Top 10 Best Cable & Bolt Cutters in 2018 Reviews

Although bolt cutters may not be the first tool to make it into your home repair toolbox, once they get there, you’ll realize how handy they are. First, they are versatile cutting tools that you can use to cut through bolts, cables, fences, padlocks, chains, ropes, wires, and much more. You can also use them to cut tree branches and keep your compound tidy. In fact, some people even claim to use them as self-defense tools. In simpler terms, cable and bolt cutters are really essential items that should be there in every household.

But, how do you get the best cable or bolt cutter to add to your home repair kits? Stay put and read through these top 10 best cable & bolt cutters reviews listed below, as the answer to this question lies here. Thoroughly researched, this compilation is only made up of quality cable and bolt cutters to make sure you are not disappointed at the end of the day, but rather grateful.

1. Greenlee 718 18-Inch Cable Cutter

Cut heavier aluminum and copper cables effortlessly with the Greenlee 718 18-Inch Cable Cutter. With up to 2/0 cutting ability, the Greenlee 718 18-Inch Cable Cutter is the ideal tool to use for cutting cables. It features an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use for extended period.


· Rubber knobs: They are found at the bottom of the cable cutter, and their work is to reduce the likelihood of the cable cutter slipping from your hand. Moreover, they increase comfort, leverage, and traction.

· Adjustable pivot bolt: Allows you to adjust the blade

· Precision ground blades: They are heat treated, replaceable, and forged for optimum efficiency.

2. Apex Tool Group Pocket Wire Rope and Cable Cutter

As opposed to most bolt cutters, the Apex Tool Group Pocket Wire Rope & Cable Cutter is easy to use. With this tool, you’ll go around accomplishing your targets in no minute. Best of all, it is durable; hence, expect it to help you achieve your goals for unlimited time. It’s because of its superior durability that the manufacturer is so confident that they have included limited lifetime warranty.


· Shear cut blades: Cuts cables and bolts accurately and faster.

· Vinyl grips: They are comfortable to enable you use the tool for prolonged time without getting tired. Ideally, they are red in color for enhanced visual appeal.

· Durable construction: For long-term use of the bolt cutter.

3. TEKTON 3386 8-Inch Mini Bolt and Wire Cutter

This small bolt cutter from TEKTON cuts bolts, wires, threaded rod, chain, and more. In other words, it is a versatile cutting tool that should not go unnoticed in your tool equipment. It is heavy duty and is always guaranteed, so buy with peace of mind knowing you are getting the best product.


· Drop forge hardened alloy steel jaws: Deliver superior cutting power.

· Strong, high leverage tubular handles: They will not twist or give under load; thereby, making everything easier.

· Soft rubber grips: They offer non-slip comfort.

4. HK Porter Cable Cutter

Protected by limited lifetime warranty, the HK Porter Cable Cutter gives you all the confidence you need to buy a product. Aside from that, it is an efficient wire rope and cable cutter that offers clean cuts within a cinch. This cable cutter is one of the best bolt cutters, considering its durability, performance, and versatility.


· Hardened steel jaws taper: As they cut, they reduce cut end diameter to less than original size.

· Powerful shear cut blades: Cut everything from wires to cables to chains.

· Steel handles with rubber grips: They offer the much-needed comfort and ensure you use less effort to cut a wire, chain or bolt.

5. Klein Tools 63314 14-Inch Bolt Cutter

At 14 inches long, the Klein Tools 63314 Bolt Cutter is easy to use. It ensures you use less effort to cut such things as bolts, wires, and chains. This bolt cutter is perfect for anyone who likes doing DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects. It weighs 3.15 pounds implying it is heavy enough to cut through most bolts. Remember, the Klein Tools 63314 Bolt Cutter has non-insulated handles; hence, will not protect against electrical shocks.


· Center-cut jaws: They are all-purpose, so be sure to use them to cut soft, medium, and hard metals.

· Lockplate reinforcement: It prevents jaw bolts from turning or loosening. In other words, it keeps jaws in correct alignment.

· Flat ends on heavy vinyl grips: For 90-degree cuts.

6. HK Porter 0890MA Bolt Cutter

For those whose tasks demand the use of mini bolt cutters, look no further than the HK Porter 0890MA Bolt Cutter. It is a powerful cutting tool that cuts mild steel with diameter up to 6mm and ¼ inch long. It can also be used to cut hard steel with diameter up to 3.8 mm and thickness up to 14”.


· Industrial plastic dipped handle grips: They are easy to clean for convenience.

· Recessed notch blade design: It holds cutting materials close for extreme cutting power.

· Induction hardened cutting edges: Promotes durability and longevity.

7. Greenlee ETS12L12 Bolt Cutter

You don’t need to use too much effort to cut wires, bolts or chains; not when the Greenlee ETS12L12 Bolt Cutter is on the market. Powerful, versatile, and reliable, the Greenlee ETS12L12 is one of the best bolt cutters in the 21st century. It comes with 2 Li-ion batteries, a carrying case, and 12v charger to make sure you have easy time doing the cutting.


· Small cutting head: It gets into tight spaces, which other cutters cannot reach, to accomplish the task in hand.

· LED work light: illuminates the work area.

· Battery LED monitor: Alerts you on the battery power.

· Over molded tacky grip areas: They make the machine easy and comfortable to hold.

8. Klein Tools 63536 36-Inch Bolt Cutter

The Klein Tools 63536 Bolt Cutter is a heavy duty cutting tool that is designed for constant, everyday use. In fact, it is made for use in the most demanding applications. Unlike most mini bolt cutters, the 63536 cutting machine has longer handles to make sure the user uses less effort to get the job done and dusted.


· Heavy-duty side plates: They keep jaws properly aligned, so they can make clean and quick cuts through reinforcing wire mesh, rod, guy strand, and other materials.

· Lever design: It creates 4,000-pound jaw pressure with 50-pound hand pressure.

· Precision ground steel jaws: Ensures versatility by cutting through bolt, chain, and cables.

9. uxcell Mini Bolt Wire Cutter Plier

This wire cutter plier is one of the most efficient and versatile mini bolt cutters. You can use it to comfortably carry out an electrical task. It is also ideal for use in home repair tasks. The plier will help you cut wires, low carbon steel wires, soft metal wires, copper core, and iron, among others.


· Plastic coated handle: Ensures comfortable and secure grip.

· Sharp versatile blades: For quick and clean cutting of various materials.

· Orange rubber grips: For enhanced comfort and aesthetic looks.

10. CableView Railing Cable Cutter

Constructed with high quality, heavy-duty industrial strength, this small bolt cutter boasts unmatched durability, Moreover, it is loaded with features and it can effortlessly cut through 3/16 inch and smaller stainless steel cable. Because of its size, the CableView Railing Cable Cutter can be operated by either one hand or two hands.


· Precision honed steel blades: Offer many years of service.

· Heavy-duty design: Ensures long-term use.

· Ergonomic handles: For upgraded comfort and secure grip.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you go out to buy a cable or bolt cutter is quality. And quality in this concept involves performance, versatility, and durability. First, cable cutters and bolt cutters listed here are mostly made of high quality steel for superior durability. Second, they can be used to cut through numerous materials as shown above. In other words, this is the best platform to get that desirable cable cutter or bolt cutter you’ve been dreaming about.

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