Top 10 Best Fitness Trackers In 2017

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Have you adopted a new workout routine to spur weight loss and or live a healthy and productive life? To monitor performance and revise your routines on demand for a better experience, one of the most important accessories that will come in handy is a quality fitness tracker.

Light, portable, and with and with sensitive sensor-based systems that track steps, distance traveled, and speed, to name a few, they are perfect workout accessories.

Usage is easy while the wireless adapters that some models comes with enable you to synchronize and backup data to most smart devices including tablets, smartphones, and computers.

If you are shopping for a new model and want value for money, here is a review of the top 10 best models in 2017:

10. Toprime Fitness Tracker

Toprime Fitness Tracker

Featuring a comfortable and replaceable smart band and a multi-functional monitoring engine that works well in all workout environments, Toprime is a highly rate fitness tracker by both men and women with an aesthetic black theme that does not fade over time.

It is light and therefore perfect for traveling.

The rechargeable battery pack that it comes with keeps it powered for up to seven days (in standby) while its long 7.6-inch design (wearable) fits and works well for individuals of all cadres.

It also has a sensitive Bluetooth adapter for synchronizing data and a durable IP65-rated (TPU) design that you can use when doing your household chores and or engaging in heavy-duty workouts outdoors.

9. Garmin Vívosmart HR

Garmin Vívosmart HR

Sought-after for its light and durable design, Garmin Vívosmart HR offers accurate data that you can use to monitor physical performance on demand and have a successful workout experience, therefore.

Fit is excellent. Its sleek design blends well with both casual and workout clothes, while its clear LCD display has an always-on system for monitoring activity at a glance indoors and outdoors.

The distance, calories, heart rate, and step metrics that it displays are accurate.

Its ability to receive calls and emails; control VIRB action cameras; and control your musical playlist, on the other hand, makes it an ideal all-in-one accessory that you can wear to work and your local gym.

You also get a move bar that reminds you to stay active and vibration alerts.

8. Jawbone UP MOVE

Jawbone UP MOVE

Designed to track physical activity and sleep quality in indoor and outdoor settings, Jawbone UP MOVE is a light and technologically advanced black clip that come in handy in several ways.

If you are trying to lose weight, for instance, and original model will help you to monitor activity and customize workout routines on demand for the best experience.

It is also perfect for monitoring sleep length and quality and making the necessary changes before psychological problems present.

Featuring a convenient slip-on design, this tracker is easy to use.

The plethora of metrics that it tracks and records (exercise, steps, and calories burned) is impressive while its compatibility with both iOS and Android smart devices (via a UP application) allows you to share and track metrics via leader boards.

7. Jawbone UP2

Jawbone UP2

Preferred hobbyist and professional athletes, Jawbone UP2 is a light oat-themed fitness tracker with an innovative thin strap design that stays comfortable all day.

Performance is impressive while its newly designed hook clasp system secures it well whether you are doing light or heavy-duty workouts.

Out of the box, this activity and sleep tracker comes set-up and ready to use.

Once worn, it automatically monitors and records your movements (including sleep patterns) and then synchronizes data wirelessly to compatible smart devices for later review.

You also get a Smart Coach feature that will guide you through your quest(s) and a powerful 10-day-capacity rechargeable battery pack.

6. Garmin Vívofit 2

Garmin Vívofit 2

By purchasing this second edition of the acclaimed Garmin Vivofit line of activity trackers, you get a light, durable black themed accessory with a feature-rich and technologically advanced design that you will enjoy using every day.

The sensors that come built in, for instance, are powerful and monitor activity metrics such as speed and distance traveled accurately.

Its LCD display, on the other hand, is large and easy to review, while the color-coded and audio-enabled move bar technology that it comes with allows monitors your activity levels automatically and reminds you to stay active whenever you sit around for long.

Other notable attributes are its accurate activity timer and its 1-year battery life.

5. Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta

To get a powerful and easy to use activity tracker in a small and portable package, Fitbit Alta is one of the best accessories to use.

Its aesthetic design (teal and silver) works well for both men and women. The OLED tap display that it comes with displays accurate activity (distance, steps, active minutes, and time) and time statistics, while its automated design works silently in the background even when you are sleeping.

Fitbit Alta also delivers text, call, and calendar notifications whenever your smartphone is in its vicinity.

4. Garmin Vívofit

Garmin Vívofit

Since its release years ago, the Vivofit by Garmin has remained sought-after in the fitness band niche because of its ease of use and the reliable results that its offers its users over its lifespan.

It has an aesthetic black theme, a sleek and comfortable design made of water-resistant rubber, and a convenient wearable design with a built in move bar that helps to keep you on the move.

Battery life is impressive (one year). Display is large and easy to read while its ability to monitor and learn the behavior of users and help them achieve their goals makes it worth buying.

3. Fitbit Flex Wireless

Fitbit Flex Wireless

Recommended in most top 10 best fitness trackers in 2017 reviews this wireless activity tracker by Fitbit offers accurate and professional-grade results without costing users a fortune.

It is light, manufactured using a comfortable and water-resistant rubber, and has a functional design that tracks calories burned, distance, and active minutes.

It also generates accurate sleep metrics, has a built-in silent alarm that will ensure that you are never for work, school, and or your morning workouts, and indicator LED lights that tell you whether you are meeting your goals.

2. Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge HR

With an original Fitbit Charge HR, you get a large and black-themed wireless activity tracker and sleep monitor that synchronizes statistics wirelessly to over 150 smartphone brands for better planning.

It is fully automated, generates continuous readings as you go about your everyday activities, and uses both simplified heart rate zones and wrist-based pressure ratings to maximize accuracy.

Buyers also appreciate its clear OLED display, custom notifications for calls and daily statistics, and its built-in silent alarm.

1. Fitbit One

Fitbit One

For those on the market for new activity trackers, Fitbit One tops our list of the best.

Durable, black-themed, and with a powerful wireless system for synchronizing data to devices, this accessory has a dependable all-in-one system that you will enjoy using every day.

The steps, calories burned, and distance metrics that it generates are accurate, while its ability to monitor sleep patterns and wake users in the morning (via its built-in silent alarm betters the experience further.

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