Top 10 Best iPhone Lens Kits Reviews

Technology has been changing over the past few years. Most of the people now are using iPhones. Though iPhones are very expensive, they are multi-purpose. They not only help in communication but also they are attached to lens kit used for photography. Sharing photos from one media to the other is very simple, entertaining and faster with the iPhone. iPhone has got its inbuilt camera but with low resolution hence the need for the lens to give more quality photos. Capitalize on lens kit to improve the functionality of your iPhone. iPhones lens kit are available in the market in different brands. Each type works well with specific iPhone model. While choosing iPhone lens kit, consider the following important factors;

a. Nature of Photography

Nature of photography depends on whom to capture the photo, when and where will photography takes place. You could be intending to take photos on wedding, school and family events. Camera type used vary depending on the event. If photos are to be taken on moist areas choose waterproof lens for it lasts longer.

b. Maintenance

Choose an iPhone lens kit that is easy to maintain. One that you can clean using clean soapy water that is readily available. Its maintenance cost coordinate with its functionality. This is because output of any gadget should higher than its input. Regular maintenance should be practiced since the effort for removing loose dirt is less to stubborn dirt.

c. Price

Citizens have different economic status. The cost incurred should be within ones budget. This is important to avoid straining of family resources. Having set aside cost, choose the best out of it.

d) Compatibility

Each iPhone gives better results with specific lens kit. I would recommend for universal lens kit because you might decide to upgrade the model of your iPhone with time. This would save on the amount one should have invested on a brand lens kit.

10. SEHOO iPhone Lens

This product is great for eliminating undesirable reflections from water and glass surfaces. It is a quality lens for compelling color photography activities. It has got great optical glass for maximum light broadcasting ensuring there is little image distortion. Adjustable lens can be moved easily in different angles to improve the image focusing. SEHOO iPhone Lens is multifunction since it not only work with iPhone but also with Samsung among other android smart phones. It features different astonishing colors. Fits the rear and front cameras. It can also work with laptops. Produces quality images. This lens is made of acrylic materials.


i) 100% user satisfaction.

ii) Versatile.


i) Limited warranty for only 18 months.

9. Schneider iPro Lens

Schneider iPro Lens comprises of excellent quality lenses that captures superb pictures. These lenses including super, wide and tele. Removable handle makes the lens kit portable. This features makes the kit perfect for outdoor activities such as swimming and skipping. Every lens spiral on and off allowing multi capturing in each shot. On purchase, small sized is included to ease its storage. Additionally, this protects the lens from dust. This case can also be used to hold your smartphone. Compatible with phone 6, 6s, 5, 5s and Samsung galaxy. Multiple lenses are available to choose from. .


i) Wide angle lens allows wide area of capturing.

ii) Minimal distortion.


i) It does not have fisheye iPhone lens.

8. MCamLite iPhone Lens Kit

Consider this affordable lens kit. Its wide angle macro lens encompasses iPhone functionality. It is versatile due to present multiple interchangeable lenses. Has got various awesome benefits including video shooting that is not available in other lenses. It is easy to handle for more stability while capturing videos and pictures. It features tripod for easy mounting of the lens on your smartphone. Exterior microphone for first class audio recording. It is made from high quality aluminum on its frame having silicone casing for keeping the iPhone.


i) High quality.

ii) Long lasting.

iii) Interchangeable lenses.


i) Very costly.

7. VicTsing Detachable Red Fisheye Lens

This versatile 3-in-1 lens kit features 180 degrees fisheye with wide angle camera lens kit. It cost approximately 9 dollars. It looks so simple yet great quality made from excellent glass materials and aluminum frame. The iPhone is attached to the lens using a basic cord ready for capturing. It is in place to capture small objects due to its zoom feature that is included during manufacture. 180 degrees fisheye are always available for more quality work. This kit is very easy to assemble.


i) This lens is affordable hence no straining of family resources.

ii) Fisheye is included.

iii) It is Portable and compatible with many smartphone gadgets.


i) Little residue is left after.

