Top 10 Best Electric Toy Train Sets for Kids in 2018 Reviews

Toy train sets have been around for centuries. Unlike most kids’ toys, toy train sets are still popular to date because of their unique features, designs, and outstanding performance. They have a lot of benefits in that when you see a kid playing with these toys, they are not wasting time but gaining a lot as far as their mental and physical development is concerned. One of these major benefits is the ability to captivate: These toys help keep children engaged and captivated for greater part of the day.

They also help enhance problem-solving skills as well as creativity and imagination. The fact that they help improve creativity and imagination means they are capable of promoting fine motor skills and dexterity. Toy train sets do not need to be complicated to keep your child captivated or offer the above benefits; even simple ones at affordable prices offer the same functionality and performance. In the following top 10 best electric toy train sets for kids reviews, we highlight some of the best toy train sets for your kid.

1. Lionel G-Gauge Train Set

This large scale, battery-operated toy train set from Lionel features a finely detailed style, which evokes the impressive steam engine of times gone by as well as authentic train sounds for real life experience. It is based on the Caldecott Award-Winning book “The Polar Express” as well as the film that followed in the year 2004. It is easy to assemble, exciting, and offers an interactive way for children aged 4 years and above to relive their favorite scenes from the film or come up with their own adventures.

2. Orbrium Toys Train Set

This toy train set from Orbrium Toys will keep young engineers busy for hours with its fun and intuitive features. It is a complete wooden train set that comes with road signs, bushes, tree, figurines, city buildings, railroad crossing, roadway vehicle bridges, caboose, coaches, and engine. It also comes with 2 very versatile 3-way track pieces for future expansion. Ideally, it is 100-percent compatible with Thomas Wooden and Brio Railway System. This train set meets or exceeds CPSC’s testing and certification requirements and they are complied with CPSIA.

3. Bachmann Trains Train Set

Breakdown and assembly of trains in the railway yard is always an arduous task, and that is what this 0-6-0 team switcher eliminates. It is ready to set and it comes with 0-6-0 steam loco and tender featuring operating headlight, off-center caboose, box car, body-mounted EZ mate couplers, and gondola. Its 36-inch circle of snap-fit EZ track features 11 pieces of curved track and speed control, 1 curved plug-in terminal rerailer, and power pack. This toy train also comes with an illustrated instruction manual for easy operation and handling.

4. MOTA Toy Train

This classic toy train set from MOTA is a one-of-a-kind toy train designed to bring hours of fun to your family. It is a battery-powered loco that makes authentic sounds, blows real smoke, and lugs cargo carts around an easy-to-build train track. Aside from the train set, the package contains a set of train tracks, which easily snap together, making the assembly a breeze. Given its unique design, this toy train set makes a great gift idea any hobbyist, friend or family member. It is designed for kids aged 14 years and up.

5. Melissa & Doug Railway Set

Produced by Melissa & Doug, this incredible set features everything for railway fun. It comes with a spacious roundhouse engine shed, dozens of track pieces in straights and curves, workers, trees, and traffic signs. It also features switches, magnetic tipped cranes, as well as a T-junction for changing course, among other great features. Because of these incredible features, Melissa & Doug Railway Set is perfect for the young train engineer aged 3 years and above. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions for 4 different track configurations, giving young one hours of playtime as they create the perfect layout.

6. Liberty Imports Train Set

Your kid will love this toy train set! The Liberty Imports Train Set comes with three train cars. It has headlights and it makes realistic sound as well as produces realistic smoke. The three train cars measure 24-inch together for great playing experience. This toy train set also comes with 10 train tracks and measures more than 11 feet long. It uses 4 AA batteries (not included) for great performance and functionality.

7. KidKraft Train Set

This Bucket Top Mountain Train Set from KidKraft allows kids to explore an entire world without even leaving the house. It has fine details such as molded mountain and 3-piece runway that makes it even more realistic. When playtime comes to an end, storing or transporting this toy train set is a breeze. This toy train set comes packaged in a convenient plastic bucket.

8. Auto Loader City by Power City Trains

This toy train set from Power City Trains comes with 1 exclusive motorized engine, 3 basic cars, and 1 specialty car to ensure peerless performance. It also has 19 accessories, 2 tunnels, and 18.8 feet of track. With such stunning features, this toy train makes games appear realistic. To keep your kid captivated and entertained for hours a day, this toy train set should be a frontier for you.

9. Bachmann Electric Train Set

Command the rails with this striking rail chief set. Complete with a signal bridge and miniature people, this 130-piece set will allow you or your kid to oversee your own detailed railroading empire. It includes EMD GP40 diesel loco with operating headlight, gondola car, off-center caboose, and open quad hopper car. It also features a 47-inch by 38-inch oval of snap-fit E-Z track, 36 miniature people, 48 railroad and street signs, speed controller, and 24 telephone poles among others.

10. Bachmann Santa Train Set

The Bachmann Santa Train Set is an EMD FT diesel loco with operating headlight, 2 freight cars, and off-center caboose. It also includes 36-inch circle of snap-fit E-Z track, speed controller, and power pack. Because of these features, keeping your child busy using this toy train set is extremely easy. The Bachmann Santa Train Set comes with illustrated instruction manual for quick and easy operation.

Keeping your kid captivated and entertained for several hours a day has never been easier; thanks to these top 10 best electric toy train sets. Featuring different designs and colors, these electric toy train sets give you a rare opportunity to get that product with impressive features. Moreover, these electric toy train sets feature numerous accessories to enhance performance and functionality. For great playtime experience, these electric toy train sets should not go unnoticed in your shopping list.

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