Top 10 Best Heat Resistant Silicone Spatula Sets In 2018 Reviews

Silicone is a unique material. Although it has the appearance of both rubber and plastic, silicone has a high melting point. For this reason, kitchenware made of silicone normally tends to be the best in terms of handling hot food. One of this kitchenware is the silicone spatula set whose high resistance to heat enables you to use it for handling hot food. Aside from this, you can use a silicone spatula to scrape the sides of pan or bowl, as well as to scoop ingredients. They are also flexible; hence, perfect for folding dough.

Ideally, most silicone spatulas are BPA-free and FDA-compliant, considering that they do not trap food particles and, therefore, cannot lead to cross-food contamination. Silicone spatula sets are today available in large numbers; thanks to the innumerable manufacturers. Because of this, you may find it hard to get the best product. That’s why we bring you the following top 10 best heat resistant silicone spatula set reviews.

1. StarPack Home Cherry Red Set of 4 Silicone Spatula Set

You deserve better! And StarPack Home knows this. As such, they bring you a heat resistant spatula set that will take you by storm. The set is designed for durability, easy cleanup, ease of use, and versatility. You can, therefore, use them as a baking spatula, a cake spatula, a cooking spatula or ascraper spatula.


· Hygienic solid silicone design: Spatulas in this set have no seams that encourage bacterial growth, and this means they are healthier and require less clean up.

· Steel core handles: They are ergonomically designed, and they ensure a tension-less grip with some balance and weight.

· Flexible heads: They are curved and right-angled to bring in the much-needed versatility.

2. di Oro Living 3-Piece Set Black Silicone Spatulas

The di Oro Living Silicone Spatula Set was awarded the equipment review winner for “2018 Best All-Around Silicone Spatula”. Well, this is enough to show you that this set is arguably the best silicone spatula set currently available on the market. It is ideal for scraping, stirring, and folding many different types of foods.


· Lifetime satisfaction guarantee: Makes sure you are 100-percent happy with the product.

· S-Core Internal Stainless Steel Handle Technology: Enables these utensils to withstand the demanding use of professional chefs and home cooks.

· Heat-resistant 600 degrees Fahrenheit Pro-grade Silicone: It is BPA-free and FDA-approved, and it allows these utensils to be used with hot foods.

3. Wilton 570-1121 3-Piece Blue Silicone Set

If you are looking for a spatula set for all baking needs, then the 570-1121 3-Piece Blue Silicone Set from Wilton is the product to go for. The 3-piece set consists of the popular spoon, medium, and small spatulas. Every spatula has versatile uses such as scraping the sides of the jar, mixing scrambled eggs, as well as mixing the batter and scraping the bowl.


· Firm silicone head: It makes it easy to fold the dough, yet flexible enough for preparing fluffy scrambled eggs.

· Hourglass-shaped acrylic handle: It comfortably fits in the hand.

· Stain-resistant, detachable silicone heads: They are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. They also make sure that the set looks new for longer.

4. UpGood Grey Silicone Spatula Set

This spatula set from UpGood contains 4 versatile tools, which include 1 small spatula, 1 jar spatula, 1 spoon spatula, and 1 large spatula. Well, this means you’ll have everything you need to make those perfect fluffy scrambled eggs or easily fold the dough. The spatula set is BPA-free and FDA-approved, implying they are safe for use.


· Clean cool finish: They make this kitchen utensil pleasant to hold and easy to grip.

· Durable one piece construction: Gives you the opportunity to use the spatula set for years to come.

· Internal stainless steel core technology: It ensures that your silicone spatulas do not trap food particles.

5. Gloue 4-Piece Multicolor Spatula Set

Gloue is dedicated to your satisfaction, and this means you will only get the best silicone spatula set from them. Despite their affordable price, these spatulas are easy to clean and they do not breed bacteria. They are crafted to meet the needs of bakers and chefs who will find them handy in their daily endeavors.


· Large 11.2-inch (28cm) silicone spatula: It is for scraping pans and bowls.

