Top 10 Best Digital Binoculars in 2018 Reviews

Recent advances in digital camera technology have seen the incredible rise of digital binoculars. Designed using the latest technology, a digital binocular features a life view LCD monitor in front of the ocular and a sensor behind the objective. They do not require prisms, as the image conversion is done electronically to allow you save on the image inversion prism (the most delicate and expensive components of modern binoculars). Moreover, these binoculars include image stabilization to help eliminate any movable mechanical parts like prisms and lenses.

Other stunning features you should expect when you buy a digital binocular are autofocus, ability to record still image and video, digital zoom, electronic distortion control, and inclusion of night vision and image brightness, among others. While you may want to buy a digital binocular, a comprehensive review is recommended so you do not end up with an undesirable product. To help you go about this, we provide you with the following top 10 best digital binoculars reviews.

1. Bushnell 260501 Equinox Series Digital Binocular

The Equinox Z is a 4-by-50-milimeter digital binocular from Bushnell. It offers stunning optical clarity, an unmatched field of view, and ultimate illumination for great performance. Features such as image capture, daytime color, zoom, and video recording perfectly team up with the Bushnell’s super-charged digital NV technology for ultimate results. Featuring long battery life, glass objectivities, and tripod-mounting capabilities, expect nothing to light up the night like the Bushnell’s Equinox Z Night Vision.

2. PYRUS Digital Camera Binoculars

Take closer look at things with the 12x magnification-32mm aperture binocular system. Combining all-optics, this binocular system has LCD display that gives you quick control over various functions to capture the perfect video or photo on a high definition. It is a perfect tool for fishing, hunting, surveillance jobs, outdoor adventures, bird watching or just plain fun watching sports or concerts.

3. Xgen Digital Night Vision Viewer

Commonly known as “The Night Owl Optics”, this digital binocular features the latest innovations in affordable consumer night vision technology. It is designed to view out to a distance of 70 yards with the help of a powerful built-in infrared illuminator. The Xgen Digital Night Viewer performs in complete darkness or in low-light conditions. It features programmed settings, a minimum focus range of 3.3 inches and a 20mm lens for noticeable results.

4. Polaris 12X50 High Powered Monocular

The Polaris Explorer High Powered Monocular features a 12X50 magnification to allow you see objects 12X closer as well as get brighter and clearer range of view with 50mm lens. Providing the most pleasant and clear view, this digital monocular is arguably the most powerful monocular available today. A durable external armor provides secure, non-slip grip, and durable external protection, while a tripod stand offers hands-free steady viewing. The fact that it is waterproof means it is capable of preventing dust, debris, and moisture from getting inside. It is also designed to inhibit internal fogging (fogproof), and this makes it great for any environment and weather.

5. Bushnell PowerView Surveillance Binoculars

The Bushnell PowerView Surveillance Binocular is a porro-prism binocular with 20X magnification and 50mm objective diameter. Its multicoated optics guarantees superior light transmission and brightness. The patented 1-touch Insta focus system holds your subject in sharp focus and the nonslip rubber armor absorbs shock. This digital binocular provides up to 170-feet field of view at 1000 yards, and it weighs 30-ounce with a limited lifetime warranty.

6. Yukon Digital NV Ranger Pro Binocular

With a 5X42 magnification, the Ranger Pro Binocular is a vivid example of successful application of digital technologies in observation optics. Aside from the impressive 5-power magnification, this incredible binocular features a large viewing range of up to 600 meters. The highly sensitive CCD array and new sum light software technology make this top-rated binocular the ultimate night vision digital device.

7. Celestron SkyMaster Giant Binoculars

Manufactured by Celestron, this giant binocular is a phenomenal value for high performance binoculars. It is ideal for terrestrial (land) use and astronomical viewing. Its powerful magnification allows it to offer serious large aperture light gathering in an affordable and somewhat lightweight configuration. The diopter adjustment ensures fine focusing, while the 0.51-inch (13 mm) long eye relief is perfect for eyeglass wearers. The Celestron SkyMaster Giant Binoculars have multi-coated optics and tripod adapter for ultimate results.

8. PowerLead Pxlo FS009 Digital Binoculars

This digital binocular has a 12×32 magnification, and it features a built-in digital camera for maximum performance. It comes with a neck strap and carrying case; thus, it is easy to carry and use. The center focus system, rugged construction, and non-slip design enhance the performance of this item. The quality optics allows it to offer stunning HD clarity and the beautiful design enhances the aesthetic appeal. Given its standard size, the PowerLead Pxlo FS009 Digital Binoculars is suitable for a variety of applications. It comes with a 12-month warranty and 30 days free exchange.

9. Bushnell Imageview SD Slot Binocular

A good binocular should enhance your view, and that is what Bushnell Imageview SD Slot Binocular is doing. This 10 x 25 mm folding roof prism digital binocular offers a 290-feet field of view at 1000 yards, and its 8Mb internal flash memory ensures ultimate performance. The fact that the Bushnell SD Slot Binocular is a compact binocular with integrated digital camera means it can capture images up to VGA resolution (640 x 480). It is powered by 2 AAA batteries and it comes with tripod socket and remote shutter cable (cable and USB port).

10. Canon IS Ultra-Compact Binoculars

At only 21 ounces, the Canon IS Ultra-Compact Binoculars is one of the most lightweight binoculars you will ever come across. They have rubber coating and are water-resistant; thus, they can be used in any environment and weather. The built-in image stabilizer ensures prisms and other contents are not movable, while the doublet field-flattener provides a sharp distortion of free images from edge-to-edge. The binocular also has a built-in optical image stabilization that uses 2 AA batteries. With a 14.5-millimeter long eye relief, the Canon IS Ultra-Compact Binocular provides easy viewing.

Bird watching, watching concerts/sports, hunting, fishing, and more have never been easier; thanks to digital binoculars. Featuring sophisticated technologies, some of these binoculars can even be used for terrestrial or astronomical viewing. They enable us watch images or videos in high definition and their powerful magnifications bring in the much-needed clarity. The aforementioned sophisticated features also make these binoculars perfect for night vision. Consider one now and start viewing even the impossible!

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