Top 10 Best Hoverboards In 2017

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Considered the best toy of 2017, hoverboards continue to make a significant impact in 2017, with thousands of people worldwide using them for everyday commuting and or recreational riding.

If you have save sufficient cash and looking to join the bandwagon of hoverboard enthusiasts, several desirable models are attainable in stores with most offering users value for money.

However, with the never-ending reports of hoverboards bursting into flames and exploding without warning, buying the fast hoverboard that you come across is a bad idea.

Keep the following attributes in mind for the best experience:

1) Safety – personal safety is a vital attribute that you should keep in mind.

The model you choose, for instance, should have a sturdy frame that can support your weight.

Wheels should be the best grade and its battery pack quality and designed to withstand many recharges without exploding or losing its functionality over time.

2) Ease of use – the primary aim of buying a hoverboard is to have fun with it while commuting to work or riding around the park.

Choosing a model with a steep learning curve is a bad decision. To help you find the best, this article reviews the 10 best boards that meet this threshold.

10. Razor Hovertrax

Razor Hovertrax

Are you on the market for a quality hoverboard for everyday usage? To get value for your money, Razor Hovertrax is an aesthetic high-performance model that works well indoors and outdoors.

It is affordable, has a lower learning curve that several models, and has a plethora of functional features that benefits users.

Its blue platform for instance, is durable, made of a shutter proof ABS polymer plastic, and has flat and rubberized footrests that do not slip when in use.

The pressurized foot controls on offer work well. It sensor and gyro-controlled self balancing system stabilizes and keeps users as comfortable as possible, while its rechargeable battery pack is not only safety-certified, but also recharges fast and offer a continuous run-time of up to 115 minutes.

You also get a stable and smooth-rolling wheel system, powerful electric motors that reach speeds of up to six miles per hour, and a durable and fun-to-ride design that works well for 13+ years old weighing up to 220 pounds.

You get a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for an original from a supported store.

9. The Original Monster Wheel M3-GDBK

The Original Monster Wheel M3-GDBK

Fitted with a sturdy gold-themed plastic body and stable black-themed rubber pads, The Original Monster Wheel M3-GDBK is a durable and multi-functional accessory that works well for both teens and adults.

It is stable, easy to mount and ride, and has a stable frame that supports over 200 pounds. For individuals who travel often and like to carry hoverboards around, this model weighs only 24 pounds.

Its large well ride smooth on all terrain.

The advanced self-balancing technology on offer keeps its stable and fun-to-ride, while its safety-certified battery has an impressive range of 12 miles on a single charge.

You age get stable and rubberized wheels that ride smooth on all terrains, independent 6.2 mph motors that supports zero turning, and a plethora of smart components including smart LED lights that improve the visibility of riders, state of the art sensors, and a sophisticated logic board design.

8. HoverTech Self Balancing Scooter

HoverTech Self Balancing Scooter

Considered among the best mini hoverboard scooters of all time, HoverTech is a black themed battery powered hoverboard with a light, stable, and portable design that does not require a lot of skill to mount and ride.

It is durable, has a professional grade wheel system that explores both smooth and rugged terrain well, and has a well-designed stable platform with rubberized foot grips that prevent slipping on all terrain.

If safety is a concern, this hoverboard comes UL-safety certified; all parts are high-grade, while its ability to cruise at 6 mph over an 11-mile range per charge makes it an ideal personal transporter and recreational accessory.

Unlike some cheap aftermarket models that explode and burst into flames over time, HoverTech comes tested to work well in the toughest of environments.

Replacement parts are readily available in stores, while the one-year warranty offered for it reflects its high value.

7. Nimbus Wheels Self Balancing Scooter

Nimbus Wheels Self Balancing Scooter

Powered by a safety-certified Samsung lithium ion (Li-ion) battery pack, Nimbus Wheels is a safe and fun to ride self-balancing scooter hoverboard with a plethora of innovative features.

Its red-themed board, for instance, is durable, has ease to use foot-mounted controls, and has a rubberized non-slip coating that maintains stability and therefore safety of users in all weather.

Its stable wheels ride smooth on both flat and rugged surfaces.

Its high load capacity (100 kilograms) is impressive, while its high cruising speed (10 km/h) and high range (12 miles) makes it an excellent recreational hoverboard.

