Top 10 Best Cheap Kayak Paddles in 2018 Reviews

Say goodbye to traffic jams, manic morning or bingo wings, and grab a paddle for great kayaking experience, while enjoy the sunrise in the serenity of nature. Unlike most sports or outdoor activities, paddling in a kayak has numerous benefits. Of course, one of these benefits is fun. The whole experience is fun and offers a brilliant opportunity to meet new people and take your interaction to the next level. Ideally, it is one of the best ways to start your day.

Another benefit of paddling using a kayak is the improvement of fitness. Not only will you be enjoying the whole experience but also you will be improving your fitness. Paddling builds muscle definition and works shoulders, arms, and back. It also helps you lose weight by burning calories. Since getting the best kayak paddle can be an arduous task, we bring you the following top 10 best cheap Kayak Paddles reviews.

1. X-1 Kayak Paddle by SeaSense

The X-1 Kayak Paddle by SeaSense features a 2-piece aluminum construction and it is lightweight for enhanced performance. With a total length of 84 inches, this kayak paddle is all you need to enjoy any outdoor activity. Ergonomic hand grips help enhance comfort while you are out enjoying your fun time. Despite its light weight, this kayak paddle is balanced. It comes equipped with adjustable drip rings to ensure you are dry throughout the experience.

2. Shoreline Kayak Paddle

This rounded marine kayak paddle features corrosion-resistant aluminum shaft and it has comfortable grip handles. In addition to the corrosion-resistant aluminum shaft, the Shoreline Kayak Paddle features contoured molded blades for efficiency and durability. The contour molded blade propels through the water with ease and drip-guards help keep you dry. This kayak paddle also features a 3-position system that allows you to customize it to fit your style. It disassembles into 2 pieces to make portability and transportation a breeze. Because of its 96-inch length, the Shoreline Kayak Paddle is great for both long and short trips.

3. X-Treme II Kayak Paddle by SeaSense

This 84-inch kayak paddle is exactly what you need to bring out the long-awaited fun during summer days. Its black color will perfectly blend with most kayaks, while its support ridge adds strength and balance. The X-Treme II Kayak Paddle by SeaSense features 3 locking systems that allow you to customize it to fit your style. Adjustable drip-guards keep you dry while the two-piece construction makes storage a breeze. This kayak paddle features a feathered blade design to enhance efficiency and performance.

4. X-Treme II Mix Kayak Paddle by SeaSense

Kayaking has never been this fun. The X-Treme II Mix Kayak Paddle by SeaSense features a feathered blade design to enhance its performance and allow you to propel through water with ease. Moreover, the kayak paddle features a 2-piece construction for easy storage and portability. Adjustable drip-guards keep you dry while you are out enjoying the pristine waters. Other great features that come with the SeaSense X-Treme II Mix Kayak Paddle are support ridge for added strength and three locking systems.

5. Whisper II Kayak Paddle by Bending Branches

The Bending Branches Whisper II Kayak Paddle is one of the best kayak paddles on the market today, why? It has advanced features that enhance its efficiency and performance. Featuring an aluminum shaft, this kayak paddle is rust-resistant and corrosion-free. Ideally, the blade is made of fiberglass reinforced polypropylene and has a length of 18 inches and width of 6.75 inches.

6. Curved Kayak Paddle by TRAC-Outdoor Products

Although lightweight, this kayak paddle features a sturdy design to up its performance and functionality. Unlike most kayak paddles, this particular one features paddle handle and dock hooks for convenient operation. It features drip rings to prevent you from becoming wet or being dripped on. Ideally, the Curved Kayak Paddle is comfortable and is designed for everyone including beginning youth kayakers and experienced kayakers.

7. Carlisle Paddle Gear Kayak Paddle

This kayak paddle from Carlisle Paddle Gear features bright-colored polypropylene blades to enhance the blades’ visual appeal. The asymmetrical, slightly spooned blade shape combines with a lightweight, fiberglass shaft to produce smooth yet powerful strokes. The paddle’s wound fiberglass shaft offers a sweet compromise between the flex needed to reduce stress on your joints and stiffness needed for a strong paddle stroke. The Carlisle Paddle Gear Kayak Paddle also features fiberglass-filled polypropylene blades that provide unbeatable balance of lightweight versus durability.

8. Leader Accessories Kayak Paddles

Manufactured by Leader Accessories, expect this superior quality kayak paddle to offer numerous beneficial services at a competitive price. It features lightweight, molded plastic blades for peerless performance. It also features feathered blade to allow you propel through water with ease. The enforced-push button connection and three locking positions allow you to customize the paddle to fit your style. Like many premium quality paddle kayaks, the Leader Accessories Kayak Paddle 2-piece aluminum construction for easy storage and portability.

9. Lifetime Kayak Paddle

This 72-inch long kayak paddle is designed for the beginning youth kayaker. Its 2-piece shaft is constructed from aluminum with 7 x 15-inch asymmetrical polypropylene blades. At only 1.7 lbs, this kayak paddle is extremely light, making it great for kids who should use it as an introduction into the fun sport of kayaking. The Lifetime Kayak Paddle features a standard push button that allows for two feather positions: 60 and 90 degrees.

10. Intex Kayak Paddle

Lightweight yet strong, this kayak paddle has fascinating features and peerless performance to ensure you have a great time out. It features oar retainer/drip rings and ribbed blades for added durability and strength. The black blade is large enough to allow you propel through the pristine water smoothly and easily. This 96-inch kayak paddle can be converted into two 48-inch oars for great paddling experience.

Getting the best quality kayak paddle has never been easier; thanks to the above reviews. Featuring different designs and styles of kayak paddles, these reviews present you with a brilliant opportunity to get a desirable item that best suits your needs. Although they have different features and designs, kayak paddles listed in these reviews have similar functionality and performance. For unforgettable kayaking, the above kayak paddles should be the frontier for you.

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