Top 10 Best Smartphones Fish-Eye Lens in 2018 Reviews

Smartphones Fish-Eye Lens are good to improve the capability of a smartphone. Not all lenses are good. It is an excellent idea to choose the Best Smartphones Fish-Eye Lens. They guarantee good photographic performance.  Most natives have adapted the use a smartphone mainly because they have good cameras. It is not a loss to invest on the Best Smartphones Fish-Eye Lens. Owning a camera and a smartphone might be interesting but having them all together at a picnic seems cumbersome. Adapting the use of Best Smartphones Fish-Eye Lens will make your smartphone take over the role of a camera.  The smartphone cannot take the role of a camera, but vice versa never happens. Smartphones are versatile electronics. Apart from taking photos, it allows the user to watch videos, movies and most famous, making calls.

Best Smartphones Fish-Eye Lens ensures excellent photography. They capture bright landscapes and amazing architecture. Photography can be professional or personal. Nevertheless, you should aim at giving the best pictures. There are two types of wide angle lenses.

  • Zoom
  • Prime

Prime lenses are well known to give outstanding results than the zoom. Well, both are right for every photographer. Sadly, prime lenses are very expensive. On the other hand, zoom lenses are convenient to use and cheap. Both lenses produce stable lenses at all backgrounds.

Tips for Choosing the Best Smartphones Fish-Eye Lens

  • Have prior information about the background portraiture

Ugly looks such as the large nose and inflated forehead are typical of close up pictures. Consider broad lens focus to precisely identify the object of concern. The different lens gives accurate results as per the background portraiture. Expert’s advice use of a versatile lens to minimize the cost.

  • Optical Distortion

The shorter lens is prone to distortion than wide lenses. Straight lines appear bent at edges while using shorter and shorter focal lengths. Lens distortion correction mechanism in Photoshop will solve this challenge. Embrace this feature to make your photos clearer.

  • Consult experts

Any expert in the photography field will advise according. They have all prior knowledge about lenses. Wide angle lenses as 35mm will allow the photographer to take photos some few meter away from the actual image.

  • Consider flexibility

The Best Smartphones Fish-Eye Lens comes with various adapters. An adapter modifies the smartphone to serve many purposes. You can use it microscope among other uses.

There are many lenses in the market, therefore, a bit hard to distinguish between them. Comparing their quality, performance and the cost, here are the Top 10 Best Smartphones Fish-Eye Lens in 2018 Reviews.


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10.Camkix Universal 3 in 1 Camera Lens

This is another Best Smartphones Fish-Eye Lens delivers with three incredible lenses in 1 package so that it offers you fantastic smartphone photo shooting. The best telephoto technology assists you to achieve great photos that are captured by your smartphone. This product is universal in that it offers every efficient usage with many mobile devices. Both wide angle lens and macro lens are screwed together to allow easy storage. The three great lens including wide-angle, macro and fisheye lens offer you a wide range of shooting options to assist you to improve your smartphone photography.  The set is utilized in a wide variety of smartphones and other mobile devices. Additionally, the lenses are made of high-quality aluminum to boost its durability. It also includes a microfiber carrying pouch.



  1. This unique Camera lens features aluminum construction to lasts longer.
  2. The package includes Microfiber carrying case.


  1. For professional photographers, this lens seems fairly good.

9.CamKix Camera Lens Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4

The Best Smartphones Fish-Eye Lens from  Samsung Galaxy comes at a reasonable price and is durable. The product is paired up with a macro lens and wide angle lens which makes it a universal phone holder. The universal phone holder enables you to mount a wide range of different smartphone on a tripod. It is equipped with wide angle lens to perfectly suit various smartphones on a mini tripod for more accurate position during the shooting of photos. The hard shell allows you to install and get rid of each of the lenses easily with no need of destroying the adhesives. Additionally, the manufacturer offers a limited warranty of one year which means it values your satisfaction.


  1. They are universal for a wide range of applications.
  2. Made of high-quality optical glass.


  1. Too small for some smartphones.

8.Zeso 3 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Bundle with 198 Degree Fisheye Lens

If you want to take amazing photos with your phone, then this product from Zeso is one of the best products that will offer you the best pictures on the market currently. The set features 198 degrees fisheye lens which assists you to capture fish-like and wide-angled photos. It also features 15X macro lens that is screwed with the wide angle lens. It offers 5X times greater depth than many lenses on the market. This is great for the close-up photos of tiny objects. The product also features 0.63X wide angle lens that offers less distortion and is perfect for photographing large scene pictures such as buildings and landscapes. The lenses are made of high-quality aluminum and advanced high-class optical glass.


