Top 10 Best Pet Food Storage Containers in 2018 Reviews

Pets are members of the family; hence, should also have a personal item for keeping their belongings. Well, one of these items is a pet food storage container, which is designed to keep all types of dry food. Whether you have a cat, dog or bird, these containers are versatile and will keep all of their food. Having these containers also help save a good amount of money, since you’ll be buying pet food in bulk knowing that they won’t go bad and you’ll not have to throw away anything.

They are handy items to have because of their convenience. The fact that modern ones have airtight seals means you can also use these pet food containers to store human food like sugar and flour. Remember, the airtight seal system helps keep food fresher for longer. In this compilation, we highlight the top 10 best pet food storage containers reviews to ensure you have some background knowledge in choosing the best product.

1. IRIS 3-Piece Pet Food Container

Do this one thing to your pet and it will love you more; buy it this 3-piece pet food storage container. The container is BPA free, meaning it poses no danger to your beloved pet. It is perfect for dog food, bird seed, treats, cat food, or any type of pet food. It is also perfect for humans, considering that it has an airtight seal. You can use it to keep human foodstuff like sugar and flour.


· Airtight seals and snap-lock latches: All the two containers have airtight seals and snap-lock latches to keep humidity, moisture, and pests at bay.

· 33-quart container: Holds up to 25 pounds of food.

· 12-quart container: Holds up to 10 pounds of food.

· 2-cup matching food scoop: For scooping accurate quantity of food.

· Translucent body: Makes it easy to see the level of food.

2. Gamma2 Pet Food Storage

Keep your pet’s food fresh and free from contaminants with this dog food container. It is made from food-grade BPA-free, HDPE (high density polyethylene), and this makes it safe for your dog, cat, bird or any pet. You can also use it to keep human food.


· Patented sealing system: Helps keep food fresher for longer.

· Molded handles: Makes the container easy to grip and transport.

· Spinning lid: It is easy to open/close and fun to spin.

3. IRIS Food Storage Container

The BPA-free material used to make this cat food container makes it harmless and perfect for keeping food. Use it to store food not just for your cat but also for other pets like dog, bird, and more. It measures 16.50 inches long by 10.83 inches wide by 18.63 inches high, meaning it will store enough food for your adorable pet.


· Airtight seals and snap-tight latches: Help prevent moisture, humidity, and pests from finding their way into the food.

· Translucent body: Makes it easy to check the level of food.

4. IRIS Nesting Pet Food Container (Medium)

IRIS USA, Inc. has one simple concept, which is to help others live organized life. Because of this, they introduced high quality pet food containers to the North American market in 1994 and they have continued to take huge steps. Today, IRIS clear plastic storage containers are some of the best selling products. That includes the medium-sized nesting pet food container, which is perfect for storing all pet food.


· Airtight seal: Locks in freshness and keeps humidity, pests, and moisture out.

· Wide open top: Makes it easy to access the stored food.

· Snap-tight latch: Indicates when the lid is shut tight.

5. Vittles Vault Pet Food Container

There are different shapes and sizes of pets, and so are dog food containers. The Vittles Vault Pet Food Container is one of those storage containers, and it’s designed to be the “Best in its Class”. It will not just keep your dry pet food fresh, but also it will ensure it’s free from pests. Moreover, its storage-efficient shape makes it the ultimate choice, and arguably the best pet storage container on the market.


· Heavy duty, stackable design: Promotes durability and longevity while making sure the unit is easy to transport and store when not in use.

· Lock-Down Double Gaskets: Make the container perfect for storing pet food.

· Molded Handles: They make the Vittles Vault Pet Food Container easy to grip and transport.

6. Gamma2 Select 8 for Pet Food Storage

If you are tired of pet food going stale, get tired no more because one aim of the Gamma2 Select 8 for Pet Food Storage is to keep food fresher for longer. It is a space-saving dog bin that holds around 25 pounds of dog food or cat food. Moreover, it’s designed in such a way that it can fit in most pantry for easy storage.


· Stay-Fresh Gasket: Locks in flavor and freshness.

· Airtight Seal: Keeps the smell of food from entering the pantry.

· Lock-Down Latch: Indicates if the container is tightly locked.

7. Bergan Smart Storage

The Bergan Smart Storage offers you an intelligent way to store food. It features a stackable design, which makes them easy to store by stacking them together. Ideally, the Bergan Smart Storage comes in 3 different capacity sizes for unmatched convenience. It is a dog food storage container that makes storing of pet food easier, simpler, and more fun.


· Large and small access lids: Make the contents accessible regardless of how you have them stacked.

· Airtight lids: Help keep pet food fresher for longer.

· Ergonomic design: Ensures easy scooping and pouring.

8. IRIS Premium Food Storage Container (Tan, Small)

Get the perfect container for storing your pet’s food. The IRIS Premium Food Storage Container measures 13.80 inches long by 8.30 inches wide by 14.80 inches high, so expect to store large quantities of food for ultimate convenience. It is a dog food storage container that’s perfect for dog food, cat food and more.


· Snap-tight latch: Tells you when the lid is shut tight.

· Airtight seal locks: Locks in freshness while keeping pests, humidity, and moisture at bay.

· Translucent body: Makes it easier to check food level.

9. Bergan Stackable Storage (Stak-N-Stor)

Be organized and store pet food with ease, using the Bergan Stackable Storage system. Like many dog food containers, the Bergan Stackable Storage is versatile and can be used to store dog food, cat food, bird seeds, and treats, among others. It comes in three convenient sizes to ensure you enjoy life with your pet.


· Rugged, high-density polyethylene design: Makes this dog food container rust- and dent-proof; hence, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

· Functional lid: Keeps food odors inside while make sure pests are outside.

10. Ritchell Pet Food Storage

Like any member of the family, pets too need a place to store their personal effects. And the Ritchell Pet Food Storage is the solution for this. Its versatility allows it to store treats, toys, and dry food. It is one of the most powerful pet food containers, given that it has two storage bins for optimum storage.


· Snap-lock lids: Lock in food odor and keep it fresh.

· Foot pedal at the bottom of the bin: Allows for convenient hands-free access to pet food.

· Side hooks: Hold bags and leashes.

Whether you are buying a dog food container or a cat food container, be sure to buy a quality item with an airtight seal system. Products listed above are top notch products with the aforesaid airtight seal systems to keep food fresher for longer. They are also easy to store and versatile for ultimate convenience. Never again be worried of your pet food going bad or losing flavor, because the above pet food containers are here to help prevent that.

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