Top 10 Best Electric Shavers For Women in 2018 Reviews

Appropriate grooming is the wish of every modern woman. Good grooming depends on various factors including good choice of clothes, matching makeup and most importantly hair trimming. It is always advisable to use the correct tools for your personal grooming. Best electric Shavers for women ensure neat and even trim leaving one feeling comfortable and happy. They are available in various types and models. Every woman is guaranteed to choose one that serve her personal needs to satisfactory.

Making the right decision on which electric shaver to go for has never being an easy thing especially to those who are committed to other activities. Sometimes using razors irritates therefore most users will opt for a more calming tool to trim their hair. Choose the best quality ever available in the market using the little money you have. Additionally, most electric shavers are lightweight and small hence it fits into handbags easily. This makes it a perfect travel ware every woman should have. Deliberate on the following 5 factors to ensure you have the right electric shaver;

i) Price of shaver

The cost of an electric shavers varies depending on the model and the company. Out there in the market, some electric shavers are cheap yet they deliver excellent performance. On the other hand, some are quite expensive yet they do not deliver as expected. Ensure the price of the shaver you choose is reasonable when compared to its quality. Buy one within your personal budget.


Reliability of an electric shaver is measured in terms of its ability to work well with different types of blades. It should deliver excellent trimming close to a traditional razor but with minimal irritation. Consider one with different blades option. This ensures smooth shaving. Modernized electric shavers include pop-out standard trimmer. This allows the user to shape the sideburns very easily.  The length of the blades should be flexible.

iii)Speed of the device

The blades should move faster for quick and smooth trimming finish. It is measured in terms of cycles per every minute.

iv)Durability of the Battery

Despite the fact that they are electrically operated, rechargeable batteries included should last longer. This allows the user to trim her hair even if the power from the main supply is not available.

v)Mode of shaving

Most shavers perform both dry and wet shaving. On the other hand, some are designed specifically to deliver gel shaving while others perform dry shaving.

Electric shavers are becoming very popular in today’s market.  Do not worry on which Electric Shaver for Women is worth investing on.  Here are Top 10 Best Electric Shavers for Women 2018 Reviews are described below.

10. Remington WDF4840 Electric Shaver

This Electric Shaver for Women features extraordinary design for excellent personal grooming. It has 4 adjustable blades that delivers great performance. Presence of supple hypoallergenic foils, detachable heads and Vera sliver give smooth trim finish while giving creaming comfort therefore minimal irritations. It makes use of wet and dry technology. This boosts its reliability to the consumers. This trimmer shaves very fast. The head guard ensures perfect shaving of sensitives body curves. Very safe and perfect for outdoor adventures. Since it is cordless, the product is versatile hence the user can use it anywhere in the room especially in the bathrooms where sockets are rarely installed.


i)It is portable due to their lightweight nature.

ii)Unique cordless design.

iii)Sleek handle for better gripping.

iv)Long lasting battery.


i)Limited color option therefore the consumers are restricted to purchase only one color even if it is not their preferred choice.

Best Electric Shavers For Women

9. Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver delivers great trimming performance. It features three sharp and accurate blades for smooth shaving. Also, this smooth shaving minimizes irritation effects. The blades slither easily on your body curves reducing the chances of accidental cuts on sensitive areas such as genital areas. Cuts on those body parts are very painful and uncomfortable. You can use this shaver for both dry and wet skins. The product is very safe and hygienic. It includes excellent bikini slimmer accessory. It affordable hence no straining your financial resources. Also, the length of blades can be adjusted. The blades are made of durable stainless steel.


i)Triple trimming option in a solitary stroke.

ii)The blades are greatly comfortable and hypoallergenic.


i)Short battery life.

Best Electric Shavers For Women

8. Braun Silk-épil LS5160WD Lady Shaver

Money constrain is what has been hindering most of the electric shaver’s consumers. This brand from Braun is available at affordable price. Its compact and lightweight design makes it more portable. This shaver is also small fitting into our hands restfully. This results in enjoy trimming for better performance. The rounded head slip easily to your curves. This sturdy design ensures little chances of unnecessary injury. The extended hair cutting system allows cutting of long hairs contentedly. Its blades are multi-functional. The battery last longer for more than 40 minutes when fully charged. It includes Bikini trimmer alongside exfoliation attachment.


i)This product is very flexible so as to trim hidden curves in the body.

ii)It includes a buffing brush.


i)Highly priced


Best Electric Shavers For Women

7. Remington WDF­3600 Electric Shaver

This another excellent brand from Remington. It is readily available in the market at affordable price. The trimmers deliver great performance with little injuries. The Nano silvery design reduces bumps and uncomfortable feel. To add, this shaver has a detailed trimmer for eyebrows and sideburns shaving. Outstanding bikini trimmer head protector is well engineered for safe and adorable shaving along the bikini line. It trim both wet and dry skins. Its self-governing floating foils improves the performance. This makes this electric shaver extra convenient. It is of high quality made from highly resistant materials. It is technologically constructed having automatic speed control that adjusts itself when it come in contact with hair.

