Top 10 Best Electric Clothes Dryer for the Money in 2018 Reviews

Best Electric Clothes Dryer for the Money have a long history. It started from loud, horrible, cubes-like laundry equipment. Technology has evolved, and everything has changed. Nowadays we have bigger economic machines that are very reliable. They modern features such as the timer, automatic switch, and electricity operated. Also, this device faster than those of olden days. Further, Best Electric Clothes Dryer for the Money never compromise the quality and performance.

If you have never tried using the dryer, it is high time for you. Upgrade your level of living by choosing the Best Electric Clothes Dryer for the Money. Choosing the appropriate dryer is not a joke. Anytime you go into the wrong dryer; your laundry life goes to mess too. Avoid these regrets by choosing the Best Electric Clothes Dryer for the Money. Seek advice from the experts. Manufacturers can provide some useful information but be extra cautious. Some overemphasize on the dryer for the sake of attracting customers.

Factors to bear in mind when selecting the Best Electric Clothes Dryer for the Money

You cannot wake up from anywhere and start going to the market to purchase dryers. You must plan yourself well evaluating all expected from a dryer. Many hours of analysis over dryers available in the market will yield some positive results. The following factors will guide you to get the Best Electric Clothes Dryer for the Money. You will not go wrong if you choose them accurately.

  1. Type of the dryers

Excluding the refrigerator, no other machine in your home beats the dryer in power consumption. Dryers are two categories, electric dryers, and the gas dryers. They deliver the same work and differ in term of operation. Electrical dryers require 240-volt power outlet. On the other hand, gas dryers require efficient gas line. Comparing the two, electric dryers are easy to maintain than the gas dryers.

  1. Quantity of your work

Buy large dryers for laundry. Large laundry is advantageous. It will only take a cycle to dry all of your clothes. Contrary, small dryers are easy to manage and occupy little space. Also, you have to perform many cycles if you are drying a large quantity of clothes.

  1. Performance

The dryers should perform as expected. The clothes should come dry within the scheduled time. Frequent breaking down of the dryers gives the user lots of headaches.

  1. Cost

The cost of dryers includes the purchase cost, maintenance, and the installation cost. Some dryers are cheap but come with substantial investment during maintenance. Buy from reliable dealers who offer sale service such facility at free or subsidized price. Also, some but few customers offer support surface for their dryers within agreed period.

  1. Available space

Dryers occupy some space in your room. It is advisable that you have a laundry room. The room should have 240V circuit especially if the dryer is an electrical one. The size of the dryer will determine the amount of your laundry. Never limit your work at the expense of space. Wrong installation of a laundry machine come with its consequences.

After undertaking some research, we found that most people are stranded on how to get Best Electric Clothes Dryer for the Money. That is the main reason we have narrowed their choices by listing the   Top 10 Best Electric Clothes Dryer for the Money in 2018 Reviews.


10.Electrolux Laundry Bundle

This washer and dryer set is perfect for your home since it offers very fast wash and dry times. The fastest wash cycle takes just 15 minutes to wash while the fastest dry cycle takes just 14 minutes to dry. This product is also eco-friendly and makes use of less water and energy when compared to the standard washers and dryers. It is about 161% more energy efficient and uses approximately 66 % less water. This makes the set to be one of the greatest purchase for everyone who is conscious when it comes to the environment. It is one if the gentlest dryers that offer great technology that tumbles clothes gently with perfect temperature control that assist in protecting fabric.


  1. Stainless steel interior drum resists corrosion.
  2. Work best for pet beds, wool, and stuffed animals.


  1. They do not provide instructions on how to install the dryer.

9.LG Large Capacity Top Load Laundry System

Here  comes the second Best Electric Clothes Dryer for the Money. This another laundry set that is incredibly innovative and also energy efficient. The washer and dryer set suits perfectly an individual who is searching for a high-tech appliance since it comes with 14 different options of wash and dry cycles. It also features a LED display that shows what is happening with the new rust stainless steel drum. The dryer has the steaming feature meaning that it can take out wrinkles even on stubborn clothes. The product also features the TruSteam technology, wrinkle care option, and the sensor dry settings. Additionally, this product is inexpensive making it affordable to anybody who is interested in it.


  1. Free delivery to the customers offers convenience.
  2. LED Monitor displays temperature and pressure inside the dryer.


  1. Prone to breakdowns hence they need regular maintenance.

8.Samsung DV42H5200EW 7.5 Cu. Ft. Front-Load Electric Steam Dryer

This laundry package is good for those individuals who have a small laundry room. The product is small in size and has the nice displays. It is also cost effecting making it great for the people who want to save a little money. It comes with eight different drying cycles for you to choose the one that suits your laundry correctly. This set also has two drying options and four temperature settings. The product also has the dry sensors so that you will not have to check your laundry if it is dry every time. Moreover, this package features a lint filter indicator.


  1. 13 Preset settings offer more versatility.
  2. Vent sensors detect any faultiness.


