Top 10 Best Pregnancy Stretch Mark Creams for Women in 2018 Reviews

During pregnancy and after birth, stretch marks is a common occurrence among most women. Stretch marks are caused when the body grows faster than the skin can keep up. Stretch marks especially to pregnant women are natural. Some stretch marks disappear after pregnancy while other remain afterwards. Best Pregnancy Stretch Mark Creams for women is very essential during pregnancy and immediately after birth. These creams make the skin elastic to withstand rapid growth. They also remove existing scars and scratch marks while at the same time preventing occurrence of new ones.

They are available in different brands. Some are specifically designed to serve specific parts. It is always recommendable that you choose a cream that works well with the entire body. Hormonal changes during pregnancy leads to decrease in development of elastic fibers and collagen in the lower skin.

When on market to choose the best stretch mark cream to invest on, you should consider the following significant factors;

i)Type of Ingredients

Botanical ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba and natural oils are the major ingredients in every stretch mark cream. Some ingredients evoke allergic reactions. The preferred cream should boost collagen production that strengthens your skin. The elements in that cream should guarantees elastic and smooth skin.


It is a bit tedious to buy stretch mark cream for specific part of the body. Always go for one that you can apply all round. It can extend its purpose so that your husband can use it comfortably. The cream also should remove scars and acne marks on your face.

iii)Personal skin Texture

Different women have different skin textures. Specialized creams are available for those whose skin are highly sensitive to common creams. Also, the depth of stretch marks differs from one skin texture to the other. Choose according to you needs and intentions.

iv)Reliability of the manufacture

Buy from reputable dealers who provide friendly customers services. They should provide guaranteed warranty that last longer. Also, every manufacturing company should meet the standards required by dermatologist. Be cautious because some use companies use cheap ingredients so as to attain high profit margin. Here are op 10 Best Pregnancy Stretch Mark Creams for Women in 2018 Reviews.

10. RevitaGen Best Stretch Mark Removal Cream

During pregnancy there is sudden changes in weight of the mother during and after pregnancy. RevitaGen Best Stretch Mark Creams works by reducing existing stretch marks and stopping occurrence of new ones. Also, this cream makes the skin elastic to accommodate the growing tummy. It greatly reduces stretch mark colors, length, texture and depth. It includes natural botanical herbs and peptides that endorses youthful skin and appropriate skin texture. The cream ensures quality skin. The cream is not only used for scar and stretch mark removal but also for healing wounds. This is possible due to presence of medicinal components in it. Moreover, this cream makes one young again. It lasts longer. Very easy to apply on designated areas.


i)Easily available at affordable price.

ii)Works very fast and effectively.


i)Some pregnant women do not like its smell.

9. DermaSafe Stretch Mark Cream & Scar Removal Therapy

This cream has advance formula that leaves your skin smooth and soft. It is free from paraben. The product results in great results both before, during and after pregnancy. Manufactures meets dermatological standards to give luxurious non-oily lotion for treating stretch marks among other blemishes in the body. It greatly penetrates deep into our skin to ensure faster and better healing. it makes use of natural genuine whole-leaf as the major ingredient. Aloe Vera is the base ingredients therefore water is not added. It has 75 useful nutrients and over 200 active elements.


i)Stimulating smell.

ii)Ensures smooth and even skin tone.


i)Comparing its price with its durability, the cream is highly priced.

8. InstaNatural Stretch Mark and Scar Cream

This stretch mark cream is popular in the market. It is a blend of exceptional natural and animate ingredients. These ingredients are rich of vitamins C and E, Argan oil and hydrating elements. It eliminates prevailing stretch marks and scars while preventing its occurrence again. The product does this by restoring skin tone and consistency. Moreover, the cream strengthens the skin. It not only eliminates the scars and stretch marks but also restores skin’s natural skin. Used throughout pregnancy and later. It also restores the skin to its natural look. This cream extends it functionality such that it can be used by men giving desirable results. Ideal to be used for the entire body.


i)Dermatological tested and approved thus safe for every body part.

ii)Multipurpose as it not only removes stretch marks but also scars.


i)It is highly priced.

ii)Its tan color is not pleasing.

7. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter is made from natural products therefore safe for your skin. It includes shea, jojoba and cocoa butter. The three ingredients extend the cream functionality so as to ensure smooth and skin. It is uniquely designed to serve pregnant mothers to satisfaction. This product is free from petrolatum, phthalates and parabens. To add, this cream has Vitamin E that ensures healthy growth of skin cells. Most of the women during pregnant are so selective especially when it comes to smell, for this reason this fragrance free cream is perfect for their choice. You can use it during and after pregnancy.

