Top 10 Best Memory Foam Mattresses in 2018 Reviews

Top 10 Best Memory Foam Mattresses in 2018 Reviews

There is no such a thing as one best mattress but a lot of great mattresses. It is true some are better than others but who has the time to check through before buying? Shopping for a good memory mattress can be exciting but also challenging if you don’t know the best brands on the market. If you’ve decided memory foam is your type of mattress, then you’re at the right place to select a type that best suits your needs.

In this roundup, we will review some of the best memory mattresses on sale so that we make your selection easier. These ten are the best memory foam mattress so far but read through and buy one that fulfills your selection criteria. With hundreds of memory foam mattress available online, you wouldn’t want to start reviewing all of them. It is a daunting task, and one might end up making the wrong choice. This is exactly why you need to make your selection from our narrowed list below.

10. Tuft and Needle Mattress

Tuft and Needle Mattress

The Tuft and Needle is probably the most bought mattress online the thousands of positive reviews and a good choice to start our list. With adaptive foam, this mattress is constructed of a freshly poured T&N adaptive foam providing users with a supportive and bouncy feel. You can sleep any position and still feel comfortable throughout. The foam is compressed and fitted into a box for easy shipping. This is a high-quality foam mattress made of the high-grade foam. It is not too soft or too hard to sleep on. The bounce is localized, and one will not disturb a sleeping partner. You also get a 100-night sleep of trial with a full refund if not happy.

9. Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch memory foam mattress

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch memory foam mattress

Sleep Innovations is a Queen Memory Foam mattress that will offer you deep and sound sleep. The mattress is 12-inches thick and offers ideal sleep in all positions so that you wake up feeling refreshed. It has a unique memory foam the cradles the body with its DuoComfortDesign so that it conforms to your body and not your body conforming to its shape. The top layer is a SureTemp memory foam while the bottom is a Support Plus foam. Sleep Innovations is a great product proudly made in the USA and one that will make your sleep more relaxing.

8. Zinus Memory Foam 12-Inch Green tea mattress

Zinus Memory Foam 12-Inch Green tea mattress

The Zinus Memory foam mattress is a great choice for conforming foam that offers you a good night’s sleep. It is 12-inches thick with three inches of these being of memory foam, 2-inches of comfort foam, 3.5 inches of airflow density foam and another 3.5 inches of high-density base support foam. The foam used is CertiPUR certified for content, performance, and durability. Zinus fuses its mattress product with green tea extracts to give it freshness and kill any bad odors. However, you still need to allow for up to 72 hours for the odors to dissipate and the mattress to fully expand.

7. Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Gel Foam mattress

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Gel Foam mattress

Classic Brands is a premium pressure relieving memory foam mattress that combines with high-density aerated gel memory foam to give you essential support when sleeping. This is a beautifully designed mattress that comes at a very affordable price. It is nicely tailored with a stretch fabric and a waterfall edge. Users can enjoy a plush and comfortable sleeping experience with great support throughout the night. The cool gel helps regulate the mattress temperatures and allow it to conform to your body. It is also naturally antimicrobial and resistant to mold and allergens. You also get two shredded memory foam pillows as a bonus.

6. Signature Sleep Memoir

Signature Sleep Memoir

Signature Sleep Memoir is a 12-inch foam memory mattress made of the low VOC CertiPUR-US which is certified foam free of dangerous chemicals. The foam comprises a 3.5-inch top layer and an 8.5-inch high-density foam. It holds the body in its natural shape for a comfortable night’s sleep. This is a quality pick retardant to flames, mercury, ozone depleters and other heavy metals. It is packaged with an easy to clean cover made of a breathable fabric to make maintenance easier. Overall, this is a comfortable and eco-friendly choice that will serve you well for years to come.

5. Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam

The Zinus Ultima is a 10-inch memory foam mattress with a 5-inch high-density base foam, 2-inc pressure relieving foam and 3-inch of memory foam. It is comfortable and offers users a good night’s sleep. This mattress only uses the high-quality foam CertiPUR-US certified to last and perform well. I use the latest evolution of memory form replacing the traditional petroleum. Instead, natural plant oil is used to keep the mattress smelling fresh throughout. Shipping is done smartly with the mattress efficiently rolled, compressed and shipped to your address.

4. Lucid 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Lucid is a 12-inch memory foam mattress to give you the best support you need when sleeping. It has an 8-inch high-density base; a 3-inch ventilated gel memory foam and 1-inch of bamboo charcoal memory foam. Overheating in this mattress is preventing through the infusion of the top foam with gel beads. Moisture-wicking comfort and softness are added through the TENCEL Lyocell blend. You can sleep peacefully while aligning your spine in its natural position. The mattress comes accompanied by a huge 25-years warranty. You have no excuse not to buy this one. The same quality as advertised is what you get as the mattress comes directly from the manufacturer.

3. Live and Sleep

Live and Sleep

Live and Sleep is a classic extra-large Visco mattress with a 10-inch memory foam to give you a good night’s sleep. The ten-inch profile design is ideal for stimulating the sensations of sleeping in a luxurious hotel. It has been designed with cooling innovations to cool and relax your body. The top fabric is breathable, plush and made of the highest quality materials. A top comfortable knit cover made from a soft textile is further added to help with cleaning. You only need to wash the cover. This is one of the best-rated foam memory mattresses on Amazon and a definite choice for most people. It comes accompanied by a free queen size pillow and a 20-year warranty so that you can buy with confidence.

2. LinenSpa 8” Memory Foam Mattress

LinenSpa 8” Memory Foam Mattress

LineSpa is a brand name in the industry, and the 8” memory foam mattress from LineSpa is a top-notch choice that is highly regarded for comfort. This is a very comfortable mattress that combines the use of a traditional support with the memory foam to give users a medium hard feel. On the top of the mattress is soft memory foam that has been covered by a soft knit fabric. There is a 1.5-inc foam layer just under the quilted top layer to minimize pressure points when sleeping.

You will love every aspect of this mattress from the point of ordering to delivery. It is compressed and shipped in a convenient box but decompresses for use in a day or two. It measures 38’X80”X8” which is an XL size. A 10-year manufacturer warranty further gives you the assurance of quality you’re buying.

1. Best Price Mattress 10-inch memory foam mattresses

Best Price Mattress 10-inch memory foam mattresses

If you’re looking for the best body comfort that conforms to your body, then the Best Price memory Foam Mattress is exactly what you need. Ranking first on our list, this mattress is a top quality pick that will make you feel like floating in the clouds. It has no pressure points and will give you a deep night sleep without disturbing the person next to you. The mattress layers are 3-inches of memory foam; 2-inches super soft foam and 5-inches of high-density foam. The pressure relief system used by the mattress helps eliminate all pressure points so that you can sleep soundly.

It is CertiPUR-US certified as a quality mattress and comes accompanied by a 10-year warranty so that you can buy without any second thoughts.


If you have an aching back or don’t usually sleep well, then the problem might be your mattress. It is time you changed it and bought one of these amazing memory foam mattresses for a deep, sound and comfortable sleep. Nothing is more important than your health so buy only the best memory foam mattress for that quality sleep.

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