Top 10 Best Coffee Storage Containers in 2018 Reviews

Coffee forms an integral part of our lives, and our love for coffee can help us define our taste for many things in life. Through coffee, you can depict someone’s characteristics. For instance, if you like espresso, you are an active being and if you love cappuccino, it means you have a fun-loving side. The same goes to mocaccino that shows you love to maintain the perfect balance between the bitter sweet nothings of life.

Therefore, if you love coffee so much that you cannot do without it in the morning, storing your favorite beverage to have a perfect brew should not be an arduous task. Nevertheless, you should be careful enough not to allow your beloved beverage lose taste or aroma. And this can be achieved by discarding those cheap wraps that easily tear up or open up. In this compilation, we bring you the following top 10 best coffee storage containers reviews, to give you an idea of what the market has in store for you.

1. Friis Stainless Steel Coffee Vault

Full flavor starts with fresh coffee and Friis Stainless Steel Coffee Vault knows that. It blocks out light and air to seal in flavor. It will keep your coffee fresh and maintain its rich, full flavor. This coffee storage container vents away continuous carbon IV oxide gases, which are as a result of the roasting process. It measures 7-1/2 inches high by 5 inches deep, and holds 1 pound (16 ounce) of coffee beans. The coffee container comes with getting started instructions, one year supply of Friis freshness valves, the Art of Flavor booklet, and a measuring spoon.

2. Coffee Gator Coffee Canister

Enjoy deliciously fresh coffee with this top performing coffee storage canister. It features a one-way valve that allows carbon IV oxide gas to leave but stops light and air from getting way to mess up with the flavor. It also features a handy wheel on the lid that tracks the expiry date and makes sure you serve guests coffee at its prime. The Coffee Gator Coffee Canister comes with a free eBook and scoop. And it’s backed by a 100-percent satisfaction, money back guarantee.

3. Tightpac America Coffeevac Coffee Container

Storing coffee beans has never been easier; thanks to this coffee storage container from Tightpac America. It holds 10 – 16 ounce of Darjeeling and green teas. Ideally, it is a sealed coffee container that will maintain aroma and rich, full flavor of your coffee beans. It features a patented system that creates a partial vacuum seal and keeps coffee fresher for longer. With this container, your product will breathe and degas without allowing in oxygen. It is arguably the best coffee container on the market.

4. LOVFFEE Stainless Steel Coffee Storage Container

Only coffee enthusiasts know the importance of preserving coffee freshness and flavor. Well, Lovffee understands the passion of coffee lovers, and as a result, has come up with a stainless steel coffee storage container. Featuring patented storage technology, this coffee container knows how to store coffee beans and it will offer you the freshness of ground or whole coffee for a long time. It is elegantly designed in stainless steel for advanced functionality and superior durability. It is perfect for storing roasted whole coffee beans.

5. Planetary Design Coffee Storage Canister

The time has come to bid bye to those coffee storage containers that tear up or open up at will, and focus on one true coffee container; the Planetary Design Coffee Storage Canister. Made of durable construction that resists staining, this coffee is without doubt the best coffee container you’ll ever come across. It knows that air is the enemy of numerous things including coffee beans; hence, it doesn’t allow oxygen to get in. It has a capacity of 64 fl oz. and a height of 7 inches.

6. OXO Coffee POP Container

The OXO Coffee POP Container features an airtight, stackable, and space-efficient quality for outstanding performance. It also features a UV-blocking technology to protect contents from light and moisture. And with its unique push button mechanism, you’ll be able to create an airtight seal with only a single touch. It is BPA-free and features a tinted body and stainless steel lid for attractive countertop display. Its silicone gasket is dishwasher safe, and it features corners for easy pouring of contents. This coffee container is not only ideal for storing coffee beans; you can also use it to store spices, tea, and other UV- and moisture-sensitive foods.

7. Osaka Coffee Storage Container

Osaka is one of the world’s leading manufacturers that know how to store coffee beans. Its coffee storage container features a built-in pump that makes it easier to store coffee and food in an air-free environment. The container also features an indicator that notifies you if you pumped out all the air and if any air leaked in over time. This coffee canister is dishwasher safe for convenience and it’s durable for lifetime performance. It has a tinted lid that keeps harmful UV rays out.

8. BlinkOne Coffee Canister

The BlinkOne Coffee Canister is the best voted coffee container, meaning it is arguably the best coffee container you’ll ever come across. The container is not just for coffee storage; you can also use it to keep tea, spice, salt, sugar, and any other fresh ingredient. It is made of ss202 stainless steel material, so you can store coffee without having to worry of moisture penetration, carbon dioxide or air leaks. The BlinkOne Coffee Canister is backed by a lifetime guarantee, so buy with confidence knowing that you’ll be refunded if something’s not right.

9. Alpha Coffee Vacuum Seal Coffee Storage Container

Coffee flavor is majorly lost because of two things; light and oxygen. Luckily, Alpha Coffee knows this, and as a result, brings you the ultimate coffee canister for storing coffee beans. It features a simple yet powerful pump that allows you to create a vacuum that will last for up to a month. Its body is made from solid 18/10 stainless steel, while its lid is made from durable, black, BPA-free, ABS plastic. The Alpha Coffee Vacuum Seal Coffee Storage Container comes with a 100-percent money-back lifetime guarantee.

10. Bodum Copper Classic Storage Jar

Are you tired of poor quality coffee storage wraps that can tear anytime or open up at will? Then get tired no more because Bodum’s Copper Classic Storage Jar is within reach. Elegantly designed, this coffee container will add an attractive appearance on your countertop. It is vacuum sealed meaning coffee will not lose its flavor as a result of oxygen. Other than storing coffee beans, the Bodum Copper Classic Storage Jar can be used to store fresh food that is sensitive to moisture and UV rays.

Coffee is the perfect kick start to a lazy Monday. It gives you the energy and moods to go about your business. But without proper coffee storage, this beverage can easily lose its taste and aroma. That’s why it’s advisable to have a premium quality coffee storage container. Specially designed to store coffee beans, coffee containers listed in these reviews have all the necessary features needed to ensure coffee remains fresher for longer. Get one now and have endless supply of fresh, aromatic coffee.

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