Top 10 Best Digital Weighing Scales in 2018 Reviews

The steady advancement in technology has led to the introduction of numerous digital products and machines that are used to make our life much simpler. One of these digital machines and products is the digital weighing scale. Known for its advanced features and sleek design, digital weighing scales are extremely essential in helping us run our day-to-day activities. They come in a variety of features and designs to ensure everyone finds something suitable for their needs.

Moreover, their versatility ensures they can be used in a number of areas such as measuring the weight of ingredients and measuring your weight. With digital weighing scales, managing your health is extremely easy since it helps you keep your weight under control. Given their peerless performance, these items are numerous on the market today. While this may be a plus to the aforementioned market, it may be a drawback to the consumer, who may be mixed up on which product is the best. To help you escape such fuss, we bring you the following top 10 best digital weighing scales reviews.

1. EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale

No more tapping to activate your scale! EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale features four high precision EatSmart sensors to ensure accurate and consistent measurements up to 180kgs or 400lbs every time. Its sturdy 8mm tempered glass top and large 12-inch by 13-inch platform enhance noticeable results. The digital scale also has a large 3.5-inch LCD display with accubright blue backlight for easy reading regardless of the distance or angle. With 100% EatSmart satisfaction guarantee, this digital bathroom scale gives you all the confidence to buy and use it.

2. Utopia Care Digital Bathroom Scale

Utopia’s 6 mm thick tempered glass top is not just 5 times stronger than ordinary glass; it is also resistant to breaks, chips, and cracks. The scale is accurate to the nearest 100g/0.2lb and capable of weighing up to 180kgs/400lbs. Featuring a perfect design with four load sensors, one at each corner of the scale, this item ensures ultimate accuracy. Its smart technology includes a smart high precision strain gauge sensor, auto shutdown feature, 4-digit 4.3-inch LCD display, and low battery sensor.

3. Etekcity Digital Bathroom Scale

Bring balance to your daily diet and life with the Etekcity Digital Bathroom Scale. This digital body weighing scale features a sleek tempered glass platform that enhances safety through support while showcasing a stunning sophistication in contemporary design. With the latest high precision 4-sensor technology, this digital scale delivers the much-needed dependable accuracy to meet your health goals. Given its subtle features and peerless performance, the Etekcity Digital Bathroom Scale ensures you have a better understanding of yourself.

4. Royal Digital Bathroom Scale

Produced by Royal, this Digital Bathroom Scale is capable of accurately measuring from 11 to 400lbs instantly. Its simple step-on technology makes it easy to use, while its high quality tempered glass is made to last for years. The tampered glass is safe and durable, and it will never crack or shatter. Moreover, the digital scale features a sleek and slim design to enhance its sophistication yet simple look. The design also makes the scale easy to store away and ensures it looks great on display. This digital bathroom scale uses 3AAA batteries (included) for ultimate performance.

5. Kinzi Digital Bathroom Scale

According to studies, one should track their weight regularly because this contributes to greater success in maintaining good health and reaching fitness goals. With the Kinzi Digital Bathroom Scale, maintaining your health is no brainer because it offers exactly what you want. Precise, durable, and easy to use, this digital scale is all you need to ensure outstanding health management. Its 8mm thick, 12-inch by 13-inch tempered glass platform promises a long-term use. The Kinzi Digital Bathroom Scale operates on a 2 AAA batteries (included) and its extra-large LCD makes it straightforward and easy to read your weight.

6. BalanceFrom Digital Bathroom Scale (3.6-inch Dual Color Display)

This high accuracy premium digital bathroom scale uses 4 latest version of precision sensors to catch your weight consistently and accurately. It is equipped with BalanceFrom MemoryTrack technology that shows the last weight it registered in a green backlit and current weight in a blue backlit. The auto turn off feature and Smart Step-On technology are user-friendly so you will not have problems measuring your weight and managing your health.

7. BalanceFrom Digital Bathroom Scale (4.3-inch Backlight Display)

Featuring a 4.3-inch extra large cool blue backlight display and “Smart Step-On” technology, this digital scale offers instant and accurate measurements upon stepping onto the scale. It uses 4 latest version precision sensors to catch your weight consistently and accurately every time. The automatic turning off technology is a user-friendly design to ensure you get the best from this subtle digital scale. Given its performance, this digital bathroom scale from BalanceFrom completely eliminates tapping to turn the scale on.

8. Apontus Digital Bathroom Scale

The Apontus Digital Bathroom Scale can measure units in pounds or kilograms. Its scale is accurate to the nearest 100g/0.2lb and capable of weighing up to 180kgs/396lbs. The Apontus Digital Bathroom Scale runs on a single CR2032 lithium cell 3V and it is made of stainless steel, plastic, and toughened glass to enhance durability and performance. Other features you should expect when you buy the Apontus Digital Bathroom Scale are LCD display, Step-On technology, Auto Power-Off functions, and Auto-Zero technology.

9. ZERLA Digital Bathroom Scale

Incredibly accurate and consistent, the ZERLA Digital Bathroom Scale is what you need to maintain good health and healthy eating habit. Its weighing scale features four high precision sensors to ensure consistently accurate measurements up to 180kgs (400lbs). The 4-inch display screen makes it simple, easy, and quick to read numbers from a standing distance. Moreover, the LCD technology makes it easy to read the display in the dark, which is great for those early morning and late night weigh-ins. With a 3-month warranty, the ZERLA Digital Bathroom Scale gives you complete satisfaction and confidence in buying it.

10. Utopia Scales Digital Bathroom Scale

This digital scale is made of 6mm thick tempered glass top, which is resistant to cracks, shatters, breaks, and chips. The tempered glass is 5 times stronger than ordinary glass and it can hold up to 400 pounds. The scale’s smart high precision strain gauge sensor, low battery sensor, auto shutdown, and 4-digit 4.3-inch LCD display ensure optimum performance and noticeable results. This digital scale runs on 4 AAA batteries and it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee to ensure you feel confident using and buying it.

Studies maintain that you should weigh yourself regularly to make sure you have a healthy weight. Weighing yourself on a regular basis also helps you choose the right diet for your overall well-being. The above digital weighing scales ensure this is no brainer, with their subtle features and maximum performance. Although they come in a variety of designs and features, these digital scales have the same functionality and performance. For great weighing experience, consider one of the above top 10 best digital weighing scales.

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