Top 10 Best RC Boats in 2018 Reviews

Although they are always overlooked, RC boats are equally important. Like RC cars and jets, RC boats offer fascinating features to enhance the much-needed performance. They are the best gift you can give to your child because they are not just for playing; they are also educative and enhance creativity. The fact that remote-controlled boats help promote outdoor playing means these items are crucial in enhancing family bonding. A well-groomed family helps nurture the behavior of a child.

While the market has numerous RC boats, only a few are the best. As such, a comprehensive review is encouraged so you do not end up with a low quality item. But this comprehensive review can sometimes prove to be a daunting task given that you have to go through many studies in order to get a premium product. To help you escape such fuss, we bring you the following top 10 best RC boats reviews.

1. Udirc Venom RC Electric Boat (Orange)

Manufactured by UDIRC, this USB-rechargeable electric RC boat blows the other remote boats out of the water when it races at 15 mph for ultimate performance. Aside from featuring a rugged yet durable ABS anti-tilt hull, the Udirc Venom RC Electric Boat has a water-cooled, single-prop mighty 370-size motor, which combines affordability, style, and speed. The boat also has a low battery alarm that warns you when it is almost out of power to enable you move towards the shore.

2. UDI001 Venom RC Boat

Race at 15 mph while blowing other remote boats out of water with this RC Boat. Featuring self-righting feature, this RC boat not only does extreme auto-flips and sharp turns but also allows you to keep your stunning boat in place despite capsizing. The boat features an extra high power rechargeable 3.7-volt 600mAh Li-ion battery to ensure you double your racing time. It is suitable for children aged 10 years and above.

3. Udirc 2.4GHz RC Electric Boat (Black)

The UDIRC RC Electric Boat is an amazing speedboat to see when it is in action. It has a self-righting feature that allows you to keep it in place despite capsizing. The low battery warns the user when this stunning boat is almost out of power to enable you move towards the shore. With a water-cooled, single-prop mighty 370-size motor, this RC boat combines affordability, style, and speed.

4. Storm Engine RC Boat

Measuring approximately 32 inches long by 9.3 inches wide by 6.5 inches high, the Storm Engine RC Boat is ideal for younger children of age 12 years and above. It has an operation distance of up to 300 feet and its speed ranges from 20 – 25 km/h. The transmitter requires 8 AA battery (not included), while the 2 propellers, user manual, and home AC battery charger of 110v ensure optimum performance. The high performing offshore racing boat is powered by high speed twin RS-390SSH racing motors.

5. FT009 Remote Control Racing Boat

This 2.4GHz 4CH Remote Control High Speed Racing Boat features a water cooling system for advanced operations. Its dual locking canopy design ensures great sailing experience when you are outdoor near the shore. The boat also has a self-righting function that allows it to continue with play despite capsizing. The 2.4G high quality radio system ensures noticeable results.

6. German Bismarck Military Battleship

This 28-inch warship RC cruiser has a full function radio control system so it can move forward or turn left or right. Its glossy exterior paint enhances its durability to make sure it serves your beloved little one for years to come. The fact that German Bismarck Military Battleship is factory pre-assembled implies it is RTR (Ready to run). This powerful RC warship is ideal for lakes, rivers, ponds, and pools.

7. Police Speed RC Boat

Police Speed RC Boat is perfect for pools, lakes, small ponds, and rivers. It has aerodynamic ABS plastic body so it is durable and will serve your young one for years to come. This full function radio control boat can move forward or backwards or turn left or right. It is factory assembled and painted; thus, it is ready to run. The Police Speed RC Boat is electric powered and it features safety system for optimum performance.

8. Atomik Barbwire RC Boat

Featuring a fascinating self-righting hull design, Atomik Barbwire RC Boat is arguably the best RC boat on the market today. It has a 2950kv water-cooled brushless outrunner motor for ultimate performance. The 30-amp water-cooled ESC and the full 2.4GHz radio system ensure great sailing experience. This 17-inch RTR RC Boat is one of the best gift ideas you can give your young relative.

9. HT Radio Control Battle Warship Boat

The HT Radio Control Battle Warship Boat is powered by 7.2v NI-CAD rechargeable battery. It has a light and glossy exterior paint to enhance its durability. Ideally, the twin powered motors and dual propellers ensure this unit works excellently in water. The HT Radio Control Battle Warship Boat comes ready to run and it has a maximum operational distance of 300 feet. It is suitable for children aged 3 years.

10. FT012 RC Remote Radio Control Racing Boat

This unit is equipped with the water-cooling system to help extend its life. With a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph) and high power brushless motor, the FT012 RC Boat is super powerful and flexibly fast. The self-adjusting feature allows you to command your stunning boat back into action if it capsizes. In addition to the 2.4GHz receiver, the FT012 RC Boat has electron speed regulator and servo controller. The 2.4GHz radio control gun makes this unit easy to operate.

Promoting family bonding, enhancing creativity and ensuring great outdoor playing experience, the RC boat is the best gift idea a parent can buy to their child. They come in a variety of designs, styles, and shapes to ensure every child gets something they like. Their colors also vary to make sure your child finds something that perfectly meets their needs. With prices within an affordable range, RC boats are the real deal!

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