Top 10 Best Camp Sleeping Air Pads in 2018 Reviews

We all know that nothing is as important as a good night’s sleep. And that is why you need a premium quality camp sleeping pads. When I talk of a camp sleeping pad, I don’t mean any sleeping pad but a camp sleeping air pad. A camp sleeping air pad is easy to inflate, as most of them inflate automatically on their own. It is also easy to deflate, and this makes it ideal for those who are on the go.

Compared to other sleeping pads, a camp sleeping air pad is more comfortable. While a friend next to you will be tossing around and having difficulty catching some quality sleep, you will be in dreamland because of the comfort this pad offers. Camp sleeping air pads also provide plenty of warmth that you will not realize you are far away from your home. In these top 10 best camp sleeping air pads reviews, we highlight some of the premium quality camp sleeping air pads.

1. Coleman Camp Air Pad

Coleman’s Camp Air Pad comes with an attached pillow to make sure that you have a good night’s sleep. Inflating it is extremely easy, as all you need to do is to roll it out before opening the free-flow valve so it can inflate automatically. The fact that this air pad is made of a durable and weather-resistant nylon shell means it is bound to hold up night after night. Ideally, it boasts a tufted design that provides more comfort. When the fun is over, simply open up the pad’s valve and push out the air as you roll the pad up.

2. ALPS Mountaineering Air Pad (Comfort Series)

When you are away from your home and desire some ultimate comfort to your sleeping bag or cot, look no further than ALPS Mountaineering self-inflating air pad. Boasting the comfort series, this air pad inflates and deflates within a cinch via the jet stream wave foam. Moreover, it rolls up compactly to perfectly fit into the included stuff sack. Its top is a comfortable and brushed Suede-like fabric with Anti-Slip Dots found on the bottom to prevent it from sliding around. This air pad also has brass non-corrosive valves that promote ultimate durability.

3. Klymit Sleeping Pad

It is obvious that no one wants to be uncomfortable at night, and that is why Klymit manufactures this static and ultra-lightweight sleeping pad. Featuring a V-chamber design, this air pad limits air movement and heat loss for ultimate comfort and support. Its easy-to-use push valve allows for quick inflation and deflation. Inflation only takes 10 – 15 breaths, and when it is fully inflated, it measures 72-by-23-by-2.5 inches. Other than the Klymit Sleeping Pad you will get a pitch kit, stuff sack, and lifetime warranty.

4. Alps Mountaineering Sleeping Pad (Featherlite Series)

Just as its name suggests, the Featherlite Series is extremely compact and lightweight. Since it does not have any foam, once inflated, all you have is the weight of the air and fabric. If you opt for the regular size, your sleeping pad will weigh only 1 pound. And if you choose the long size, you will be just above a pound and half. Inflation takes just a couple of minutes and it is done through the included pump found near the head of the sleeping pad. Like all ALPS Mountaineering air pads, the Featherlite Series has brass valves to lengthen its durability. Ideally, it comes with a repair kit and stuff sack.

5. Camp Solutions Air Sleeping Pad

With over 10 years of experience in producing camping and travel accessories, Camp Solutions is among the leading manufacturers of camp sleeping air pads. Its camping products, for instance, sleeping pad is not only comfortable and lightweight but also is durable and abrasion resistant. The pad has a sturdy valve, which when opened, allows air to enter the mattress. The pad also contains open-cell foam inside and Non-Slip Soft Touch, as well as waterproof skin that delivers a significant increase in warmth and comfort. Measuring only 13.39-by-6.30-by-6.30 inches, this air pad is small enough to fit inside a backpack.

6. ALPS Mountaineering Air Pad (Lightweight Series)

This self-inflating air pad from ALPS Mountaineering inflates and deflates in seconds via the jet stream foam. Moreover, it rolls up compactly to perfectly fit into the included stuff sack. Its top fabric is a tough, lightweight Ripstop and its bottom is polyester taffeta. The fact that this air pad will keep you warmer means you will have a well-rested night. Other things that come with the ALPS Mountaineering Air Pad (Lightweight Series) are a repair kit, compression straps, and stuff sack.

7. Lightspeed Outdoors Camp Pad

Are you tired of poor quality camp sleeping air pads? Then get tired no more because Lightspeed Outdoors is here for your rescue! This high-class sleeping air pad offers ultimate luxury and a comfortable upgrade for a more restful and restorative sleep. Boasting open dimensions of 77-by-30-by-3 (3.5 at the pillow) inches, this air pad provides plenty of room to spread out and roll around. Ideally, the air pad features Flex Form that equalizes the varying pressure of the user’s head and neck as well as shoulder and hips.

8. Fox Outfitters Camp Pad

Your search for a premium quality camp sleeping air pad is finally over! This top-class self-inflating camping mat features a unique non-slip soft touch fabric for ultimate comfort and peerless performance. It also features a heavy-duty abrasion-resistant base fabric that withstands rugged outdoor terrain. The rapid rise open cell foam features triple zone comfort pattern for added comfort and support. The Fox Outfitters Camp Pad features a durable non-corrosive brass valves that provides rapid inflation and deflation. Like most premium quality air pads, Fox Outfitters Camp Pad comes with a repair kit, compression bands, and stuff sack.

9. TNH Outdoors Sleeping Pads

TNH Outdoors always strives to combine the best ideas with forward thinking innovations, and that is reflected on their self-inflating sleeping pad. This pad offers the strength you need and the durability you trust. Made of a 75D polyester outer shell, the pad will make punctures a thing of the past. It has a strong plastic valve that ensures quick inflation and deflation. The 2-inch thick design makes those bumps and uneven surfaces beneath the tent to go unnoticed. Like any TNH Outdoor product, this camp sleeping air pad is guaranteed.

10. ALPS Mountaineering Air Pad (Lightweight Series-Double)

Sleeping on rocks and uneven surfaces can take out some of the romance of a couple’s getaway. That is why ALPS Mountaineering brings you this ultra-lightweight and comfortable air pad. Made of durable ripstop top and polyester taffeta, this pad ensures years of camping fun. It comes with a stuff sack and compression straps for easy storage and transportation. It also comes with a repair kit in case you set up your tent on a porcupine. The fact that it is double wide means it can perfectly accommodate two people. This pad folds together for ultimate comfort. Ideally, it attaches and detaches securely by Velcro.

Keep your relationship healthy with one of these top quality camp sleeping air pads. Made of durable materials, these pads ensure years of camping fun. Moreover, most of them come with repair kits, so you are not frustrated in the middle of nowhere. They also come with compression straps/bands and stuff sack for easy storage and transportation. To take your camping fun to the next level, these camp sleeping air pads should not miss out in your camping list.

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