  1. Provides detailed, sharp images.
  2. There is minimal distortion.


  1. Fragile hence need more attention.

7.Universal Smartphones Lens, iRAG 3 in 1 Clip-On 180 Degree Fisheye

This is another universal smartphones lens that features 180-degree fisheye so as to enable you any picture that you need with excellent flexibility and responsibility. This iRAG® 3 in 1 is made with a high clarity glass mobile phone lenses to offer your very clear shots all the time. Its digital camera lens has a diameter that is not bigger than 13mm which makes this product offer you best mobile photography experience. It has professional ability to take photos with a broad range of angle shots or take a picture of a small object clearly in details. It is perfect for taking photos of large ranges including buildings, group of people and landscapes. The product is compatible with many mobile phones with a diameter not bigger than 13mm diameter.


  1. They are built from excellent quality glass to produce clearer photos.
  2. Great for wide range of smartphones.


  1. They do not fit securely on a Samsung phones.

6.CamKix Universal 3 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

This is another great product that offers macro lens and wide angle lens in a 2 in 1 set to let you reach out to close details with a capture angle of 180 degrees. The macro lens and wide angle lens are screwed together to enable easy storage. For you to use wide angle lens, you just attach the two lenses to the provided case. On the other hand, to use the macro lens, you unscrew wide angle lens. The lenses are constructed of high-quality aluminum to boost their durability. The set is designed for easy storage since the three lenses come in 1 package. These three lenses include fisheye lens, wide-angle lens, and macro lens. These lenses offer you various options of shooting to realize the best photography quality from your device.


  1. Aluminum construction for better durability.
  2. Many lenses all in a single pack.
  3. Wide angle together with macro lenses is screwed together for easy storage.


  1. No instruction manual to guide on how to install the lenses on your smartphone.

5.Hsini 180 Degree Fish Eye Detachable Clip-On Lens

The Hsini is the fish eye detachable clip-on lens has great sharpness and less distortion. With this product, your mobile phone will take amazing pictures and unleash the creativity that you have. The wide angle lens enables your smartphone lens capture high quality rounded images instead of square ones. It’s clever clip-on lens design is used with iPad, iPhone or anything with a tiny lens. It is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices. The product is constructed of a high-quality aluminum boosting its durability.  With this product, you are guaranteed of no disappointments and is available at an affordable price.


  1. It manufacturing does not compromise on quality. They utilize high-grade aluminum a materials.
  2. Good choice for iPad, iPod, and tablet.
  3. The purchase price is worth its quality.


  1. It loosens with time therefore not perfect for professionals.

4.NEEWER Red 180° Fish Eye Lens

This product is the perfect type of 3-in-I package of fisheye, wide angle and macro lenses. The product comes with an elegant look. It is also small, lightweight to enhance easy transport and storage. The wide angle lens enables you to conquer large scene to capture. The macro lens will let you get very close to the subject hence your focus on your pictures leaving no single point behind. This photo set works on a wide range of mobile devices that are no larger than 13mm diameter. The product is also is made of a high-class glass for high clarity. It is also constructed of high-grade aluminum making it strong.


  1. Versatile for every kind of the smartphone.
  2. High-quality optical glass for better durability.


  1. Work only for back cameras and blocks the flash.

3.Besties 3 in 1 Universal 180° Fisheye Lens

The Besties 3 in 1 Universal 180° Fisheye Lens is a high-quality lens that delivers as 3-in-1 universal lens clip camera photo kit. This product offers you 180-degree fisheye lens to produce the best landscapes or the scenes with wide angle for your pictures. The lenses are made of excellent quality aluminum, lightweight and durable. The product also comes with a lens pouch, lens cover and five ways on how to use macro and fisheye lenses eBook. The microfiber carrying pouch is designed conveniently for holding lenses and for easy-to-wipe-off dust or the fingerprints. It is very easy to use to the product, small and portable. You just clip on to the rear lens for significant effects or front lens for incredible selfies.


  1. Lenses are very fragile, but this lens comes with a microfiber pouch to keep it safe always.
  2. The lens clip quickly into the front camera for selfies.


  1. A bit hard to install.

2.Camkix Universal 3 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

This product comes with three great lenses including macro lens, wide angle lens and fisheye lens. The macro lens and the wide angle lens are screwed together for easy storage and transport. With this product, you will unleash the creativity that you have and take amazing smartphone photos. The set comes with a universal design to enable you to use it easily with a wide range of mobile devices. The fisheye lens works, in the same way, the wide angle lens. With this item, your smartphone instead of capturing the square pictures it will capture rounded pictures. The wide-angle lens will let you capture a large scene include cityscapes and large group shots.  The macro lens allows you get very close to small object picking up all the details. It also includes a microfiber pouch.


  1. 3 different lenses all in a single kit.
  2. Good quality and they are built to last longer.


  1. They do not provide instructions on how to install, but that is well. The lens is easy to install.

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