Top 10 Best Hair Clippers for Men in 2018 Reviews

They say your looks determine who you are. And the hair is one of the things that determine your looks. This means if you want to maintain an admirable personality, then you must have a cute hairstyle. Men need to trim their hair, mustaches, and beard for great looks. They also need to edge around their ears to take the results a notch higher. Well, one styling tool that men can rely on for all these is the men’s hair clipper.

This unit is specially designed for sculpting, cutting, trimming, and edging. Ideally, a good number of them have powerful motors that make them ideal for heavy-duty trimming jobs. They also come with added items such as blade oil, storage case, and easy step-by-step instructions. Nevertheless, not all hair clippers for men are top performing, and that’s why we bring you the following top 10 best hair clippers for men reviews.

1. Andis 04710 T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer

Andis is available in 90 countries and it continues to grow globally. One of their products is the 04710 T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer. This unit is designed to help you create clean cuts without much fuss. Ideally, it is easy to use and take care of.


· High speed, powerful magnetic motor: It operates quietly to ensure optimum comfort.

· Carbon-steel blades: They are particularly hardened for long life cutting.

· Contoured housing: It fits comfortably in the hand to allow for long hours of use.

· Heavy 8-foot cord: It gives plenty of room to work.

· T-blade: Makes the unit perfect for trimming mustaches, beards, necks, and edging around ears.

2. Remington HC4250 Self-Haircut Kit (13 Pieces)

The Remington HC4250 Self-Haircut Kit comes with everything you have been looking for in a hair clipper. It is without a doubt one of the best hair liner clippers on the market today. With it, you will be able to effectively trim the hair on your neck and sideburns, as well as edging around your ears.


· Rubberized grip: It ensures maximum control, thereby, allowing you to achieve the look you need.

· Extra wide and curved blade: It effortlessly conforms to the angles of your head.

· Convenient design: Clipper can be used cordless or corded, and it is easy to wash under a faucet.

· Lithium rechargeable battery: It powers the cordless clipper up to 40 minutes.

3. Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Clipper

Attain the much-needed desirable looks with the Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Clipper. It is a functional unit that’s powered by lithium ion to ensure long-lasting performance. Whether you are a barber or a salon professional, this innovative hair clipper should not miss from your workplace.


· Full-color instruction booklet: It provides a step-by-step guideline on how to use the clipper.

· Lithium-ion power: It ensures long-lasting performance.

· Self-sharpening precision ground blades: They stay sharp longer and are ideal for all hair types.

· Cordless design: Allows you to use the hair clipper anywhere, anytime.

· Heavy duty motor: Enhances the performance of the unit.

4. Panasonic ER-GB80-S Body and Beard Trimmer

The Panasonic ER-GB80-S model is a highly functional men hair trimmer that every man should have. With it, you will be able to effortlessly maintain your individual looks and style at the comfort of your home or even when you are on the go.


· 39 adjustable clipper and trimmer settings: They give you the much-needed precision results.

· Three comb attachments: Comb A is for use as a facial trimmer, while comb B is for use as a long beard trimmer or hair clipper.

· Convenient design: The trimmer can be used as cordless or corded.

· Rubberized grip: It promotes absolute comfort and control.

5. Oster Universal Clipper

This heavy-duty professional clipper is what you need for absolute perfection. It comes with detachable blades to allow you to easily maintain your desirable looks without having to go to the salon or barbershop. The Oster Universal Clipper also comes with lubricating oil and cleaning brush to make work easier.


· Powerful motor: Enables the clipper to cut through all hair types.

· Break-resistant housing: It is ultra-durable for lifetime performance.

· 9-foot power cord: Promotes convenience during trimming.

· Detachable blades: They adjust between sizes 000 to 1 to ensure unrivaled results.

6. Oster 76023-510 Hair Clipper

They say if you want the best trimming results, then you better go for the best liner clippers. Well, one of these units is the 76023-510 Hair Clipper, which has taken everyone by storm. It comes with a blade guard, cleaning brush, and lubricating oil to make sure you have everything for great trimming experience.


· Whisper-quiet motor: It is powerful enough to deliver consistent results.

· 8-foot power cord: It allows you to maneuver easily when using the clipper.

· Adjustable steel blades: They can be adjusted between 000 and 1 to ensure exceptional results.

· Adjustable blade lever: Allows you to change settings effortlessly.

· Ultra-durable housing: It promotes long-lasting performance.

7. Andis 15430 T-Edjer Beard/Hair Trimmer

Trim your mustache, beard, and neck without much hassle with the 15430 T-Edjer Beard/Hair Trimmer. It is a handy unit that’s perfect for fast touch-ups as well as for edging around ears. Ideally, maintaining this beard/hair trimmer is fairly easy, as all you need to do is to oil the blade before use.


· Functional blade: It has Fine-cutting teeth for trimming beards, necks, and mustache.

· Heavy-duty 8-foot cord: It promotes convenience during use.

· Hanger loop: Makes it easy to store the hair clipper when it’s not in use.

· Versatile functionality: The hair clipper can be used for trimming the neck, beard, and mustache as well as edging around ears.

8. Panasonic ER-GB40-S 19 Hair and Beard Trimmer

Powerful and versatile, the ER-GB40-S will be a great addition to your barbershop. It helps deliver noticeable results, and it is very simple to clean. Moreover, this hair and beard trimmer easily fits in any man’s grooming kit, luggage or bag.


· 19 precision settings: They ensure smooth, precise cutting, trimming, sculpting, and detailing.

· Ni-MH battery: It charges in an hour to offer 50 minutes of continuous trimming.

· Charging Stand: It glows red when charging the trimmer and can also be used to store the unit.

· Ultra-sharp, durable blades: They ensure quick and effective mustache, hair, and beard maintenance.

9. Andis 01690 Fade Master Hair Clipper

If you are looking for an all-around tool for barbering and styling, then the Andis 01690 Fade Master Hair Clipper is the unit to go for. It is designed to last with premium quality housing. Ideally, the clipper is easy to maintain, as all you need to do is to oil the blade before use.


· Powerful magnetic motor: Despite its jaw-dropping performance, the motor stays quiet and cool.

· Aluminum housing: It is lightweight and unbreakable for years of use.

· Fully adjustable lever: It adjusts clipper blades, thereby, removing the need for numerous blades.

· Thumb-controlled side switch: It is convenient and makes the trimmer easy to use.

10. Wahl 79300-400T Hair Cutting Kit

Get professional haircuts at the comfort of your home with the Wahl 79300-400T Hair Cutting Kit. It is a have-it-all kit that includes scissors, cleaning brush, blade oil, styling comb, barber comb, and 11 colored guide combs, among others. This means you will have everything you need when you purchase the 79300-400T Hair Cutting Kit.


· 6-inch handled storage case: It makes storing and transporting this hair cutting kit a breeze.

· Full-color instructions: They offer step-by-step guidelines on how you should use the accessories from the kit.

· Adjustable taper lever: It ensures effortless blending and personalized cutting lengths.

· Color coded guide combs: Enables you to achieve many different hairstyles and lengths.

· Precision ground blades: They are self-sharpening and will stay sharp longer. Plus, they can cut all hair types.

Whether you want to sculpt, cut, or trim your hair, mustache or beard, a hair clipper for men is the product to go for. Barbers who have tried them will tell you that they are innovative, versatile units that offer noticeable results without much fuss. Ideally, we have made your work easier in this compilation by unveiling the best hair clippers for men. Products listed here are not just high performing but also are affordable for optimum satisfaction. What are you waiting for? Order one from Amazon now!

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