6. Photojojo Lenses

Photojojo Lenses is one of the multipurpose lens kit available in today’s market. This is because on purchase, five different lenses such as fisheye, super fisheye, polarizer, wide and micro with telephoto. It is attached to the iPhone using sticky removable metal ring. Furthermore, this ring is magnetic keeping the lens more securely attached to your smartphone. Its simple design makes it compatible with various iPhone models. Each lens available is constructed from high quality glass materials. Its frame is made of finished aluminum.


i) Works with all phones

ii) 4 different lenses are available.


i) Tripod is not included thus the user has to fetch more out of his pocket in order to have it.

5. Phocus 3 Lens Bundle lens Kit

Most of the worry about which lens kit to go for. Try this stunning product that come with 3 different lenses. This lenses include telephoto, macro and wide angle lenses. Storage case is also available for easy carriage. This case is well designed such that you can access all ports and button while your photographing gadget are inside. It is very small that you can hold with your hands comfortable eliminating tripod. Its wide angle lens allows wide area capturing hence ideal product for wedding among other gatherings.


i) 3 lenses available makes the lens multifunctional.

ii) Very stable design.


i) On purchase fisheye is not included.

4. Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens

Olloclip is very portable since it can easily fit in one’s pocket. Different lenses are constructed into one compact product to ease its storage. Also, this reduces the chances of lens getting lost. Olloclip is an ideal product for having high quality photos and videos. It is compatible with iPhone 6 and 4 models. The progressive optic lens included results in more quality photographs.


i) Sharp lenses.

ii) Versatile.


i) Accessories such tripod are not available.

ii) Distortion at end of telescope lens.

3. iPro 0IP-KTRI-I6P Lens Kit

iPro 0IP-KTRI-I6P Lens Kit has got three lens including 2.5X macro lens, 0.45X super wide lens and 2X tele lens. The handle is divided into 3 sections for easy storage. It is specifically designed to work with iPhone 6. iPhone 6 case is included on purchase. Presence of lens cap that fit all three lenses is provided to protect lens from drizzling and dust. Every lens screws easily on the case. The handle can be modified into a case and a tripod where necessary. It allows capturing of detailed and sharp pictures.


i) Variety of lenses.

ii) Compact package.


i) It shoots very slowly.

2. Turtle Jacket Lens Kit

Turtle Jacket Lens Kit is specifically designed to work with iPhone 4. It is easy to assemble all accessories ready for capturing. Tripod is included hence no extra cost for purchasing one. The tripod features 37 mm filter. Telephoto and wide angle lens are available though sold separately. It lasts longer due to its extraordinary aluminum construction. The lens kit is very easy to clean and maintain. You can also attach Nikon and canon lenses using DOF adapter.


i) Easy to assemble without any training.

ii) Ultraviolet filter is available for protection during summer sessions.


i) It is slightly expensive because extra cost is incurred while purchasing tripod and camera strap.

ii) Alumite treatment results in uneven coloring. This coloring also peel off with time.

1. AUKEY Ora iPhone Lens

This lens is very unique including removable lenient rubber clip that is very easy to amend. The clip easily attaches on and off the smartphone devices without leaving any scratch marks. It features 140 degrees wide angle lens with 10X macro lens. It is an ideal traveling gadget. It gives unique selfies. 10X macro lens magnifies small objects for better capturing. It is made from aluminum alloy alongside coated glass that reduces ghosting, artifacts and unnecessary reflections. Carriage case and cleaning cloth are included in the kit. Wide angle lens readily opens up for the field of view for taking high quality selfies.


i) Very wide angle of view.

ii) Compatible with most smartphones.


i) Limited warranty that last for 24 months.

ii) Thick black sides around fish-eye.

iii) Slightly flimsy attachment clip.

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