Top 10 Best Cell Phone Camera Lens for Smartphone in 2018 Reviews

The best camera is undoubtedly the one you have with you. But, while your smartphone can certainly take stunning photographs, it might need a little help to be the best camera it can be. That is why there are several camera accessories such as camera lens. A cell phone camera lens enhances the photo-taking capability of a phone. It improves the appearance, color, and other necessary modes and settings you need, to take a stunning photograph.

But, while there are several cell phone camera lenses on the market, only a few are trustworthy because of their quality and performance. Getting these few, however, has proven to be a difficult task, and most people have ended up with poor quality products. It is because of such reasons we bring you the following top 10 best cell phone camera lens for smartphone reviews, so you can have easy time getting a high quality item with desirable features.

1. OldShark Camera Lens

The OldShark Camera Lens is designed for iPhone 6, 6 plus, 5, 5S, 4, 4S, and Samsung, among other cell phones. It features a universal rubber detachable clamp design so it can work on most types of mobile phones whose camera lenses are not bigger than 13mm diameter. Ideally, it is lightweight, durable, and discreet enough to be left attached to the handset permanently. The OldShark Camera Lens is made of glasses with green optics coating to make your picture clearer.

2. Nestsun Cell Phone Lens

Experience the ultimate visual performance with the Nestsun Cell Phone Lens. This super wide angle lens expands the viewing by 0.45X, 135 degrees, and it can shoot photos at a distance of 1.18 – 1.96 inches from object. It has HD feature that minimizes ghosting, reflection, glare, and other artifacts for outstanding clarity. Made of top grade aluminum construction, this camera lens has increased durability. It features a soft rubber clip to protect your device from scratch or damage. The Nestsun Cell Phone Lens fits iPhones, iPads, Samsung, Motorola, and other smartphones.

3. HYSJY Cell Phone Camera Lens

The HYSJY Cell Phone Camera Lens expands the native viewing angle by 2X, making it suitable to take picture of large ranges such as group of buildings, landscapes, and people. It comes equipped with CPL circular filter that makes it great for removing unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water and glass. The fisheye lens can see the image with a range of 180 degrees from the right to the left on your phone. This lens also features 10X Macro lens that you zoom to show details unseen to the naked eyes. It is portable and detachable so you can take it anywhere and use it anytime.

4. Amir Camera Lens

Amir 3-in-1 HD Camera Lens can be used with a wide variety of smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy, iPhone 6/6 plus/5/5S/4/4S, and more. It also works on PC and iPad. It is professional yet portable, giving you a rare chance to experience the ultimate visual experience. Clip it on the back or front of your phone, and it will show you another of cell phone photography! With this powerful cell phone camera lens, you will be able to become a photographer you have always wanted.

5. Amir Camera Lens Kit, 25X Macro Lens

This updated 3-in-1 camera lens from Amir provides a better experience of photo shooting with cell phone. Its 25X Macro Lens has been updated compared to the other 10X lens ones in the market, so you can get more details in your photos. The 180-degree Fisheye lens effect becomes dramatic and incredible. The Amir Camera Lens features 0.36X wide angle lens that gives you wider views than the previous 0.67X one. The item’s package include 1 x 180-degree Fisheye lens, 1 x 0.36X HD wide angle lens, 1 x 25X Macro lens, 3 x universal clip, 3 x top lens cover, 3 x bottom lens cover, 1 x user guide, 1 x microfiber cleaning cloth, and 1 x retail box.

6. Mpow Camera Lens

Mpow Camera Lens is a 3-in-1 tiny clip-on detachable jelly lens designed for mobile phones. It has a Fisheye lens that offers a wide hemispherical image and its Macro lens is used for taking extreme close-up of very small objects. The wide angle lens projects a substantially larger image circle than would be typical for a standard design lens of the same focal length. The Mpow Camera Lens also features a pro-lens built with high-clarity glass to give you clear shots.

7. TECHO Camera Lens

TECHO Camera Lens is a 2-in-1 tiny clip-on detachable HD lens digital cameras and mobile phones. It has a Macro lens so it can picture a tiny object in clear details. It also features wide angle lens, which is suitable for taking picture of large ranges such as group of people, landscape, and buildings. Ideally, it has a new design universal clip that can attach every 37mm thread digital SLR Pro lens on your mobile. The TECHO Camera Lens can apply to HTC, smartphone, iPad, Samsung, iPhone, Tablet PC, and more.

8. ZESO Cell Phone Camera Lens

Now everyone can capture professional quality photos; thanks to ZESO Cell Phone Camera Lens. With this cell phone camera lens, you will be able to capture every special photo moment without having to buy expensive photograph prints or pay for individual photo sessions. It has a 198-degree Fisheye Lens that gives you a much wider range compared to the 180 degrees offered in other kits in the same class. In fact, this cell phone camera lens helps you capture fish-like, wide-angled pictures.

9. TEQSTONE Camera Lens Kit

This 8-in-1 cell phone camera lens is convenient for taking photos in different situations. It is portable and detachable, so you can take photos with your device at anytime, anywhere. The clip-on design works on most types of mobile phone camera lenses that are not bigger than 11 mm diameter. The TEQSTONE Camera Lens Kit is compatible with tablets and cell phones such as Blackberry, Samsung, Huawei, iPhone, Nokia, Surface RT, iPad Pro, Galaxy Note 5, Google Nexus, and more. The TEQSTONE Camera Lens Kit works with both back camera and front camera.

10. Cyber Cart Cell Phone Camera Lens

This premium quality cell phone camera lens is manufactured with superior grade glass optics for enhanced durability. It is portable and convenient so it can deliver DSLR quality performance and help you capture stunning, distortion-free photography with your device at any time. Its universal detachable clamp design will not scratch or damage your mobile device. The Cyber Cart Cell Phone Camera Lens has a wide angle lens, which is suitable for taking picture of large ranges such as landscapes, buildings, and groups of people. It is compatible with most cell phones and tablets, and it works with both back camera and front camera.

Now everyone can take a stunning image at any moment; thanks to these cell phone camera lenses. Made of fascinating features to enhance performance and functionality, these cell phone camera lenses allow you to capture great images without having to buy an expensive camera or pay a professional photographer. They come in a variety of designs and colors so everyone can get something that best suits their needs. For great photo-taking session, these cell phone camera lenses for smartphone should not go unnoticed in your shopping list.

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