Top 10 Best Circular Saw Blades in 2018 Reviews

Various types of circular saw blades cut through different components. You have no option other than choosing Best Circular Saw Blades to ensure even and neat cuts. Most circular saw blades are very versatile so that you can attach to several power machines. Never compromise quality for cheap products. Quality circular saw blades guarantees excellent performance. They also last longer. Various guidelines will help choose the best of Best Circular Saw Blades. They include the following;

Size of the blade

Handheld power saws make use of blades of size 7 inches or 10 inches diameter. Smaller blades measures between 4.5 inches to 7.25 inches diameter. They are characteristically carbide-tipped. Do not buy large circular blades on small power saws as they will not work correctly. In short, choose the correct size of the blade based on the power saw you already own. If you are not sure about dimensions, ask the dealers because most saws make use of standardized saw blades. Table saws use 10-inch, and 12-inch saw blades. Metal cutting saws use a bit large blades and 14 inches size.

Type of the saw

Best Circular Saw Blades have different designs. Based on this, each saw blade is compatible with the specific type of the saw. Check the ratings of the saw and compare to that of the blade. They should harmonize to avoid tipping off. Tolerable sizes are to particular saw model. The arbor of the saw blade should match the shaft design of your saw.


You cannot plan to buy saw blade that does not exist in the market. Check the availability of the product. Like any other device, circular saw blades are prone to breakage. For this reason, the package should include spare parts, if not, you should be able to access in their stores. The blade should deliver its intended purpose.

Type of the work

Each Best Circular Saw Blades is designed to cut specific materials. Those designed to cut metals are quite stronger than those for plastics, vinyl, and wood.  The number determines an efficiency of your work. A Large number of teeth cuts faster over materials than a small number of teeth.

Types of Circular Saw Blades

  • Continuous Rim Blades

This kind of Best Circular Saw Blades is diamond-edged blades. They are well engineered for cutting tiles and slates. The blades provide clean cuts. They are two kinds. Some are for dry cutting while other for wet cutting processes. Choose according to your applications.

  • Turbo Rim Blades

They are similar to continuous blades but with serrated rims. Perfect for materials such as the brick and concrete. Also, in comparison to continuous diamond blades, they are very aggressive and cuts both dry and wet materials.

  • Segmented Blades

They also have diamond-edged. Turbo Rim Blades are aggressive but not like segmented blades. They work faster and mostly for hard materials. Produces rough finish.

  • Abrasive Blades

Most abrasives blades are designed to cut through metal. They can also be used for cutting bricks, silicone oxide, aluminum oxide and concrete. They do have teeth.

we have sampled the Top 10 Best Circular Saw Blades in 2018 Reviews to narrow down your choices.


10.Diablo D0641X Finishing Saw Blade

If you want to saw to cut through the materials quickly and get clean output, then this is one of the Best Circular Saw Blades that you can choose. Its ultra-thin kerf design ensures simple and fast cuts. The Freud’s TiCo Hi-Density Carbide allows maximum durability and lifespan are cutting off about four times more as compared to standard carbide. It also features the Perma-shield coating to minimize corrosion, drag and gumming. It includes laser-cut stabilizer vents for reduced vibration and clean cuts. It can also withstand higher impact due to the Tri-metal shock-resistant brazing.


  1. Finishing edges cuts faster.
  2. The blades are of excellent value at the affordable price.


  1. False claims that it cut smoothly through materials.

9.Oshlun SBW-055036 36 Tooth ATB Finishing Blade

The products comes the second Best Circular Saw Blades due its versatility. This saw blade has 5/8-Inch Arbor to make sure it cut in a clean way through softwood, hardwood, plywood materials and particle board. This incredible blame from Oshlum offers the best performance. The blades feature super thin kerf for faster cuts. Its anti-kickback tooth design gives additional safety to the user. These blades also feature the heat vents that dissipates heat away during the operation which helps boost the lifespan of the blade. The durable micro grain carbide ensures that the cut is very smooth. It is compatible with several portable saws. It is manufactured of professional grade carbide to enhance the faster cutting process. The cuts are very precise. Additionally, this product is available at a lower price.


  1. The circular blade is constructed from quality carbide to last longer.
  2. Brushes are included for the blade to fit almost all saws.


  1. They can tear off easily under too much tension.

8.Freud D1080X Diablo  ATB Finish Saw Blade

This circular is a high-performance saw blade that has been engineered to produce excellent cross cuts in softwood and hardwood. It has a 5/8-Inch Arbor and the Perm Shield Coating to provide excellent performance. This model offers the chip-free cuts in the melamine, MDF, cabinets, veneered plywood and any furniture work. This product provides very smooth cuts and reduces the grabbing due to its high tooth count and great cutting geometry. Additionally, the 80-tooth blade enables flawless crosscuts will less rework in wood. It features Super-thin laser cut kerf, Tri-metal shock-resistant brazing, and Perma-shield nonstick coating. It also features laser-cut stabilizer vents to trap vibration and noise minimizing the blade warp. It correctly operates on sliding miter and table saws.


