Top 10 Best Hose Reels in 2018 Reviews

They are various hose reels available in today’s market. Differentiating the best hose reels from poor products is not an easy task. The user ought to be extra cautious in order to purchase one that serve the intended purpose to satisfaction. Your needs will determine which hose reel that you will invest on. Some people are interested in watering garden, landscaping among other various uses. You should be precise on what you need in a hose reel. The main reason people do purchase this product is to make watering very easy and faster. They are various essential factors to consider when choosing a horse reel including capacity, size of the hose, portability and its durability. It is always advisable to do prior evaluation on the above mentioned factors so as to get the best hose reel ever available in the market.

a) Portability

Some hose reels are mounted on the wall while others on a post. These ones are ideal for immobile hoses. On the other hands some users wishes to use it far away from residential areas. For this reason hose reel should be mobile. For those left free standing, wheels might be mounted on them for easy movement from one place to the other. Cart and wagon reels are excellent portable hose reels. They might be 2 wheel or 4 wheel. 2 wheels hose reels can accommodate up to 200 feet hose while 4 wheel has a carrying capacity of 4000 feet hose. Pay great attention on portability as some hose reels are more portable and flexible than others.

b) Durability

This highly depends on the materials used to manufacture the hose reel. Those made of durable materials are the best choice. Excellent materials translates to durable reels reducing the cost of buying brand new on daily basis. Some of the materials used to manufacture include stainless steel, resin, cast aluminum, powdered coated steel among many others. The hose reel preferred should resist any form of corrosion to extend its life span.

c) Size of the hose

Reel manufactures ought to have prior knowledge on the sizes of the hoses already existing in the market. They are various sizes of hose reel that matches different hose sizes. Before purchasing one, ensure you are very sure about the size of the hose you already own. Some reels have multiple hose attachment holes. It is advisable to buy one of this kind since it is very versatile though they might quite expensive.

d) Mode of drawing the hose off the reel

They are various modes including perpendicular or parallel to the wall, uphill, straight out and many more. This mode is suitable for wall mounted reels. The alignment of the reel on the cart differs and the select depends upon the use and personal preference.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, the are other important factors to pay attention to including wheel size, storage capacity, weather necessities, design and easy of management. Some companies prefer selling out their products full assembled while other provide manual guide on how to assemble. Either way is advantageous. Those that are available assembled saves a lot of time and energy. Contrary, when a guide is provided, it improves you thinking capacity and creativity as you’re expected to interpret the manual well.  Having consider the above factors, we have undertaken thorough research alongside extensive reading so as to sample the Top 10 Best Hose Reels in 2018 Reviews. Choose according to your desires, capacity and one within your means.

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10.Suncast CPLSSM200B Swivel Hose Hideaway

This product with the Smart Trak hose has both the storage system and automatic hose reel. It has up to 225 feet hose capacity and it automatically tracks the hose easily and neatly onto reel as it functions automatically. The base swivels of this product functions such that it eases the unwinding process of the hose within a short period of time. The hose reel enables you unravel hose in smooth non-rolling motion. You can do reeling very easily with just half of your effort. The stake will hold the base safely to the ground.


i)Compact hand crank improves its efficiency.

ii)Spins while watering.


i)Its plastic construction is very fragile as it easily breaks down especially when exposed to sunlight for long hours.


9.RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel

This hose reel is quite slow as compared to other similar products. It has retractable spring loaded hose. Unique stopper doesn’t need a lot of time to delivers its intended purposes alongside strength for the operation of this product. The automatic guide inhibits the overlapping of the hose as it retracts. The package of this product includes 8-pattern nozzle for spraying and cleaning purposes. The mounting brackets enables 180 degrees formation of swivel. It also includes the mounting hardware. You can remove a unit from the bracket and add a carrying handle. This can only hold up to 65 feet of 5/8 inch hose with the bass threaded at the end.


i)It is very easy to install with little knowledge on how it operates.

ii)Features attractive and easy to use design making it very popular in the market.


i)This is reel has limited usage it does not work best for heavier hoses.


8.NeverLeak by Ames 225′ Poly Wall Mount Hose Reel

This hose reel is among the best rated reels in the market today despite high completion in the global market. It features durable never leak aluminum water system which resists the cross threading and is against the low temperatures.  From many sources, it has been realized that this hose reel is eight times stronger than he normal plastic water system. Inside the package includes easy spin grip and accessory tray for convenience. Its capacity is of higher range from 50 feet up to 225 feet of 5/8 inch hose. It comes when it is fully assembled and you can mount it easily. It is also very convenient for stand-up winding.


i)Its durable construction guarantee that the product does not rust nor leak.

ii)Sold out when fully assembled. This eases its usage.


i)Some of the users wished it could be of more capacity to accommodate large scale usage. Despite this, most have found it useful.