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i)It has not harmful elements.

ii)Formulated fully from natural ingredients.


i)Its strong smell evokes sneezing.

6. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream is refined from natural cocoa butter, shea butter, organic C-eleste together with vitamin E. It is uniquely formulated for enhance skin elasticity and suppleness against stretch marks especially during pregnancy. It eliminates the stretch marks very fast. Dermatologist have tested this cream and approve worthy it. Furthermore, this product last longer hence the user can purchase it at the beginning of pregnancy to serve her up to later after pregnancy. Perfect for relieving stretch marks at the tummy, hips, bust and thighs. Presence of elastin components in the cream ensures your skin is supple and elastic to accommodate rapid growth as a result of pregnancy.


i)It does evoke any allergic reactions in the body.

ii)Free from artificial dyes, paraben and Phthalate.


i)Causes some form of itching.

5. Art natural Stretch Mark & Scar Cream

This product delivers great results. It is made from natural elements including cocoa butter, Almond oil together with shea butter. Combination of all these ingredients guarantees intense skin hydration. It eradicates scratch makes by restoring skin texture and tone. Also, this cream reduces scars and keloids. It contains vitamin A, vitamin E, Vitamin B3 and B5. The cream is safe for every skin type. It includes Vitamins C antioxidants that fight against radicals that destroys healthy cells and DNA. Furthermore, this cream fight against acne scars and any skin marks. The company provides lifetime warranty money back in case the customers are not satisfied by this product.


i)Perfect for those with limited budget.

ii)It ensures smooth and youthful skin.


i)Its consistency is a bit sticky.

4. Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy

It is perfect during second trimester of pregnancy though still gives perfect results during the entire period. The cream is also recommended for breastfeeding mothers. It is made of Cepalin, hyaluronic acid together with Centella asiatica. All this ingredient combines to nourish your skin keeping it hydrated, supple and smooth always. Harmful products such as paraben are not included. This is because some mothers are so sensitive it. Removes stretch marks with short period of time for as short as 3 months. It is clinically tested and approved.


Very convenient to use.

Readily available in worlds market.


It is quite expensive.

3. Foxbrim Ultimate Renewal Scar Cream

This Vegan formula is formulated from natural vitamins, peptides, plants stalk cells and botanical oils. It removes scars and stretch marks while restoring healthy skin tone and elasticity. It is uniquely designed to serve pregnant mothers to their satisfaction. Friendly dealers refund the money back if you are not okay with cream or it did not serve you as you intended. It also increases thickness of your skin making it strong. You can use to remove scars on your face and other body parts such as shoulders, thighs among other places. Peptides available stimulates collagen and elastin development at inner skin.


i)Delivers anti-aging steadfastness.

ii)It includes Animate Gotu Kola that protects against inflammation. It also hastens wounds healing.


i)They are not readily available due to high demand in the global market.

2. Nature Design Effective Stretch Mark and Scar Fading Cream

This cream eliminates stretch marks, scars and wrinkles. It is very versatile healing cracks that results due to long exposure to solar. Also, the cream repairs damaged skin. It is full of nourishing essential oils and vitamins including Shea Butter, jojoba, sunflower oil, Coconut Oil and vitamin E. combining all these ingredients results in smooth and supple skin. Cocoa and shea butter give penetrating hydration to your skin. It is made of non-GMO ingredients. Its manufactures meet standards required by relevant dermatological bodies such as GMP certified facility. The cream does not evoke any allergic reactions since it is free from hazardous chemicals such as paraben.


i)Highly effective.

ii)It initiates growing of fibrous tissues in damaged skin parts.


i)It is not readily available due to high demand.

1. Body Merry Stretch Marks Cream

This scratch mark cream is exclusively made from organic components. They include shea, cocoa, sunflower seed oil, organic oils and variety of vitamins. It delivers extreme scratch mark elimination. Good choice of ingredients guarantees intense hydration of the skin. Hydration prevent skin roughness and cracking especially in arid and semi-arid areas. The cream sinks deep into your skin leaving it flexible and smooth. Perfect for pregnant women as it prevents formation of stretch marks. It also eliminates existing stretch marks. It delivered by reputable dealers who provide friendly customer service.


i)Highly affordable.

ii)Appealing cocoa smell.


i)Dealers offers limited warranty.

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