Top 10 Best Leica M Cameras for Beginners in 2018

Photos help us to remember some remarkable days in our life. If you are starting out as a photographer, you should buy the best Leica M cameras for beginners. Leica M cameras are one of the cameras that take very clear photos. They are available at affordable price. Most of us, love taking photos especially during parties such as wedding, birthdays, anniversaries and hiking events. I cannot imagine holding a party without a camera. Always it feels so disgusting and annoying. It is the desire of everyone to have clearer photos that resemble those taken by professions. This is only possible is you consider purchasing the appropriate photography device.

Leica M cameras are one of the excellent photography equipment’s that take quality photos. It is perfect for both personal and commercial use. One of the major factors to consider while choosing Leica Camera is the cost, durability and most the quality of the photos it produces. Most of the times though not usual, the higher the price of this product the greater the quality.

Why are Leica M Cameras Popular?

Most of best Leica M cameras are very expensive because they are manually manual operated and have no automatic mode to ease photographers work. Another drawback is that the M lenses are usually not included during purchase yet costly in the market.

Leica M series cameras have wide popularity among many photographers. This is because they feature robust construction together with outstanding optical quality. They also want to harmonize their style of work. Another major advantage why photographers love these cameras is that it operates quietly due to the presence of mirrorless rangefinder together with full resolution. Their small size makes it a favorite choice for wedding photographers.

Leica M cameras are a great leveler. Even the rock stars and rich people in the city wishes to be photographers. Everyone you meets in the streets admires owning one or even operating only. This is because Leica M series allow the user to concentrate mainly on the subject, composition, and exposure.

Also, people who love photography prefer having their Leica Camera. For them hiring photographers every event of their life is a bit annoying. This is because evaluating the overall cost used to them is higher than buying the camera and owning it forever.

Which are the Best Leica M Cameras for Beginners in 2018?

Depending on whether you need Leica M Camera for your personal use or professional use, here Top 10 Best Leica M Cameras for Beginners in 2018. Choose them carefully to attain the desired photography satisfaction.

10.Leica M9 18MP Digital Rangefinder Camera

Leica M9  is one of the popular Leica M Camera in the world. Engineered based on modern technology having an inbuilt 24 x 36mm format sensor. 18 MP CMOS sensor permits taking of full 35mm format photos. Well engineered CCD sensor for excellent performance. It has advanced protective glass to eradicate infrared light that might distort the picture. Also, this is very useful as it prohibits the use of IR filters. Very simple to operate. Compact design makes handling very easy. The camera works well with SD cards having a storage capacity of 2 GB and SDHC of 32 GB. Sturdy metallic construction ensures this camera is resistant to corrosion, therefore, lasting for longer years. On purchase, it includes a leather carriage strap. Readily available in the market at an affordable price for average customers.

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  • Make use of 18 MP sensor that permits taking of 35mm format.
  • Protective glass discards infrared contamination.


  • Lenses are sold out separately which adds an extra cost to the customer.

9.Leica 10770 M 24MP Rangefinder Camera

Leica 10770 M 24MP Rangefinder Camera has TFT LCD screen measuring approximately 3 inches for proper capturing. 24 megapixels sensor guarantees quality photos. It makes use of Leica Maestro image processor which is essential for faster photographing. The presence of Gorilla glass protector eliminates infrared radiation. Infrared radiation bleaches the photos taken making them blurred.

The body is constructed from durable materials that are resistant to water corrosion hence lasting longer. It has various innovative features that contribute to excellent photographing. These features include live view, focusing methods and video recording. Also, it is versatile as it can be used for many occasions. Advanced CMOS sensor available work in hand with a fast processor to ensure perfect images are created. The company does not include lenses hence you need to purchase them separately.


  • 24 megapixels sensors guarantees quality and clearer photos.
  • Waterproof makes it corrosion free hence it last longer.


  • Successive shots make the camera freeze.

8.Leica 10771 M 24MP Rangefinder Camera with 3-Inch TFT LCD Screen

Its attractive design makes it worth appreciating. Constructed from durable metallic structures to last longer. It makes use of 24 CMOS Megapixels sensor to ensure extraordinary images. The camera uses fast Leica Maestro image processor. Excellent features such as Live View, viewfinder among many others improves its performance by a higher percentage. Glass protector protects the images from unwanted radiation. Additional focusing techniques allow the photographer to zoom photos far which makes it ideal for professions especially those taking pictures of dangerous wild animals such as lions. It incorporates modern technology.


  • Shots very quality photos.
  • it make use of high-end Leica lens for finer photos.


  • Its Purchase price does not include the cost of lenses.

7.Leica 10759 M-E 18 MP Digital Rangefinder Camera

It is one of the reliable cameras featuring 2.5-Inch TFT LCD Screen. Consistent 18 megapixel CMOS sensor captures good photos. It well constructed using metallic materials to last longer. Perfect for both professional and those who have a personal interest in the photographic field. Has excellent digital features hence a bit costly. It is recommendable that you purchase at its price since it last many years than to go for cheap one that lasts shortly. Cheap cameras perish easily thence you will be forced to go for a new one almost on a daily basis. The classic design of M series gives the owner courage of owning it. It is one of the smallest interchangeable lens full-frame cameras in the market. The product is green with gray top. Has an easy to handle leather strap.


