Top 10 Best Security Cable Bike Locks in 2018 Reviews

Lock it or lose it! That is the common say going round today. Bike locks are handy when it comes to offering security to your bike. The fact that it offers you a chance to lock your bike against a pole or tree means a security bike lock is easy to use. Unlike other bike locks, a cable bike lock is versatile and offers a variety of options. Most of them are also durable for long-term service.

But, what cable bike locks are the best? In these top 10 best security cable locks reviews, we take a look at some of the best quality cable bike locks. Well, this is to help you make a correct decision as far as getting the best security cable bike lock is concerned. Ideally, cable locks listed in these reviews offer advanced functionality and peerless performance. All you have to do is to go through these reviews carefully to find one that best suits your security needs.

1. Ardent Bike Lock

If you want the ultimate resettable combination bike cable lock for protecting your valuables, look no further than the Ardent Bike Lock. This bike lock is a 5’6”-by-0.38” self coiling, braiding steel cable that provides strong cut resistance. It is designed to last and deter petty thieves from targeting your bicycle. Ideally, it has a protective ABS coating that prevents it from scratching your grill, bicycle, luggage or golf cart. The fact that it has 10,000 possibilities means it is extremely easy to set and reset.

2. Kryptonite 815 Combo Cable Bicycle Lock

Do you have to carry around your key to open your locks? Are you fed up with lugging around a heavy and bulky U-Lock? If any of these questions is “yes” then it is time you consider Kryptonite Cable Bicycle Lock. Measuring 8 millimeter by 5 feet, this lock offers admirable security. It comes equipped with an integrated 4-digit combination locking head for optimum performance and noticeable results. The fact that it is a self coiling braided steel cable means it will effortlessly keep thieves at bay.

3. Master Lock 72DPF Cable

This heavy-duty cable from Master Lock is not just easy to install but also it is easy to handle. It has braided steel wires that enhance its flexibility and strength. It also has convenient loops that provide rust-resistant sleeves and scratch guards. The fact that it is highly durable means it will be of service for years to come. The steel cable is galvanized to resist rust and the smoke vinyl coating helps prevent scratching. The Master Lock 72DPF Cable measures 15-foot long by 3.8-inch diameter.

4. Ushake Bike Lock Cable

If you want a premium quality security cable bike lock then look no further than Ushake’s Bike Lock Cable. This lock features 4-digit combination locking mechanisms for keyless convenience. Ideally, the 4-digit combination mechanisms are equipped with a free mounting bracket for easy transportation. Given that it is resettable, this lock gives you a brilliant opportunity to set your own personalized number combination. Its flexible steel cables offer strong cut resistance, while its vinyl coating helps prevent scratching. The Ushake Bike Lock Cable is ideal for tool boxes & ladders, grills & lawnmowers, gates & fences, bicycles, skateboards, and sports equipment.

5. Security Bike Lock Cable by Etronic

The Etronic Security Bike Lock Cable with ultra high performance offers an excellent solution for protecting your bike, ATV or other valuables against petty thieves. Like most high quality security cable bike locks, the Etronic Bike Lock Cable has resettable combination locking mechanisms for keyless convenience. It also has a protective coating that helps prevent scratching. At 6 feet (1.85 meters) long, the Etronic Security Bike Lock Cable is long enough to lock up ladders, bicycles, tool boxes, fences, gates, grills, and other items that you consider valuable.

6. Kryptonite Series 2 U-Lock

Built to overcome both bolt cutter and leverage attacks, the Kryptonite Security Series 2 U-Lock offers a high level of security for your bicycle. It has flex cable that protects your front wheel or accessories. The 13-millimeter hardened performance steel shackle resists leverage and cutting attacks. Unlike most security cable bike locks, the Kryptonite Series 2 U-Lock features a high security bent foot design for great value and serious protection. It has two keys with “I” style for easier usage.

7. Cocoweb Bike Locks

Durable and heavy duty, this security bike lock form Cocoweb is all you need to take your bike’s security from one level to another. It features a high grade 14 millimeter solid steel design for peerless performance. Moreover, it comes wrapped in 2-millimeter PVC coating, so your bike cannot be scratched or damaged in any way. This lock also boasts a weathering feature to prevent rusting as well as keep elements out of the lock. The Cocoweb Bike Lock comes with security cable for added protection, and it is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

8. Kryptonite 1230 Cable Bicycle Lock

The Kryptonite 1230 Cable Bicycle Lock has an extra long cable of around 10/305cm for easy transportation of bikes on racks or anywhere where longer lengths are required. As opposed to several security cable bike locks, the Kryptonite 1230 Cable Bicycle Lock has hook-n-loop straps to support the cable during travel. Its 12-millimeter flexible braided steel cable offers increased cut resistance. For maximum security, this cable should not miss out in your list.

9. Blusmart Security Bike Lock Cable

Your search for a top quality security cable bike lock ends here! This smart integrated 5-digit resettable combination security lock is what you need to deter thieves from getting away with your bicycle. It consists of strong, durable twisted cables inside and a transparent coating colored rubber outside for maximum cut resistance. Ideally, it has a flexible mount that holds it on your bicycle. This heavy-duty security lock cable will lock up your bicycle, grill, scooter, and other items that need to be secured.

10. Mongoose Cable Bicycle Lock

One of the perfect ways to prevent petty thieves from getting away with your bicycle or other items that you value is by having a cable bicycle lock. The good news is Mongoose knows this, and that is why it produces this stunning and powerful cable bicycle lock. Designed for use in moderate-risk areas, this cable bicycle lock is what you need to take your bicycle’s security a notch higher. It measures 5 feet, and it is compact as well as vinyl coated for optimum performance.

Given the numerous number of manufacturers, it is always hard to get a high quality and ultra-performing security cable bike lock. That is why these reviews bring you the above bike locks. Although they come in a huge array of deigns, these cable bike locks have the same functionality and performance. Use them in moderate-risk areas for maximum security. Despite their functionality and performance, these security cable bike locks are within an affordable range. And all you need to do is to go for one whose features and style best suit your needs.


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