Top 10 Best RC Car Rechargeable Batteries in 2018 Reviews

If you are thinking that a remote-controlled car is made for little boys only, you are wrong? These gadgets are enjoyed by everyone, including adults, little girls, and older kids. They are one of those perfect toy gifts you can buy your loved one. The fact that you use a remote control to operate them means these RC cars help enhance eye coordination and creativity. They are fun to play with, and they offer a great solution to boredom.

But have you ever wondered what powers these fascinating RC cars? Well, do not ponder a lot, as just like any gadget, they are powered by batteries. But as opposed to many items, they have their own batteries designed especially for them. The good news is these batteries are rechargeable meaning you can use them over and over again. In the following top 10 best rc car rechargeable batteries reviews, we highlight some of the top quality rechargeable batteries for your stunning RC car.

1. RC Car Rechargeable Battery by HOSIM

This RC Car Rechargeable Battery from HOSIM is used for HOSIM/GPTOYS S911 S912 RC car. It offers original accessories and quality guarantee to enhance long-term use and top-notch performance. It has a capacity of 800mAh implying that it will serve you or your kid for quite a long time before you recharge it. Ideally, it has an output voltage of 9.6 volts.

2. Flylinktech NiMH Rechargeable Battery

The Flylinktech RC Car Rechargeable Battery is uniquely designed and manufactured for high RC racing performance. It is developed to power a wide variety of remote-controlled items including short course trucks, a monster truck, helicopter, jet, an 8th scale buggy, and airplane. It features a NiMH technology that enables convenient charging at any time with no memory effect. The Flylinktech NiMH Rechargeable Battery fits with popular standard 7.2-volt RC cars like Kyosho, HPI, Associated, Tamiya, Traxxas, LOSI, and more.

3. RC Car Rechargeable Battery by AMOSTING

Are you looking for a top quality rechargeable battery for your RC car? Look no further than AMOSTING’s RC Car Rechargeable battery. With a capacity of 800mAh and output voltage of 9.6 volts, this rechargeable battery is all you need to enjoy outstanding RC car racing performance. It is brand new and features original accessories with quality guarantee.

4. Tenergy NiMH Battery for RC Car

Unlike most RC car rechargeable batteries, this particular one has a capacity of 2000 mAh meaning it is built to last for a long time before you charge it again. Ideally, it has an output voltage of 9.6 volts to ensure enhanced functionality and peerless performance. It features advanced NiMH battery technology to eliminate battery memory effect. The built-in Tamiya connector and the compact battery pack charger ensure outstanding performance. This rechargeable RC car battery is made with 8xAA 2000mAh Tenergy high capacity and high power NiMH batteries.

5. Racer’s Edge NiCd RC Battery Pack

This 6-cell NiCd 7.2-volt 1500mAh sport battery features standard connector for enhanced performance. It offers a superior voltage and great power source for starter boxes and rotostart guns. The NiCd Battery Pack from Racer’s Edge is backed by one year warranty against manufacturing defect. For great performance, this rechargeable RC car battery should not miss out in your shopping list.

6. FLOUREON 6 Cell Rechargeable Battery

Formed in 2005, FLOUREON has continued to produce premium quality products, and this 6-cell Ni-MH Tamiya Battery is no exception. In fact, this battery is not just high quality but also it is more professional and offers better, long-term services. It weighs only 10.32 ounces/292 grams meaning it will not affect your RC car’s performance in any way. The capacity of this battery is 2000 mAh and its output voltage is 7.2 volts.

7. FLOUREON 8 Cell Rechargeable RC Car Battery

All FLOUREON products comply with CE and RoHS quality testing standards, and this high-quality 8-cell rechargeable RC car battery is no exception. It has a capacity of 1800mAh and output voltage of 9.6 volts for enhanced performance. At only 6.52 ounces, this battery will not tamper with the performance of your RC car.

8. Tenergy NiMH Receiver BX Battery

Made of high quality matched NiMH 4 x AA cells with connector, this NiMH Receiver BX Battery is one of the top quality products you will ever come across today. It has a universal radio connector that features 22 AWG wires for incredible performance. This rechargeable receiver battery pack is designed for JR, Hitec, Futaba or compatible style Radio Systems.

9. Tenergy Flat NiMH High Power Battery Pack

The Tenergy Flat NiMH High Power Battery Pack features a NiMH technology that enables convenient charging at any time. It fits with popular standard 7.2-volt RC cars such as LOSI, Tamiya, HPI, Traxxas, Kyosho, Associated, among others. With a standard dimension of 5.39-by-1.87-by-0.95 inches, this Tenergy Flat NiMH High Power Battery Pack fits all RC cars.

10. iMah SC Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack

This rechargeable battery pack from iMah features high capacity of 3000mAh so it can last for a long time without being recharged. It also features a low self-discharge technology to let your battery sit for years and still be ready when you need the power. Since it maintains high power in low temperature, this RC car rechargeable battery is built for cold. It is compatible with numerous RC cars such as HPI sprint, Tamiya CC-01 kit, 1/16 scale Heng Long Tiger Tank, Radio Shack remote control boat, Grasshopper RC car, and more.

Getting a premium quality RC Car rechargeable battery has never been easier; thanks to the above top 10 reviews. Featuring different designs, styles, and features of RC rechargeable batteries, these reviews give us a brilliant opportunity to get a desirable product that best suits our needs. Despite their enhanced functionality and impressive performance, these RC car rechargeable batteries are available at economical prices. For great RC car performance, these RC car rechargeable batteries should not miss out in your shopping list.

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