Top 10 Best Combat Machetes in 2018 Reviews

Most of us, if not all of us, have seen a machete in one form or another, and knows its use; which is to chop through the undergrowth of a dense forest. A machete is a large knife, which looks much like a cleaver, with a blade between 12 inches and 18 inches long and around 0.12 inches thick. The word “machete” comes from the diminutive of the Spanish word “macho”, which is always referred to as sledgehammers. Machetes are also known as cutlasses by the English-speaking Caribbean.

Used both in agriculture and also as a weapon, a machete is a highly versatile tool. Other than cutting through undergrowth, this essential tool is used to cut sugarcane. Ideally, more than a few Latin Americans use it to cut large foods into pieces, like you would use a cleaver. It is also used for rudimentary cutting jobs such as making wooden handles for other tools. The following top 10 best combat Machetes reviews highlight some of the best quality machetes available on Amazon today.

1. Gerber 31-000758 Gator Machete

The Gerber 31-000758 Gator Machete features a 15-inch fine-edge blade on one side and an 18-inch high performance saw blade on the other side. It is forged of high quality carbon stainless steel to enhance both its performance and durability. Ideally, its a Gator grip rubberized handle covers its handle for control and comfort. The Gerber 31-000758 Gator Machete comes with a nylon case for convenient and secure carry, and it is for use in the backyard, and the wilderness.

2. Gerber 31-002289 Parang Machete

This invaluable tool in the jungle is a modern version of the traditional jungle tribesmen’s machete. It features a heavy blade that makes short work of vines or branches. It also features an angled blade, perfect for clearing limbs or brush. The robust high carbon stainless steel blade is corrosion resistance, easy to sharpen, and enhances strength. The Gerber 31-002289 Parang Machete features full tang construction to boost durability and its ergonomic textured rubber grip reduces slippage and maximizes comfort.

3. 6145 Military Machete by Ontario

The 6145 Military Machete by Ontario is all you need to clear undergrowth and make your backyard clean. Because of its versatility and strength, this machete has been used by US Armed Forces since WWII. It is made of 1095 carbon steel, which is easy to sharpen, corrosion resistance, and enhances strength. Ideally, the blade of this 18-inch military machete is hardened to 50-55 HRC for enhanced performance.

4. Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Machete

Found by Stewart Taylor in 1975, The Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Machete is built to last and serve you for years to come. This high quality, black powder coated 3Cr13 stainless steel blade offers high performance to fully satisfy your needs. The 6.4 closed/handle length ensures peerless performance. This kukri machete comes equipped with a Safe-T-Grip handle with lanyard hole to ensure noticeable results.

5. BV124 Machete by United Cutlery

Brave the jungles with this brand new Jungle Hunter Machete from Black Savage. Constructed from one piece of cold, rock-hard AUS-8 stainless steel, the BV124 Machete measures in at a whopping 25-inch overall. In addition to a durable baked-on black finish, this razor-sharp blade features heavy saw back serrations and cut-out designs. Its oversized, rubberized handle is textured for a sure, confident and comfortable grip. The BV124 Machete by United Cutlery comes with a durable belt sheath for easy transport and convenient storage.

6. SOG Specialty Knives Machete

Crafted from 3CR13 steel with an attractive black powder coated finish, this 18-inch saw back with a fixed blade machete is versatile and perfect for clearing bush, blazing trails, chopping wood, and much more. It can also be used for survival exploration and clearing trails. The machete has an ergonomically contoured and well-balanced handle with a black finish and made of Kraton to comfortably and perfectly fit into your hands. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty so you can feel confident buying and using the product.

7. Gerber 31-000759 Gator Machete JR

Built just as strong as the Gator Machete, the 31-000759 Gator Machete Jr. by Gerber features a compact and lightweight design that makes it more packable. It is short and small enough to fit inside a backpack for safety. Ideally, it features a rubber grip handle for ergonomic control while using either the saw on one side or the fine edge blade found on the other. This high carbon steel blade machete comes with riveted, nylon sheath that provides safe and durable transport.

8. Whetstone Cutlery Machete

Known as “The Brute”, this 22.75-inch super machete comes with numerous features for survival. You can use it to make your backyard clean, clear undergrowth in the wilderness or for survival purposes in the jungle. It features one and two-handed grip handle and a black coated rust-resistant stainless steel blade for ultimate performance. The eyelet makes storage a breeze and the slot handle act as additional straps for convenience. The Whetstone Cutlery Machete comes with a nylon belt sheath and will last a lifetime.

9. ER-280 Machete by Elk Ridge

The ER-280 Machete from Elk Ridge measures 20.5-inch overall in length and has a 3-millimeter thick stainless steel blade, which is ready to tackle even the most intense outdoor situation. Ideally, it features an orange and black injection molded handle that offers a superior grip even in the wettest conditions. A lanyard is attached to the machete to help sort out a number of situations. The ER-280Machete by Elk Ridge comes with a nylon pouch for safe and easy transport.

10. Gerber 31-002076 Gator Bolo Machete

A traditional jungle tool advanced for modern use, the Gerber 31-002076 Gator Bolo Machete is modeled after a classic shape used for generations in the Philippines to cut wood, clear vegetation, and chop food. The machete’s updates include a slip-proof grip, an ergonomic handle shape, and hefty full tang construction for year after year toughness. It is crafted to withstand serious cutting and make short work of everything, including tall grass and small tree limbs.

Machetes have been really helpful in assisting us run various outdoor activities. They come in a variety of designs and style to ensure everyone gets something that best suits their needs. Ideally, most of their features are advanced to enhance performance and results. Moreover, machetes listed in the above top 10 reviews are within an affordable range so you do not have any hindrance getting a desirable product. For great quality machetes at affordable prices, these reviews should be a frontier for you.

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