Top 10 Best Prescription Goggles for Swimming in 2018 Reviews

Whether you are a competitive swimmer or someone who like to swim in the ocean while on vacation, wearing a prescription goggle is highly important. Prescription goggles offer a number of benefits such as ensuring that the swimmer has ability to swim underwater. Prescription goggles also protect the swimmer’s eyes from chlorine and saltwater. Although exposing your eyes to saltwater or chlorinated water has no permanent damages, it is somewhat painful. The fact that these goggles ensure your eyes are not exposed to chlorinated or saltwater means you will not experience pain during swimming.

Wearing a pair of prescription goggles also improves clarity as well as vision. In the case of competitive swimming in the pool, these goggles have lenses that would improve your distance/depth perception, thereby, allowing you to judge better when to turn and go towards improving your lap times. These lenses also allow you to see your lane more clearly so you can judge your line better. In the following top 10 best prescription goggles for swimming reviews, we highlight some of the best products.

1. Speedo Optical Swim Goggle

Offering the same features and fit as Speedo’s standard vanquisher swim goggles, this optical swim goggle offers a little help for swimmers with poor eyesight or who need a little help seeing more clearly. These goggles come complete with polycarbonate lenses to ensure ultimate clarity and performance. They feature soft, hypoallergenic silicone seal that is comfortable and completely watertight. Moreover, they have an expanded view that helps you keep an eye on your periphery.

2. Vitchelo Prescription Swim Goggles

Carefully developed with custom diopter level, these prescription swim goggles from Vitchelo are designed for extra clarity underwater to ensure you enjoy great results every time. They are made of super anti-fog treatment, and they offer UV protection. The anti-scratch mirrored PC and shatter-resistant lenses feature custom diopter level meaning these goggles are designed for people with poor eyesight. Vitchelo Prescription Swim Goggles come with a carrying PS case and a free silicone nose clip. They are ideal for open water swims, triathlons, and other swimming recreational outdoor activities.

3. FC Prescription Swimming Goggles

FC Prescription Swimming Goggles feature mirrored lenses that are made of high quality polycarbonate with anti-fog technology and 100% UV protection to ensure you are able to see clearly when underwater. An earplug is connected to these swim goggles so you can have a convenient way to prevent water from entering your ear canal and ear membrane when you are swimming. Ideally, these swimming goggles feature three interchangeable nose bridges that can be adjusted according to the shape and size of your face to make you comfortable. The high-class silicone rubber eyecup features high suction capabilities that will keep water out of your goggles and assure you 100% waterproof. FC Prescription Swimming Goggles make a perfect gift for nearsighted swimmers.

4. Corrective Optical Goggle by TYR

There is no need for poor vision in water when you have this corrective optimal goggle from TYR. This optical goggle features a universal eye socket frame for superior fit and wide angle viewing. It also features optical grade polycarbonate lenses and its thermal plastic rubber gaskets provide both comfort and leak-proof fit. Another great feature that comes with this optical goggle is a durable, split TPR head strap that provides a comfortable yet secure fit.

5. IST prescription swim Goggle

The IST Prescription Swim Goggle comes equipped with optical corrective UV protection anti-fog lenses to ensure you are completely protected not just from UV rays but also from fog and other impurities that can impede your swimming capabilities. Its durable, impact-resistant, shatter-proof polycarbonate resin lenses ensure peerless performance. The IST Prescription Swim Goggle also features dive-mask style side buckle that adjusts to perfectly fit both adults and kids.

6. View+ Prescription Swim Goggles

These prescription swim goggles are made of anti-fog treatment and 100% UV protection for ultimate performance and enhanced functionality. They have three nose bridges whose medium size is installed. Ideally, they feature high quality view platina silicone strap and corrective lens. Smoke color lens and strap come completely installed. View+ Prescription Swim Goggles come with case for easy and convenient storage.

7. i-Sports Pro Swimming Goggles

i-Sports Pro Swimming Goggles come with a protective case and a high quality nose clip for outstanding performance. They also come with free ear plugs that prevent water from entering your ear canals and ear membranes. They are coated with the latest anti-fog protection with specially designed, anti-shatter lenses that allow you to see clearly at all times. Ideally, these goggles feature a unique, cushioned design that creates a perfect seal around the user’s eyes, thereby, making sure that no water trickles in.

8. Splaqua Prescription Swim Goggles

These goggles from Splaqua are not just prescription; they also feature metalized lenses, which are beautiful to look at and make swimming a breeze. Their tinted lenses are anti-fog and protect from UV rays. These prescription goggles come with a free hard case that completely protects them from debris, tear, scratches, dirt, wear, and dust. Enjoy comfort and reliability while keeping your eyes safe with these stunning prescription swim goggles from Splaqua.

9. NUOYIGAOGE Swimming Goggles

NUOYIGAOGE swimming goggles come equipped with 100% U.V. protection, anti-fog, anti-shatter, mirrored lenses. These mirrored goggle lenses do not just look great, they perform exemplary well too. They are durable and will keep goggle fogging at a minimum while providing exceptional clarity in vision. Ideally, these lenses feature anti-shatter technology that protects against drops and scratches. With comfortable, soft silicone seals, these goggles ensure you leave the swimming pool with no red-eye marks. The fact that they have side ratchet mechanism implies that you can get the best fit with these adjustable adult swim goggles.

10. LianSan Swimming Goggles

Since 1999, LianSan has been producing quality items, and LianSan Swimming Goggle is not an exception. These goggles are anti-fog coated and offer 100% UV protection. The inner surface of their lenses is processed with special coating for anti-fog effect that enhances sight clarity. Ideally, these lenses are made of PC, UV-protection material plating class so they can protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. The integral adjustment buckle integrates goggles with frame and makes them more convenient by preventing eyeglass slipping during swimming.

Looking for a top quality and durable prescription goggle? Look no more because these prescription goggles for swimming are here at your rescue! Designed to enhance your swimming experience, these goggles offer 100% protection from ultraviolet rays. They also ensure that your eyes are not exposed to chlorine found in water. The fact that their comfortable cushions are made of 100% silicone means they are comfortable enough and will not leave you with red-eye marks. For great and safe swimming experience, these prescription goggles for swimming should not miss out in your list.

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