Top 10 Best Snow Throwers in 2018 Reviews

Many people wonder why snow throwers are widely used to remove the snow from the walkways and driveways. Well, the answer to this question is simple; this equipment is convenient and removes the snow effectively. In other words, this method of cleaning snow is more superior than most methods used today. Yes, cleaning the snow using a snow thrower will ensure effortless snow cleaning experience. This device does everything and makes sure that you never have to exercise any particular effort to clean the snow.

The fact that a snow thrower helps you remove the snow from all traffic areas on your property in no time means you will be saving time as well as labor and money. Moreover, this device helps you overcome any challenge such as deep accumulations of snow on sloped surfaces and traffic areas covered with gravel that are often difficult to clean. In the following top 10 best snow throwers reviews, we highlight some of the best quality units.

1. Snow Joe SJ621 Snow Thrower

Developed by Snow Joe, the SJ621 unit is a large electric snow thrower capable of delivering the power of a gas machine with the convenience of an electric unit. It is driven by a 13.5-amp motor so it can move up to 650 lbs of snow per minute. The durable 4-blade rotor is constructed of heavy-duty grade steel so it can cut a full 18-inch wide and 10-inch deep path with each pass, and clear 2150 square feet per hour. This snow thrower comes with a 20-watt halogen light and features an adjustable discharge chute that rotates a complete 180 degrees to offer full control over the snow discharge direction.

2. Classic Accessories 52-003-040105-00 Snow Thrower Cover

Keep your snow thrower safe from all kinds of elements with this snow thrower protector from Classic Accessories. This snow thrower cover will help protect your unit even if you have to leave the machine outside in the adverse weather. The fact that it is waterproof means it will not shrink when it gets wet. It slips over a snow thrower quickly and easily, and its elastic shock cord found in its bottom allows you to tighten it to just the right size. This snow thrower cover keeps the machine protected from the adverse weather and other elements regardless of what season it is.

3. Toro 38361Snow Thrower

With a throwing capacity of three-hundred pounds per minute, Toro Snow Thrower (38361) can clear four inches of snow off a 50-by-20-foot driveway down to the pavement in only twenty minutes. It has a snow cut depth up to 6 inches and a clearing width of 12 inches per pass so it can clean off driveways and walkways with a couple quick passes. Ideally, this machine weighs only 13 pounds, making it easy to be lifted, twisted, and turned. It comes equipped with a power shovel that gives you a fast and effective snow removal, thereby, helping you avoid sore backs caused by shoveling and time wasted taking care of huge and complicated snow throwers.

4. Snow Joe SJ624E Snow Thrower

The SJ624E Snow Thrower from Snow Joe boasts a powerful 14-amp motor that helps it to move up to 730 lbs of snow per minute. Moreover, this snow thrower has a durable, steel auger with 2 rubber blades for cutting a 21-inch wide by 11.8-inch deep path with each pass. The 180-degree adjustable chute makes sure that this unit throws snow up to 20 feet away in the direction you want it to go. This snow thrower also features easy-glide wheels that make it super easy to maneuver and turn. It comes with full 2-year warranty to ensure you buy with absolute confidence.

5. Briggs & Stratton 1696619 Snow Thrower

Known for producing dependable, hard-working, and efficient products, Briggs & Stratton is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of snow throwers. This 1696619 Snow Thrower is like any top quality product from Briggs & Stratton, with its advanced features and enhanced performance. It has a 27-inch wide clearing path featuring a 20-inch intake height for clearing snow from sidewalks and other outdoor surfaces. Ideally, it features an electric start to ensure you have easy time starting it. It also features a friction disc drive system with five forward and two reverse speeds, as well as a 12-inch steel auger.

6. Snow Joe Snow Blower (iON18SB)

Perfect for clearing snow from decks, driveways, and walkways, the iON18SB Snow Blower is not only the newest addition to the Snow Joe lineup but also it is the first single-stage snow blower to offer convenient and easy cord-free operation. It is powered by EcoSharp technology so it can generate up to fifty minutes whisper-quiet run time with zero carbon emissions for cleaner air. This model has tangled extension cords or pull-cords that cause unnecessary frustration.

7. Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Thrower

When it comes to snow removal, look no further than Snow Joe’s SJ625E Snow Thrower. This machine is one of the largest electric snow thrower, and it delivers the power of a gas machine with the convenience and efficiency of an electric model. It is driven by a powerful 15-amp motor that enables it to move up to 800 lbs of snow per minute. Ideally, its durable steel auger comes equipped with 2 rubber blades for cutting a 21-inch wide by 12-inch deep path with each pass. This unit is ETL-approved and backed with a full 2-year warranty.

8. WORX WG650 Snow Thrower

Get through winter easily with this 18-inch snow thrower from WORX. Boasting a powerful 13-amp motor, this model is capable of slicing an 18-inch wide by 9-inch deep path, and it throws snow up to thirty feet. The machine is ergonomically designed to increase user comfort and reduce fatigue. The 180-degree rotating chute features chute adjusters for easy use. For added convenience, this unit feature compact wheels for enhanced maneuverability, and its rubber-tipped steel auger makes throwing large chunks of snow a breeze.

9. GreenWorks Pro Snow Thrower

The GreenWorks Pro Snow Thrower is powered by a convenient 80-volt Li-ion system that delivers greater efficiency for ultimate performance. It features quiet, maintenance-free brushless technology for peerless performance and enhanced functionality. With ability to clear a 20-inch wide by 10-inch deep path, this model will quickly clear your driveways, sidewalks, patios, and more. It comes equipped with a 180-degree rotating chute for desired snow displacement.

10. GreenWorks 2600202 Snow Thrower

Let it snow because you have an effective gadget for great snow removal experience. This snow thrower from GreenWorks is powered by a reliable 13-amp motor that makes it the ideal gas-free snow blower for small and medium-sized yards. It has LED lights and 180-degree directional chute for easy maneuverability. This machine can clear path up to a 20-inch wide by 10-inch deep path. The powerful dual LED lights ensure greater visibility any time of the day.

Never get worried of the snow again because these snow throwers are here for your rescue! With various reliable features and enhanced performance, these units deliver the much-needed outstanding results in no time. Moreover, they do not pollute environment because they are powered by either electricity or powerful, innovative batteries. Despite featuring different designs, colors, and styles, these snow throwers have similar functionality and performance. For great snow removal experience, these units should not go unnoticed in your list.

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