Top 10 Best Clear Plastic Tumblers in 2018 Reviews

Plastic containers have been used for more than a decade. And while they may trigger numerous questions from scientific arguments that are more than willing to fill a book with their pros and cons, these items are durable. Well, it is important to note that not all plastics contain BPA; some, especially those made of premium quality materials, are BPA-free. Best of all, plastic containers are durable despite their relatively competitive prices. It is one of the few items you will drop intentionally or accidentally and still pick it up for a great drinking experience.

However, getting a quality clear plastic tumbler can be a daunting task. Aside from possibly landing on a tumbler, which is not BPA-free, you will find a poor quality clear plastic tumbler that can be decolorized by most drinks, making it a hell of work to clean. To help you escape such imminent dangers and disappoints, we bring you the following top 10 best clear plastic tumblers reviews.

1. Cupture Tumbler Cup – 16 oz, Bulk Pack (Clear)

Designed with durable and strong acrylic materials, this double wall tumbler will help keep any “cold” or “hot” beverage at the right temperature. It comes with a reusable straw and a secure lid featuring rubber gasket to prevent your beverage from spilling or leaking. The fact that it holds up to 16 ounces of liquid storage means you will have the perfect portion for ultimate drinking spree. The Cupture Tumbler Cup is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. It has a large opening for easy filling and cleaning.

2. 9-Ounce Hard Plastic Tumblers by Party Essentials

Create a perfect party at the perfect price with Northwest Enterprises’ crystal clear 9-ounce hard plastic tumbler. Featuring a classic barware silhouette, these tumblers are perfect for a huge range of cold beverages. They are reused and hand washed for super-fast clean-up. Apart from being a life saver during impromptu snack cups, these tumblers are great for food service, family reunions, catering, weddings, buffets, picnics, and even a simple neighborhood get-together. They are also prefect for everyday use.

3. ChefLand Plastic Tumbler

These pebbled plastic tumblers from ChefLand are sold in twelve per pack. Each tumbler is shatter-resistant and features lugs for easy stacking. Given their durability, the 16-ounce clear plastic tumblers are great for home use or commercial use. They have an elegant design that makes it a breeze to serve drinks or special beverages. The fact that their exterior features a pebbled surface means these tumblers offer enhanced grip. ChefLand Plastic Tumblers feature a dishwasher-safe construction for easy care and long life.

4. Bistro Water Tumbler (Set of 6)

Add a stylish touch to your table setting with these beautifully designed clear plastic tumblers. They are made of premium quality thick base that makes each tumbler look as well as feel like a glass. Designed with sturdy and durable material, these plastic tumblers are a safer and better alternative to glass. They are great for picnic, patio, poolside, and other outdoor use. Best of all, they are BPA-free and top rack dishwasher-safe. Their large opening ensures easy cleaning and filling.

5. 10-Ounce Hard Plastic Tumblers by Party Essentials

The last thing you want is to run out of drinking tumblers during a memorable party, and that is why Northwest Enterprises bring you this 100-count per pack clear plastic tumblers at an affordable price. These tumblers are perfect for vast array of cold beverages with no worries about broken glassware. Their classic barware styling makes them ideal for buffets, weddings, food service, family reunions, picnics, catering, and everyday use. These tumblers are hand washable and reusable. Ideally, they are disposable for easy clean up.

6. WNA Masterpiece Crystal Cut Party Tumblers (557405)

Your search for a premium quality clear plastic tumbler is finally over! Masterpiece, one of the notable manufacturers of crystal clear plastic tumblers is proud to introduce to you a top quality 10-ounce tumbler for great drinking spree. Each package contains 150 cups so you do not run out of drinking tumblers during a stunning event. Tumblers feature extra-rigid look and feel for outstanding performance. Use them to serve all types of beverages including cocktail, soda, beer, wine, and more.

7. Cupture Tumbler Cup – 24 oz, 2 Pack (Clear)

These tumblers come with two removable and reusable Hello Name Tags for peerless performance. Given their perfect sizes, these tumblers fit most car cup holders to allow you have your favorite beverage on the go. The fact that they feature a classic double insulated design means they will keep “cold” drinks cold and “hot” ones hot. The double wall insulation also prevents condensation. Use these tumblers anywhere including Bar-B-Q’s, office, picnics, and at home. The tumblers are made of BPA-free acrylic materials.

8. Café Plastic Tumblers

The Café introduces a value packed set containing sixteen break-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and commercial quality restaurant beverage tumblers made with 100-percent safe BPA-free material. These tumblers are easy to stack; thus, are a great space saver in self service areas. They feature a classic restaurant style design with a textured finish that makes them less prone to scratching. But, as opposed to typical restaurant tumblers, the texture is also given a high gloss finish to make them sparkle, even after several trips through the dishwasher. Café Plastic Tumblers are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, as well as great for any home and restaurants. Ideally, they are an economic choice for catered events and parties.

9. Classic Plastic Iced Tea Tumbler (Set of 6)

Enjoy partying or barbecuing with these versatile tumblers! Featuring an elegant design, these tumblers are formal for dinner parties and casual for daily use. They are also great for pool and backyard parties because of their beautiful designs. Made of BPA-free materials, these stunning tumblers are safe for use. Ideally, they are top rack dishwasher safe for convenient, super-easy cleaning experience. Their versatility is bound to compliment any table setting.

10. Rhapsody Plastic Water Tumblers

Rhapsody Plastic Water Tumblers are designed for those who like premium quality and safe BPA-free plastic tumblers. These clear plastic tumblers not only look but also feel like glass. Their beautiful design will add a stylish touch to your table setting. Since they are made of sturdy and stable material, expect these tumblers to be a safer and better alternative to glass. Use them anywhere including patios, picnics, poolside, and other outdoor use.

Looking for a top quality clear plastic tumbler? Look no further than these reviews because they have it all. Made of premium quality materials, these tumblers are BPA-free as well as dishwasher-safe for super-easy clean up. They come in a vast array of designs and styles to ensure you get a desirable set that best suits your drinking needs. Despite their performance and functionality, these tumblers are within an affordable range. To take your drinking spree to the next level, these tumblers should not miss out in your list.

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