Top 10 Best Gaming Cool Computer Cases in 2018 Reviews

Sure, you have heard about keeping your computer cool, but have you ever wondered where to get a premium quality gaming cool computer case? If not, keep reading. Up until recently, major gaming cooling cases were for individuals who were interested in over-clocking their computers so they could squeeze every last ounce of performance from their machines. As chip manufacturers advanced their hardware to attain greater speeds, the components require more energy to operate. The end result is that the hardware puts out more heat than ever before.

To put this in the very simplest terms possible, a gaming computer operates based on the movement of electronic impulses. A machine that is unable to put out more heat is likely to get its chip warmer, thereby, making electronic impulses to travel more slowly. The end result of this is incorrect computation of numbers and crashing of the computer. That is why we need to acquire gaming cool computer cases for our gaming computers. In the following top 10 best gaming cool computer cases for sale reviews, we highlight some of the best gaming cool PC cases.

1. Thermaltake Computer Case (CA-1D9-00M1WN-00)

Experience a balance of building and budget with Thermaltake’s Versa N21 Mid Tower Chassis Computer Case. Perfect for the first build or the next, this price-friendly computer case offers exceptional cooling performance and tool-free installations, as well as options for air/liquid cooling configurations. It is designed with translucent top and front tinted panels to ensure noticeable results. The custom side ventilation keeps up airflow from top to bottom.

2. Apevia Gaming Case X-CRUISER3-RD

Apevia X-cruiser 3RD-black metal case features large window and red LED fan for optimum performance. It has up to 7 cooling fans that allow better circulation of air and cooling of system components. The sleek and modern design with case doors features three color-coded gauges to monitor system performance such as volume sensitivity, fan speed, and temperature. The Apevia Gaming Case X-CRUISER3-RD also has a controller for both the fan speeds and sensitivity gauge. Its USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compliant ports are included on top along with microphone and headphone jacks, which support both the HD audio and AC’97 standard formats.

3. Corsair SPEC-02 Gaming Case

The Corsair SPEC-02 Gaming Case is an aggressive gaming computer case with the superior air cooling you need if you are running high-performance GPUs. This gaming cooling case can accommodate up to six fans to ensure outstanding cooling potential. It features a huge side panel window that allows you to admire your components and its cable routing system as well as dust filters allow you to build a stunning and clean system.

4. NZXT Phantom 410 Gaming Case

Be the envy of all computer gamers with the Phantom 410 Gaming Case. Made by NZXT Technologies, this gaming cooling computer case features a beautiful and sleek Phantom design that set the trend of all idealized optimal expansion, cooling, and white chassis. Compared to its predecessor, the Phantom 410 Gaming Case delivers more value and its acrylic window lets gamers admire the power of their rig. The Phantom 410 Gaming Case comes features a single 30W fan control, a dual radiator water cooling solution with a clearance of 30mm, and an interior pivot 120mm/140mm fan slot.

5. Thermaltake Computer Case (VN10006W2N)

The Thermaltake Computer Case features a hinged side panel to enable easier opening of the side door and access to PC for upgrade or maintenance. It also features one top 200-millimeter exhaust fan, one side 200-millimeter intake fan, one rear 140-millimeter exhaust fan, and one front 200-millimeter intake fan to make sure that the cooling performance is made quiet. The unit’s five hot-swappable hard drive bays support hot-swap, and the hard drive mounting supports both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drives. The Thermaltake Computer Case (VN10006W2N) comes equipped with the level 10 GT that features multiple holders designed into the chassis for cable management.

6. APEVIA X-QPACK3-GN Gaming Case

The X-QPACK3 gaming case is the third generation of X-QPACK gaming cases. Given the popularity and performance of the X-QPACK and X-QPACK2, the X-QPACK3 comes even stronger. It boasts a flip top design for easier installation, better cooling (a 140-millimeter fan is included with the option to add another 2 x 120-millimeter fans), and a sleek appearance for enhanced visual appeal. Whether you are an enthusiastic gamer, a computer geek, a professional, or an everyday end-user, the X-QPACK3 gaming cool computer case is versatile enough to perfectly fit your lifestyle.

7. Thermaltake Cooling Computer Case (CA-1E7-00M8WN-00)

Take presentation to the next level with Thermaltake’s Cooling Computer Case. Featuring a panoramic frame design, this gaming cool computer case ensures you have full advantage of panoramic viewing to give an unrivaled chassis presentation. Its 3-way placement layouts means this flexible gaming cool computer case is designed for wall-mount, vertical and horizontal layouts. The fully modular design provides multiple configurations and flexibility for custom PC enthusiasts, and the model’s front panel supports 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 3.0 ports with HD audio ports for convent front panel access. This model comes with a 3-year warranty to ensure you buy with confidence.

8. Thermaltake CHASER MK-1 Gaming PC Case

Take customization and cooling to the next level with Thermaltake’s Gaming PC Case (CHASER MK-1). Unlike most gaming cool PC cases, the CHASER MK-1 supports color shifting fans LED (mixed color modes, off, single (flash), blue, red, and green) for a custom look to match numerous color themes users look for. It also supports unique, stunning features of plug and play HDD/SSD docking for easy access. With options of air and liquid configurations, headset side mounting options, optimized cable management, and more, the CHASER MK-1 brings gaming style and flexibility for users looking to have plenty of access to their media.

9. Apevia X-SNIPER2-BL PC Gaming Case

Apevia X-SNIPER2-BL ATX Mid Tower computer gaming case features large blue tinted side window and front USB3.0 audio for enhanced performance. It fits various video cards up to 13 inches as well as fits standard ATX/MATX M/B up to 11-inch x 12-inch. Aside from the preinstalled 1 x 120-millimeter blue LED fan, Apevia X-SNIPER2-BL PC Gaming Case has room enough for 8 case fans. Power supply is mounted on the bottom of the model. This gaming cool computer case comes equipped with 11 x drive bays and 7 x expansion slots.

10. Corsair SPEC-ALPHA Gaming Case

Corsair’s Carbide SPEC-ALPHA Gaming Case features bold, angular looks and direct airflow path cooling to let you build your next gaming rig. It has a gorgeous oversized window that shows off the roomy interior, and its 3 included 120-millimeter fans can easily be controlled using the 3-speed switch on the front panel. This gaming case is not just another case; it has got a great internal design that eschews the legacy 5.25-inch drive cages completely for better cooling, but still has plenty of drive capacity with space for up to 4 x 2.5-inch drives and 3 x 3.5-inch drives, as well as front panel USB 3.0 support.

Designed to minimize PC breaks and reduce error of incorrect figures, gaming cool computer cases are very essential not just to gamers but also to professionals, computer geeks, and everyday end-user. Gaming cool PC cases reviewed in these reviews are equipped with numerous case fans to ensure peerless performance and outstanding results. Ideally, they are versatile so they can fit your lifestyle perfectly. With such advanced features and enhanced performance, expect nothing but great cooling experience from these gaming cool computer cases.

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