Top 10 Best Exercise Yoga Balls in 2018 Reviews

Apart from developing good overall muscle tone for your entire body, an exercise yoga ball offers numerous other benefits that range from rehabilitating knee, back, and hip injuries to delivering a powerful workout for improving core, posture, stability, and muscle balance. It also provides a low-impact workout that helps improve your flexibility and cardiovascular system. The ball is perfect if you have back and spine problems because it gives support to your lower back and spine as you stretch and exercise.

Since it helps stabilize the core, an exercise yoga ball greatly improves one’s movement and even posture. It also helps maintain muscle balance by making sure that no muscle group is stronger than the opposing muscle group. But while you may want to buy yourself an exercise yoga ball, you may find it arduous because of the numerous manufacturers that produce multiple designs of exercise yoga balls. As such, we bring you the following top 10 best exercise yoga balls reviews.

1. Black Mountain Exercise Stability Ball

The Black Mountain Professional Grade Stability Ball allows you to improve your balance, core strength, and overall ability through arms, hips, gluts, abs, back, and other muscle-group exercises. Whether used constantly in a professional gym, all day as an office seat, or once a day for home workouts, the Black Mountain Exercise Stability Ball retains its inflation and shape. Designed with dense walls for durability and ultimate support, this ball is weight-rated up to 2000 pounds and is protected with a manufacturer’s warranty. The Black Mountain Professional Grade Stability Ball comes with a starter brochure and an easy-to-use foot pump.

2. UR Superior Fitness Stability Ball

Finally! UR Superior Fitness has brought the gym right into your home. Providing over 100 isolation exercises, full body workouts, and no more waiting for your turn on a machine at the gym, this exercise ball ensures you get gym results from the comfort of your front room without breaking the bank. This perfect stability ball is made of very high quality latex resistance bands that you can upgrade as you get stronger. With the UR Superior Fitness Stability Ball, you will be able to do exercise for targeted muscle groups.

3. SmarterLife Products Stability Ball

Increase your fitness level now with the SmarterLife Products Stability Ball. This exercise yoga ball is the essential fitness and weight loss regimen used to tone abs, hips, core, and gluts. Because of its performance and functionality, this fitness ball is preferred by top athletic trainers, physical & occupational therapy professionals, and fitness enthusiasts. It is made of eco-friendly, phthalates & latex free, non-toxic materials meaning it is safe for you and the environment. Ideally, the SmarterLife Products Stability Ball is durable and fully guaranteed so you can buy with absolute confidence.

4. Gaiam Balance Ball

Made of rubber, the Gaiam Balance Ball is made to last and durable enough to serve you for years to come. It is designed to help you exercise your abs, arms, gluts, hips, back, and other muscles. Moreover, it comes with DVD workouts designed by fitness expert Tanja Djelevic. Aside from the DVD, the Gaiam Balance Ball comes with an air pump to ensure it is easy and convenient to inflate. Please note that for optimal performance, it may be necessary to re-inflate your brand new Balance Ball once or twice after the initial inflation.

5. Stability Ball by Tone Fitness

Make your workouts fun with this stability exercise ball from Tone Fitness. This easy-to-use workout accessory is perfect for weight training and physical therapy at home. You can also use it for balance training, core conditioning, and spinal stabilization. With applications in yoga and fusion exercises, this ball suits various workout styles. Moreover, you can use this exercise yoga ball to help strengthen your buttocks, back, and abs. Its durable, sturdy shell does not burst on the spot but rather releases air slowly when it gets punctured.

6. DynaPro Direct Exercise Ball

This anti-slip fitness ball leads the industry in thickness at 1,877 micrometers, making it burst-resistant to 2000 pounds. With the DynaPro Exercise Ball, you do not need to actively participate in a fitness plan but rather use the ball as an office chair to improve flexibility, balance, and back health. The time you spend balancing on a stability ball forces you to use your core muscles, which not only tones your midsection but also properly aligns your spine to alleviate back pain. The DynaPro comes with a convenient hand pump so you can inflate it anywhere with ease. Ideally, it is highly portable, making it easier and convenient to take with you to your work cubicle, yoga classes or Pilate programs.

7. FitPlus Exercise Ball

The FitPlus Exercise Ball is an anti-burst, non-slip stability exercise ball ideal for shoulder toning and increasing flexibility. It helps maintain a healthier lifestyle by providing physical activity, which is fun and easy. The fact that it targets your lower back and abs means this fitness ball helps tighten your core, thereby, giving you that look you have always wanted. It also offers low-impact workouts to help you get maximum results. The FitPlus Exercise Ball comes in convenient sizes that will be easy to use.

8. AppleRound Fitness Ball

This 26-inch exercise ball is a durable anti-burst stability gym ball ideal for shoulder toning. It contains no heavy metal and it is made from EU approved phthalate-free PVC to ensure it is safe for you and the environment. Aside from the fitness ball, the package contains a single page A3 size instruction chart and a convenient two-way hand pump.

9. Live Infinitely Exercise Ball

The Live Infinitely Exercise Ball is made of professional grade PVC material and it features a unique anti-burst design that enhances its durability and performance. In fact, it can withstand up to a 2-centimeter cut without explosively deflating. The fitness ball is great for yoga, crossfits, Pilates or the hundreds of low-impact exercises available. With ability to support over 2200 pounds, this stability ball is one of the strongest exercise balls you will ever come across on the market today.

10. Incline Fit Yoga Exercise Ball

This yoga exercise ball from Incline Fit is the first of its kind. Not only is it made of extra thick material to stay inflated and prevent popping but also it is equipped with small massage dots to enhance anti-slip abilities. With this exercise yoga ball, you will be able to exercise your core muscles, including arms, abs, hips, gluts, and back, more effectively because it will not slip from you. The Incline Fit Yoga Exercise Ball comes with a convenient hand pump for inflating it so you can get the best results.

Working out has never been easier; thanks to these exercise yoga balls. Made of durable, sturdy materials, these exercise yoga balls offer enhanced performance and functionality. They help stabilize your core, improve your balance, and enhance your posture and muscle. Despite their peerless performance, these items are within an affordable range so you can have no hindrance getting a premium quality product. For easy and convenient working out experience, these exercise yoga balls should not miss out in your shopping list.

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