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7.2wayz Garden Hose Splitter

If you are not in a position to water every section of your garden because one way faucet cannot do the work for you, then don’t worry since this hose splitter has great idea on how to water every section of your garden faster. It comes with new, improved design which fixes the small flaws seen in the old plastic version.  Its performance is still high and have highly attractive design. This product is also bundled with ten rubber gaskets. Its cap design has extra tabs with 4cm handle to enhance the grip. It also has durable quality which enables it to withstand the leak hence you will not have to worry about the leaks anymore. You should get this product and enjoy.


i)10 Rubber Hose Washers ensures the reel delivers excellent performance.

ii)It is well designed being thick to withstand heavy hoses.


i)For those with limited budget, this reel is quite costly.


6.Coxreels 1125-4-200 Hose Reel

Coxreels Hose Reel is highly versatile delivering great performance for water, pressure, oil washer or air applications. Manual rewind for hand crank action is also included. You can mount it on the floor, ceiling or even the wall. Its frame is made of steel enhances durability and strength. The 2-point axle support promotes stability at the operation time. Its reel has the brake assembly for the locking or braking drum to the required length. It is good for ground maintenance, fire, pressure washing, lawn bare and steam cleaning applications


i)Well designed for heavy duty purposes owing to the fact that it is made of long lasting materials.

ii)Well engineered for wide applications.


i)More pricey.


5.Liberty Garden Cast Aluminum Garden Hose Reel

This hose reel is for your home gardening use. It has 5 feet leader hose. Powder-coated finish helps to prevent rusting. This product comes when it is fully assembled hence does not need to be assembled when you buy it since all the materials are connected and assembled. This product is able to hold up to 125 feet of the 5/8 inch garden hose. It is long-lasting and non-rust feature because it is made of cast aluminum and the powder coated finish. The product’s dimension is approximately 15 by 22.8 by 15.4 inches. With this product, mounting hardware is not included since sold out fully assembles. In case you wish to reassemble, you can do it easily.


i)It is made from durable materials such as cast aluminum to last longer even.

ii)Multi-functional. Very easy to install.


i)Warranty provided by the dealers does not cover the moving parts.


4.Liberty Garden Products 870-M1-2 Industrial Garden Hose Reel

This hose reel idea for commercial purposes such as in large gardens and the landscaping needs. The low center of gravity inhibits the tipping issue. This product gives the longer reel available for a 5/8 inch hose holds up to 300 feet. This product features 13 gauge steel construction and the durable powder coat finch which improves its durability. With this product, you do not require to purchase 5 feet leader since it is included in the package. This product also keeps the hose neat and ready to use.

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i)The heavy gauge makes it suitable for various hoses.

ii)The attachments are firmly fixed been made of durable outstanding materials.

iii)Excellent bearing ensures the system does not crush especially when reel is used for longer hours.


i)Some of materials used in some parts do rust when exposed to moisture.



3.Liberty Garden Products 3-in-1 Garden Hose Reel

This hose reel has a capacity up to 200 feet which is very amazing and important since this product helps a lot for the heavy large scale purposes. It is perfect for professional gardening, landscaping needs and commercial garden. This product keeps the hose neat and ready to use always. It has the long-lasting feature with the construction of 13 gauge steel. It also has durable powder coat finish and is made up of all brass and the galvanized features. The hose, nozzle and mounting bracket are not added in the product packaging.


i)Serves professional and large scale watering.

ii)Unique design having various holes for attaching hoses improves its performance.


i)The company does not offer full warranty.


2.Suncast RSW125D Aquawinder 125-Foot Capacity Hose Reel

This hose reel Has 125 feet capacity to hold 5/8 inch standard vinyl hose and it is categorized to be automatic since it provides hands-free rewinding of the hose at the lever flip. Additionally, the smart Track hose that guide the hose winding to be even and neat. This product comes when it is fully assembled hence does not need to be assembling after purchasing. It is ready to be used and has a durable resin construction which makes it to last for long. Inside the package of this product, it includes two garden stakes which are free.


i)It is of medium size hence compatible with most standard hoses that are readily available in the market.

ii)Perfect choice for spool back and tossing purposes.


i)Only designed to work with slim and light hoses.


 1.General Pump DHR50150D Steel Hose Reel

This hose reel is very powerful, strong and very efficient which has a hose capacity of up to 150 feet having 3/8 inch pressure hose. The solid center core ensures there is maximum strength and the posi-pin lick which inhibits the unrequired de-reeling. Its external swivel that you can access easily and its 3/8 inch MPT inlet or outlet make sure that performance is at the ultimate level. This hose reel also features the three feet high-pressure hose.


i)Available at affordable price that does not strain your income.

ii)You can easily assemble without the need of manual guide.


i)Its leaks after sometimes.


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