With an original, you also get powerful electric motors that support zero turning, a UL certified charger, a carry bag, and a one-year warranty.

6. Sharper Image-Sogo

Sharper Image-Sogo

Even though less known than most celebrity endorsed models in the market, Sharper Image-Sogo is a powerful two-wheeled hoverboard scooter with a novel gyro and sensor-activated self-balancing system that stabilizes it well for a safer and enjoyable riding experience.

It is durable, has a black ABS polymer platform, and built-in LED lights that improve the visibility of uses when riding in the dark.

The safety-certified 4.4A 36V Samsung lithium battery that it comes with has a high 15-mile range, while its ability to cruise at up ti 7.2 mph is impressive for its price.

Sharper Image-Sogo recharges fast (two hours). Its high ground clearance prevents scratches and accelerated damage, while its solid and easy to maintain design makes it an ideal everyday accessory. You will never regret purchasing an original.

5. Spaceboard Electric Hoverboard

Spaceboard Electric Hoverboard

Spaceboard by Spaceboard USA is a durable two-wheeled electric scooter with a light and stable design that does not require a lot of skill to ride well.

The stable plastic board on offer is durable, stylish, and manufactured to support up to 351 pounds.

It self balancing engine monitors the rider’s motion and makes fine adjustments for optimal stability, while its stable wheel system is also smooth rolling and has a powerful dual motor system that supports zero turning.

For those that enjoy listening to music on the road, the Bluetooth speakers that come built into this hoverboard are powerful and sweet sounding.

Its safety certified LG battery pack lasts long, while the remote control it comes with not only turns it on and off, but also guarantees easier turning.

Spaceboard Electric Hoverboard is 100% waterproof, has a rubberized underside that prevents scratches, and comes with a carry bag.

4. TechDrift SmartBoard

TechDrift SmartBoard

An acclaimed product in top 10 best hoverboards in 2017, TechDrift SmartBoard is a technologically advanced accessory with a futuristic mini design that most owners find invaluable for several reasons.

For those that like traveling with their boards, for instance, it is lighter and easier to transport than most comparable models.

It is also sturdy, has a striking and low maintenance black and white theme, and comes with a myriad of professional-grade accessories that boost its overall value further.

The safety certified Samsung battery that buyers get, for example, is rechargeable, durable, and powers it optimally for up to two hours. Its motor and sensors are high grade.

It wheel withstand daily abuse on all terrain, while its quality circuit board, easy-to-use foot controls, and integrated tail lights boost its value.

3. Powerboard by HOVERBOARD

Powerboard by HOVERBOARD

By far among the most sought-after hoverboards in the market, Powerboard by HOVERBOARD is a well-made black themed accessory that rides faster (10 km/h) and smoother that some comparable models.

It is durable, a perfect transporter for individuals weighing up to 220 pounds, and has a light and hands-free design that is not only easy to ride, but also saves valuable space during storage.

The electric motors that it comes with do not overheat at high speeds.

It self balancing system responds optimally to the rider’s motions, while the two built in LED lights that it comes with improve visibility in low light environments.

With a new Powerboard by HOVERBOARD, you qualify for a 1-year return warranty and US based support.

2. Leray Self Balancing Scooter

Leray Self Balancing Scooter

By choosing this self-balancing scooter by Leray, you get a durable and powerful accessory with large and smooth-rolling 6.5-inch wheels and safety-certified battery pack that does not overheat nor explode when charging or discharging.

It has a striking white theme, has a stable and well-gripped plastic platform, and has a high weight capacity of approximately 220 pounds.

Because of its light design, this one of a kind hoverboard its agile and perfect for doing intricate maneuvers.

It high 10 km/h top speed is impressive, while its fast charging technology (60-150 minutes), brand warranty protection, and CE, RoHS, and FCC certification are interesting.

1. Swagway X1

Swagway X1

In this top 10 best hoverboards in 2017 review, Swagway X1 is our pick of the best.

A recommended product from its high safety rating and stellar performance on the road, this hoverboard is not only innovative, but also features a newly designed fire resistant battery protection system that boosts safety level further.

Both wheels are stable, smooth rolling, and climb up to 15-degree inclines.

Its low profile design has a low learning curve, while the one-year warranty offered by authorized sellers attest its value. Swagway X1 is affordable and comes RoHS, FCC, and WERCs certified.

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