  1. Warranty covers only the spare parts and the control board.

7.AMANA NED4655EW 6.5 cu. ft. Front Load Electric Dryer Dryer

This clothes dryer from Amana is one of the Best Electric Clothes Dryer for the Mone.  It is perfect for an individual who is looking for the space efficiency of the dryer. The product is small and quite effective. It features a lot of settings for a wide range of various clothes. It can dry virtually all kinds of clothes that you want effectively and does reduce damaged to it. This dryer is easy to use and handle as well. Additionally, the product is durable enough for you to enjoy its great performance that it offers you. This product is from the United States. With this dryer, you do not have to worry about the little money that you have since it is cost effective.


  1. Amana uses quality materials to ensure it lasts longer.
  2. Reversible door glides easily.
  3. Operates quietly.


  1. You cannot tell if the dryers are on or off.

6.Panda Compact Portable Washing Machine with Spin Dryer

This washer and dryer set weighs approximately 28 pounds. The product suits perfectly those people who travel mostly and also those who need the second washer and dryer. It has a very small frame making it perfect for the cramped places like apartments, school dorm rooms, and the RVs. The product is still effective when it comes to cleaning even if it is small in size. With the fact that one section is a washer and the other side being a dryer, you are guaranteed that your clothes will have the best smell than ever before. This washing machine is portable for you to carry it anywhere you want. It is easy to operate and powerful.


  1. It is pretty small so that you can transport anywhere.
  2. Light in weight.


  1. Lint trap is not well constructed.

5.Avanti Automatic Cloth Dryer

The Avanti automatic clothes dryer can dry up to 9 pounds of clothes at once. This makes this product very efficient. It time efficient, cost efficient and space efficient. This product is also small in size and looks very nice. It also features multiple temperature and time setting to enhance the best dry to virtually any cloth. The dryer is suitable for anybody. It has a white finish with the moisture sensor and control. Additionally, this model is lightweight making it easily portable. The product also features the stainless steel drum.


  1. It utilizes air-dry functionality.
  2. Does not produce any noise that might be so distracting.


  1. You cannot reverse the door.

4.Whirlpool WED4915EW 7.0 cu. ft. Top Load Electric Dryer

This electric dryer from Whirlpool has three temperature settings and different clothes drying settings. These features make this product a very versatile appliance. It also features a convenient flip-open front and the automatic dry temperature control that assist in improving the practicality of this product. The dryer measures 29 by 36 by 43.25 inches. It comes with a large side swing style. Additionally, this dryer is cost effective which makes it affordable by many users. It has received a lot of positive reviews from the customers across the globe due to the great performance that it has. The product has been recommended as one of the top best affordable clothes dryers.

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  1. Whirlpool makes use of good quality materials.
  2. Easy to use, control and maintain.


  1. Highly priced and limited capacity.

3.Sonya Portable Compact Laundry Dryer

This is another excellent yet cost-effective laundry package that comes with a compact design. It only weighs 13 pounds, but its ability to dry is quite shocking. This incredible product is suited perfectly the families with a lot of dirty laundries. With this appliance, you are sure you will get many years of use due to its stainless steel drum. This dryer also features an ordinary plugin meaning that you can use this appliance anywhere you like even with no dryer hookup. The manufacturer of this dryer offers you a limited warranty of one full year. The available on the market today for you to purchase it. When you buy this appliance, you can relax since there will be no disappointments awaiting for you.


  1. Its transparent cover allows the user to monitor drying at a glance.
  2. Sonya provides a one-year limited warranty.


  1. Drying takes longer than expected.

2.LG DLE1001W 7.3 Cu. Ft. White Electric Dryer

This dryer has the front control panel that enables you to set its cycle without the help of the large machine. For the short guys and the young individuals who are still learning how to do laundry, the feature from this product is very suitable for them. The dryer features an in-built moisture sensor for protecting your load from over-drying. It also features nine total cycles that you can select based on your preference. With this appliance, you can even decide to take a peaceful nap while it is running as is relatively quiet.  The product also has a flow sense duct clogging indicator.


  1. 4 different temperature settings.
  2. The flow sensor alerts in case of any clog.
  3. Automatic sensor switches the machine in case of high temperatures.


  1. Consumers lots of power.

1.Whirlpool WED4815EW 7.0 cu. ft. Top Load Electric Dryer

This electric dryer from Whirlpool that has received a lot of positive reviews from various users around the globe. It has been praised since the dryer is quiet and also due to its durability. The dryer is available at a very reasonable price on the market currently. This product features an AutoDry sensor that stops the cycle when it is completely dry. With this dryer, you can a have a peaceful sleep while it is running since it will simply tumble your clothes for 90 minutes. It will also ensure that the wrinkles don’t set in. Its dimensions are about 29 by 43 by 28 inches.


  1. Perfect for heavy duty applications.
  2. It is large enough to accommodate a large capacity per every cycle.


1.They are quite expensive.

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