  1. Laser stabilizer reduces noise and vibration.
  2. Gives decent cuts.


  1. You to have tested on scrap wood before the actual cutting which is so tiring.

7.DEWALT DW9196 40T Precision Framing Saw Blade

These saw blades are well known for their great performance, excellent blade control, and the durability. This product is a revolutionary in the sense that it offers all the right aspects required by the professional carpenters.  The blades suit perfectly all the applications that involve roofing, framing, concrete forms and the siding installation. The blades’ tooth geometry features front face grind that makes sharper tip so that it helps in minimizing the cutting force of the blade. The particular plate technology helps eliminates vibration and improves the cutting performance. The product includes anti-kickback design to reinforce carbide tip to enhance durability. The anti-stick rim helps minimize friction and gum-up. Its ultra-thin kerf blade enables fast cutting.


  1. It is so thin to ensure precise cuts.
  2. Made of Patented carbide to ensure it last longer.
  3. Anti-knock design resists kickbacks.


  1. It does not fit Skil Model 367 Type 7 saws.

6.Vermont American 26127 Xtend Cordless Steel Cutting Circular Saw Blade

This product is one of the best circulars saw blades on the market that offers high performance. It has 10 mm arbor and 80 teeth to boost its workability. It has been designed well for the best performance in portable cordless saws. This product also features scalpel-sharp teeth and small kerf edge to make sure it cut with less drag and resistance when compared to other standard blades. It is popularly known for its high-quality services. It is also compatible with portable and stationary saws. The blades are carbide tipped to ensure there is consistent and best performance. This saw blade is also available at an affordable price.


  1. Unique design guarantee efficient performance.
  2. Cuts through many materials.


  1. Cannot cut steel materials.

5.DEWALT DW3128P5 Crosscutting Miter Saw Blade

With this 12-inch saw blade set, you can use it to entirely cut softwood, hardwood, chipboard or plywood. It has been constructed such that it will assist you to make smooth and precise cuts faster without disappointing you. One blade contains 80 teeth, and another one contains 32 teeth offering added versatility. The two blades feature the wedge shoulder design for enhanced cutting precision and prevent frequent breakage. It also has a balanced computer plate that functions by minimizing vibration for improved precision and better finish. These blades have been designed to be used with miter and slide miter saws. This set features thin kerf for quick and smooth cutting process. Dealers provide a warranty of 3 years.


  1. Provides very accurate cuts.
  2. The company offers guaranteed warranty.


  1. They are highly accurate to only miter saws.

4.Freud D1050X Diablo ATB Combination Saw Blade

This Best Circular Saw Blades is ideal for precise and clean cuts in wood and the wood composites. The blades attain maximum outcome when the crosscutting mix of wood composites and timber and ripping. Freud D1050X makes the cutting process fast, very easy and accurate. Its multi-purpose versatility reduces the changes of the blade in between tasks which help save a lot of time. The 5 blades of this product are separated by the big gaps and are notched with teeth that are grouped closely. This design gives you the high teeth count that is needed for the purpose of the clean cutting process. It also offers large chip-removal space required for the hassle-free ripping. It is very easy to use this product. The laser-cut stabilizer traps the vibration and noise.

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  1. Carbide teeth stay sharp for a longer period.
  2. The plates are computerized to reduce vibration.


  1. The company provides a limited warranty.

3.Concord Blades ACB1000T100HP Metal Saw Blade

This saw blade suits the professional jobs perfectly. It is perfect for cutting non-ferrous metals including copper, aluminum, bronze, and brass. It is a commercial grade aluminum blade that ensures that the cutting is smoothest as possible. Its teeth are constructed using titanium of higher grade and the carbide for it to be sharp for a long time. It is very sharp for it to produce smooth cuts. You can also use these blades to easily cut through PVC tubing, plastics, plexiglass, fiberglass, and acrylics. This product also includes hook angle, 3-in-1 chip grind and the thick plate put together to boost the blade’s workability and give a great finish.  You can use this saw blade with a circular saw, table saw, miter saw and radial saw. The 3.2mm kerf design has a stunning look, and the maker gives the easy-to-read guide to the user.


  1. Perfect for aluminum materials.
  2. Accessible at the affordable price that does not strain your resources.


  1. Carbide blades are obstinate than aluminum.

2.Evolution Power Tools 14BLADEST Steel Cutting Saw Blade

This circular saw blade is designed well to cut steel. It uses dry-cut technology. Hence it cuts with fewer burrs and heat. Its length measures 14 inches, and the body has been made to be hard. The company that manufactures this product focuses on the satisfaction of the customers. Its unique construction is resistant to any corrosion. This product’s blades is constructed using fine grade carbide for it to stay sharp for a long time. It also features high-grade brazing to enhance its look. This circular saw blade operate at a very high speed of about 1600 revolution per minute. It has a single saw blade arbor and 66 carbide teeth with kerf materials of 1 inch.


  1. Compatible mostly with horizontal saws.
  2. Gives neat and smooth cuts.


  1. You should pay extra caution to minimize chipping.

1.Rockwell RW9281 24T Carbide Tipped Compact Circular Saw Blade

This Best Circular Saw Blades is manufactured from Tungsten-Carbide that last for a long time. The blade has 24 teeth to ensure the cutting performance is excellent. It cuts through tough materials perfectly without any problem. It can also cut through wood, plastics, and composites. It has been constructed to work well with many circular saws. These blades are usually for use with RK3441K Rockwell Compact Circular Saw.  Buy this product from the reputable dealers. You simply order once, and this saw blade will be delivered to your within a short time.


  1. It provides good results for flooring developments.
  2. Works faster.


1.It is quite hard to locate spare parts.

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