· Small 8.2-inch (20.5cm) silicone spoon: It is for mixing, tasting, and scooping.

· Small 8-inch (21cm) silicone spatula: They come in 2 and are for reaching into jars.

· Beautiful shiny colors: They make these utensils a great addition to any kitchen.

6. OXO Silicone Spatula Set (3-Piece)

Flexible, durable, and versatile, the OXO 3-piece heat resistant spatula set is ideal for use with nonstick cookware. The set includes 1 Raspberry spoon, 1 Green Small Spatula, and 1 White Regular Spatula. The spoon spatula has an excellent size that makes it perfect for scraping, stirring, and even tasting.


· Pressure-absorbing soft grip handles: They put less tension on the hands while providing an exceptional grip.

· Heat-resistant silicone: Silicone used to make these utensils is heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

· Oversize hole in the handles: For hanging these utensils up, so they can display their outstanding colors and great design.

7. X-Chef 4pcs Spatula Silicone Set

The X-Chef silicone spatula set comes in four vibrant colors to choose from. It is a set designed for general kitchen activities. One spatula can be used to stir veggies or fruits, and this gives you much convenience in everyday cooking. This set features red, orange, blue, and green spatulas, meaning you’ll pick each color for different use and avoid mixing flavors.


· Dust-proof, food-grade silicone construction: It is heat resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (230 degrees Celsius) and this allows you to use it for general frying and stirring.

· Detachable, dishwasher-safe spatula and handle: They make the cleaning job a breeze.

· 1 year of 100-percent satisfaction guarantee: Allows for worry-free buying experience.

8. di Oro Living 3-Piece Set Silicone Turner Spatulas

This heat resistant spatula set is great for flipping pancakes, eggs, fish, and even vegetables. They do not scratch food, and this ensures exceptional cooking results. The 3-piece set includes a standard spatula, long spatula, and round spatula. It ensures that you have everything you need to make delicious dishes. These spatulas are safe for non-stick and coated cookware plus they are ideal for handling hot foods or for use around the cooktop.


· Soft-grip non-slip satin texture finish: It offers superior grip and easy handling even when your hands are wet.

· High heat 600 degrees Fahrenheit pro-grade silicone: The LFGB certified, FDA approved, and BPA-free silicone material is suitable for use with hot food.

· S-core internal stainless steel support technology: It enables the set to withstand the rigorous, everyday use by professional chefs and home bakers.

9. Polar Pantry 5 Pieces Silicone Spatula Set

Since these spatulas are made of soft silicone, they will not scratch non-stick cookware or cause damages to your expensive pan. Furthermore, they will not melt, chirp or warp. The silicone spatula set also boasts a high heat resistance of up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. It is, therefore, ideal for use with hot foods.


· Polar Pantry Guarantee: Makes sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

· Ergonomic handles: They ensure less tension on the hands and ultimate comfort.

· Perfectly-shaped heads: They make these utensils handy for every occasion.

· Hygienic, anti-bacterial design: It gives bacteria and grime no place to hide and this helps reduce chances of food cross-contamination.

10. Silchef Set of 3 Silicone Spatulas

Every kitchen needs to have a spatula set for scraping pans and bowls, mixing, scooping, and more. Well, the Silchef is proud to bring you the best silicone spatula set in 2018. This set is ideal for both new and seasoned pros. It makes both the cooking and baking experience much better.


· FDA-compliant silicone: It can endure high heat temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and this makes it ideal for handling hot foods.

· Internal stainless steel handle technology: It enables the set to withstand use after use without snapping.

· Ergonomic one-piece design: It does not trap food and it is easy to clean.

Whether you are a professional chef or an occasional home baker, a spatula set should not miss from your kitchen. These versatile utensils can be used for mixing, scooping, scraping, and folding. They are highly affordable and finance should not be a constraint. Moreover, they come in great colors that will undoubtedly add some great visual appeal to your kitchen. Choose one from the above compilation and take your baking or cooking experience a notch higher.

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