Top 10 Best Long Term Food Storage Containers in 2018 Reviews

The long term food storage containers are one of the best things you can have in your kitchen and for your family. That’s why it’s recommended to go for the best, which can keep food for a long period of time without getting spoiled. Other than their outstanding performance, quality food containers are durable and most of them are dishwasher safe for convenience. With them, you have the perfect place to store your food with a peaceful mind knowing that it won’t go bad.

They also give your kids the perfect way to carry packed meals when going to school or during their field days. Through these items, your wisdom in caring for your children and family really comes out. Most of them have airtight lids that will secure food in backpacks. They are also 100-percent BPA-free for health conveniences. In this compilation, we bring you the top 10 best long term food storage containers reviews to give you easy time getting the best product.

1. Rubbermaid 1880801 Food Storage Container (42-Piece Set)

These square-shape, graduated sized containers are the perfect places to keep food and prevent it from going bad easily. Their sizes give you more space in the cupboard or fridge, so you can keep many of them in one particular place. And when not in use, Rubbermaid’s 1880801 Food Storage Containers are easily stacked for hassle-free organization in the kitchen. They are BPA-free and their bases are clear for easy identification of contents. Use them every day to store beans, peas, cereals, and more.

2. holm Food Storage Containers

Whether you want to put together a sumptuous bento box, portion out lunch for the week or just in need of a place to store snacks, holm food storage containers will get the job done. They are versatile and convenient; hence, will meet all of your culinary needs. Ideally, they are made from BPA plastic and are FDA approved, so you can buy with confidence knowing that they won’t cause any health issues. They also have a nesting design that makes for compact storage. Buy a set today for the ease and convenience of food storage.

3. LIFT Food Storage Containers

LIFT, one of the world’s best manufacturers of food storage containers, knows that safety comes first, and that’s why these containers are made of certified BPA-free and CFC-safe materials. Moreover, materials are FDA and CFIA approved, meaning these containers are environmentally sustainable and safe to keep food. They are also fully reusable and will still be of great help even after using them in a microwave or freezer. Their lids are airtight and they are leak resistant for great storing experience. LIFT knows that mistakes happen and customers may not be satisfied with a product; thus, they have backed their containers with 5-star experience guarantee.

4. Glasslock 18-piece Container Set

Glasslock knows about convenience, and thus, delivers the flexibility of using a single container for the freezer, oven, microwave, and even dishwasher. Its containers are stain-proof, odor-free, and have easy latching lids for convenience in storing food. They are made of silica, limestone, soda ash, and other natural components that make them recyclable and eco-friendly. Moreover, they are 100-percent BPA-free, and therefore, don’t have any harmful environmental hormones. The clear glass and transparent design makes them look great in any kitchen and convenient to identify the contents.

5. Kinetic Food Storage Container

Kinetic food storage containers are FDA approved and BPA-free. They have a unique style and are designed for reheating leftovers and storing contents in refrigerators or freezers. They are durable and a set contains 6 containers where 3 are rectangular with a 12-ounce capacity and the remaining ones are lids. The fact that they feature a vented plastic lid with a 4-tab locking system with a silicone lid, which creates a watertight/airtight seal means they are able to keep foods fresh for a long time. These long term food storage containers come with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

6. Elacra Food Storage Containers

Elacra, one of the new leaders of producing premium quality kitchenware, is proud to bring you a 10-piece baby food container set. Reusable and made of BPA-free materials, these containers are perfect not just for young ones but also for parents. Each of them feature a 4-point airtight locking mechanism, which allows you to safely store snacks, pre-made meals, baby food, and even soups as well as other liquids. They are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe; thus, will not bubble or warp.

7. Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers (28 Piece Set)

Rubbermaid’s storage containers are stain resistant and clear, so you can easily identify contents. They are designed to keep food looking fresh while enhancing the aesthetic looks of your home. They are made of shatterproof Tritan plastic meaning they are extra durable with fascinating functionality. Ideally, their unique lid design reduces trapped food and liquids to allow you clean and dry more easily. Containers also have dome-shaped lids, which not only increase storage capacity but also help prevent any spills when closed. Use Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers to serve and store food.

8. Royal Food Storage Container

Store your favorite foods safely into these efficient containers. Featuring four different sizes and shapes, you will never have to worry about jamming your edibles again. One container is very tall (2.3 liters/2.0 qt.) and perfect for keeping such foods as spaghetti. Another one is medium-sized (1.7 liters/1.5 qt.) and two others are small (1.0 liter/0.9 qt.) while one is mini (0.38 liter/0.35 qt.) for great storing experience. These containers are easy to clean as all you need to do is to remove the silicone attached along the lids of each container and wash with soap before rinsing with water.

9. Popit Food Plastic Container

Popit containers are dishwasher safe and each has a removable seal for easy cleaning. They are also BPA-free and airtight, so you can store, heat up before taking away food safely without worrying of spills. The modular design allows you to organize your kitchen than ever before. When not in use, simply store them inside one another to minimize space. Popit containers are great and they are perfect for keeping delicate ingredients that often don’t last longer.

10. STERILITE 03078601 Food Storage Set

STERILITE Food Storage Containers come in many different sizes and have a variety of features. Each lid features a vent that releases steam when the container is being used in the microwave, perhaps to heat up leftovers. Also, there are 4 latches and a silicone gasket that create a watertight and airtight seal, making sure that food are fresh and liquids do not spill. These containers are BPA and phthalate free, so buy with confidence knowing that they are harmless.

Storing food, so they cannot spoil easily, has never been this simple; thanks to these top 10 best long term food storage containers. They are made of sturdy materials that up their performance and functionality. Ideally, they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, so you can get one that best suits your needs. They are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe as well as airtight; hence, dirt and dust will never get into your contents. Buy one or several of them today and start enjoying their services.

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