  • Its CCD sensor is highly sensitive to light. This will ensure that the images produce are good quality.
  • Features tow exposure modes- automatic and manual modes.


  • Plastic parts wear off after prolonged use.

6.Leica 10370 Leica M-A Type 127 Rangefinder Camera

Everyone wishes to have an excellent camera. Leica 10370 Leica M-A Type 127 Rangefinder Camera is one of the good cameras in today’s market engineered from long lasting materials. Its metallic body is highly resilient to corrosion. Its bottom and top sides are covered with brass for elegancy. Manufacturing company associates exceptional elements starting from the film extending to digital times to give a satisfying photographing equipment. Very easy to operate with the photographer concentrating mainly on shutter speed, aperture, and focusing.  Capable of manual focusing due to the presence of M-mount lenses and parallax-corrected framing. The shutter speed of 1/1000 per second. This camera looks so simple, yet it delivers remarkable imaging results. Has additional 0.72x-magnification viewfinder.


  • The shooting of photos is silent hence you can use in private places without disturbing anyone.
  • No need of using rechargeable batteries.


  • Inadequate sync speed of 1/50-second.

5.Leica 10773 M-P 24MP Camera

Leica 10773 M-P 24MP Camera has an abrasion-free display as it is made of sapphire glass materials. Extensive dual-sized image buffer of 2 GB capacity makes the camera efficient during the capturing process. Leica Logo alongside M printing is not visible on the front side. Manual viewfinder frame improves the quality of the images captured. Appealing looks makes it so attractive to the camera users.


  • Its battery has an excellent lifespan.
  • This camera is very versatile. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.
  • The small portable design looks so unique and attractive.


  • Selective to a particular style of photography.

4.Leica M-P  Full-Frame Still and Video Camera

Leica M-P Full-Frame Still and Video is one of the excellent cameras from Leica M series. It features 24MP sensor together with 0.68x Magnification systems. 3 inch LCD screen ensures correct and precise capturing. Silver chrome alloy finish improves the cameras physical appearance. Unlike other cameras that do not use rechargeable batteries, this type makes use of Li-ion Battery. The package includes 12V Charging Cable, Carrying Strap, body cap and port cover. Further, the company offers a reliable warranty. Important features such as 2 GB memory buffer are also available which doubles the capturing rate. Sapphire glass is used as a protective cover to shield LCD screen from scratches. Sapphire is one of the hardest unbreakable materials in the earth.


  • Very easy to setup, shot and control.
  • Made from durable materials hence it last for many years.


  • It is expensive hence not ideal for people with a limited budget.

3.Leica 10760 M Monochrom 18MP Mirrorless Digital Camera

Leica 10760 M Monochrom 18MP Mirrorless Digital Camera is the leading full version black and white camera. 2.5 inches TFT LCD screen is very bright for perfect photo capturing. It makes use of modern undistinctive CCD sensor. 18 Megapixels sensor focuses the lenses to the area of concern which prevents photo glaring and distortion. CCD sensor does not recognize different colors, therefore, producing only black and white images. Caving on the black fixture shows the product name. On purchase, the company provides leather carrying strap. The strap is made of high-quality cowhide. Silver Efex Pro 2 integrates a classic set of darkroom tools for processing quality pictures. The camera has a histogram for precise manipulation of tonal values showing the raw data, uncorrupted and also unprocessed data.


  • Perfect for beginners as the manual guide step by step on how to use the camera.
  • World’s best black and white camera.


  • Has no capability of recording clearer images instead it produces grayed images.

2.Leica 10759 M-E 18 MP Digital Rangefinder Camera

This camera includes standard excellent 18 MP CCD sensor all in full 35 mm format. Accurate focusing over Leica rangefinder results in great images. Easy to handle leather strap keep the camera safe in the neck. The gray top improves its appearance. Captures the photos quietly at faster speed hence can use for investigation especially is you are to take the images in prohibited areas. The camera produces crisp quality images. Leica Company has been undertaking thorough research to ensure these type of cameras give the best. Their primary concern is to guarantee exclusive photos. It is very straightforward and easy to use.


  • Uses standard high resolution 18 Megapixels CCD sensor in 35 millimeters full format.
  • Includes a carrying strap. This eases the work of the photography during its work.


  • The back screen is not well designed, but that is a minor aspect for many photographers.

1.Leica 10772 M-P 24MP SLR Camera with 3-Inch LCD

Leica 10772 M-P 24MP SLR Camera with 3-Inch LCD is in place of recording Full HD 1080p video alongside excellent images.  Silver chrome finish is water resistant hence offering excellent protection to the camera’s body. Its display is made of scratch-resistant sapphire glass. Has 2-gigabyte buffer. It has modest appearance attracting most of the professional photographers. Full frame 24 megapixels CMOS sensor alongside 2 GB storage capacity ensures the camera delivers awesome performance. Captures images at faster speed.


  • Protective glass is made of sapphire to last longer.
  • Has 2 GB image buffer to convenience the work of the user.


  • Sold out at a higher cost than most of the other cameras in this list.


These Leica M cameras are easy to use, and as a beginner, you will find them easy to operate. It is a step towards getting a professional Leica M cameras. Hope you get the best Leica M camera that suits your requirements. Happy shopping!

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