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i)Since it is made of high quality materials, the products last longer.

ii)There is minimal straining while shaving due to its automatic speed control.

iii)Includes Bikini trimmer.

iv)The company provide easy to read user manuals.


i)It operates loudly.

Best Electric Shavers For Women

6. Butterfly Shaver Smart Women’s Electric Shaver

Most women love unique items. It looks so beautiful and feminine due to its butterfly-like design. This rechargeable model ensures smooth and amazing personal grooming. The modernized blades have detachable foils and heads for irritation free trimming experience. It resembles calming traditional shaving devices. The company includes patented design making the trimmers more attractive. It is small so that you can handle the trimmers at your hands comfortably during shaving. This results in smooth and safe shaving of armpits, pubic among other sensitive areas. It includes 5 adjustable blades. The company provides durable rechargeable Lithium ion battery.


i)The battery last longer for more than an hour.

ii)It is cordless hence very flexible as it can be used away from the power socket.


i)It cannot be used in the showers.

Best Electric Shavers For Women

5. Schick Quattro Trimstyle Women’s Electric Shaver

Schick Quattro Trimstyle Women’s Electric Shaver gives excellent trimming. It accurately shaves your eyebrows and sideburns.  It includes style razor together with bikini trimmer. It is very multi-purpose due to its multiple 4 blades that are available. Furthermore, the blades offer great flexibility. The head is designed uniquely with rotating angle. This allows the user to shave sensitive curves smoothly. It is made of high quality materials to last longer. Its perfect rechargeable battery allows the electric shave to work even at times where there is power failure from the main supply. The length of the blades can be adjusted in 3 different length settings.


i)Made of waterproof materials thus there is minimal rusting.

ii)It is dermatologist tested and approved.


i)It can cause irritation.

Best Electric Shavers For Women

4. Conair Satiny Smooth Women’s Electric Shaver

This electric shaver for women work well for both dry and wet skin surfaces. It provides smooth trim finish for hard to shave areas specifically within the genital and armpits parts of the body. The product has dual floating coils and cutters for excellent performance. Additionally, this gives the user chance to choose the trimmer she wishes to use. The charging stand features an indicator that monitor the charging condition of this electric shaver for women. On purchase, the dealers include a cleaning brush and bikini trimmer.

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i)Cleaning brush makes its maintenance very easy.

ii)Available at affordable price.


i)It is hard to get spare parts.

Best Electric Shavers For Women

3. Philips HP6378 Deluxe Trimmer

This awesome trimmer from Philips gives you humble shaving. It features great precise attachments that ensures excellent hygienic bikini line. It stands on the third position of Top 10 Best Electric Shavers For Women in 2018 Reviews. Philips HP6378 Deluxe Trimmer works for more than an hour on every full charge. The 6 accessories are included for perfect bikini lines. It is versatile as it addresses hair maintenance from eyebrows down to your feet’s. The 5 length settings ensure tailored trim. Epilator available removes hair from their roots ensuring stubble free skin. It includes eyebrow comb alongside highly hypoallergenic foil for close shaving. This trimmer is easy to maintain.


i)Good choice of materials enhances its durability

ii)The reputable dealers provide 2-year guaranteed warranty.

iii)It includes a charging adapter, tweezers, travel case and exfoliation glove.


i)It is not accurate as it sometimes misses hair.

Best Electric Shavers For Women

2. Remington WSF4810 Women’s Electric Shaver

Keep your hair short and neat using Remington WSF4810 Women’s Electric Shaver. It keeps every woman in the street so beautiful and attractive by maintaining her hairs especially eyebrows. The shaver features astonishing foils together with twin trimmers. The hypoallergenic foils remove hidden hair close to the skin ensuring perfect smooth trimming. It is irritation Free due to its angled head that rotates free reaching hard to trim areas. The sturdy design makes shaving very easy and enjoyable. Also, this ensures no nicks and cut on your skin. The trimmers are uniquely designed so that it lifts the hair before cutting.


i)Compact small design.

ii)The blades are very flexible.


i)It does not provide sleek shave.

Best Electric Shavers For Women

1. Panasonic ES2216PC Women’s Electric Shaver

This is an excellent shaver for modern women. The pop-up trimmer is included for shaving stray and long hairs. The head is well constructed so that it rotates at various angles allowing the user to reach hair at hidden body curves. The sharp blades ensure perfect trim. It is very easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, the shaver is made of waterproof materials hence it can be used a shower comfortably. It has a bikini accessory. The 4 floating heads traces the skin contours very closely.


i)Multiple length settings conveniences the user.

ii)Pop-up trimmer eliminates stray and long hairs.


i)It shaves at a low speed.

Best Electric Shavers For Women

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