Top 10 Best Bodyboards in 2018 Reviews

There is great variance between heavy and light riding. Bodyboards are available in the market in varies sizes and shapes. Obtaining useful body board that suits your height, weight with experience is very essential. The bodyboard chosen should cover between chin and top the knees. Bigger boards are of more convenience than shorter body boards though they are quite expensive. This is because shorter bodyboards makes your legs to trail behind thus dragging. Additionally, larger boards are multi-functional as it allows surfing in various conditions. Average-sized bodyboards are perfect for moderate waves. Bodyboards are majorly used for surfing waves. It requires little training for one to ride. Take into account the succeeding features to help choose the right bodyboard for you.

i) Quality of the bodyboard

Most of the times quality depends on the materials used to manufacture a product. There are two kinds of materials used to make bodyboards including polyethylene foam and polypropylene foam. Polyethylene foam is widely used due to its outstanding features such as terrific flex, awesome projection and the versatility nature so that the bodyboard works well in all water conditions. The only downfall of the polyethylene is that it is heavy. Polypropylenes bodyboards are very light and stiff. Some bodyboard manufactures incorporates the use of two materials.

ii) Strength of the board

Stringer is included to improve strength to the core of the bodyboard. Stringer is amalgamated material that runs down from side giving it spine. This stringer ensures instantaneous recoil while at the same times boosting the projection.

iii) Nature of the tail

Every bodyboard has go specific tail shape and size. Different shapes offers unique surfing effect. We have got crescent and bat shaped tails. Wider tails ensures efficient stability and faster riding. Choose narrow tails for great maneuverability.

iv) Design

It should be uniquely designed. Proper rail construction is ought to embraced. Rails are the edges of the board that plane the direction of the wave. More efficient control is achieved by having steeper rails thus minimizing the strain while driving. Shallow angles reduces the resistance therefore ensuring fast riding. Rails are available is 60/40 and 50/50 guise. The position and width of the wide points influences the maneuverability and floating rate of the board. The slimmer the board the greater the buoyancy.

v) Nature of the shore

Different bodyboards works well with various kinds of shores. Is it big, small or hollow? Having this in mind will guide on which product to go for. It is recommendable that you have multi-purpose bodyboards.

Having considered the above factors with extensive research, the list of Top 10 Best Bodyboards in 2018 Reviews are listed below;

10. Beach Attack Pack Body-board

The product features tremendous lightweight wave weapon and a colored leash. Fins tethers are available to minimize loose of swim fins. This is very advantageous over other bodyboards in the market. It is lightweight. The manufactures provides easy to read installation manual that guide on how to attach leash and fin tethers. In addition, the manual give information on how to care for the bodyboard by leaving the white part side up in the sun. The company offers full guaranteed warranty. It also features slick bottom surface that has got rear channels. Crescent tail boost its performance. Available in pink, green and blue color.


i) It features hard condensed foam top.

ii) Versatile as it can be used by kids and adults comfortably.


i) It is highly priced.

9. Younger 37 inch Super Bodyboard

This bodyboard features IXPE deck. It is a perfect product for surfing. On manufacture, heat lamination technology is incorporated for more compact strength. Excellent density polyethylene materials are used to makes it thus it last for decades. Furthermore, these materials are highly resistant to corrosion hence you can use the board in all wave environments. On purchase, pro leash and wrist band are included. This keeps the board close during the practice. Presence of 60/40 rails plane the waves in the preferred directions. Its unique design makes surfing amusing. Available in variety of colors allowing the user to make a choice. It is very lightweight.


i) High quality due to high density polyethylene material used.

ii) Lightweight for high speed maneuverability.

iii) Less costly.

iv) Perfect for kids between the age of 7-13 years.


i) Limited usage as adults cannot use it due to its inadequate surfing area.

8 .Lucky Bums Body Board

Lucky Bums Body Board is an awesome product for adventurous kids. This is because it lightweight to ease its maneuverability. It measures 42 inches length. Large kick board for adults is available. It has got rear channels at bottom for better control. Available in pink, blue and yellow colors. Very easy to ride. It can be used at the beach, river or the waterpark. It features 60/40 rails. Its bottom is constructed from high density polyethylene well formulated to withstand all wave conditions at high speed. It is sold out fully assembled. Its engineered EPS makes the bodyboard more buoyant.

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i) Durable construction.

ii) Leash is included on purchase.


i) Leash is very short.

7. Wave Rebel Pro Classic Bodyboard

Wave Rebel Pro Classic Bodyboard is one of the versatile bodyboards. It is specifically designed to suit large-bodied wave riders. The manufactures recommend users with a height of 5’6″ with a weight of 190 pounds. It well designed such that it tapers from one end to the other. This streamline-like design is very useful for maximum stability while riding. It has got channels lining at its bottom side for more performance and control. Moreover, this bodyboard features 1FRP stringer, XEPE deck, bat tail and EPS core.


i) Bat tail design ensures quality wave riding.

ii) Features slimy bottom for comfort.

iii) Accommodates huge users.


i) Included leash is inferior.

6. Empire Makai Bodyboard

This an excellent brand for kids who love surfing. It offers much fun especially on adventurous events. Its stylish design makes it very popular in the market. It features slim bottom that ensures smooth wave riding. It is versatile as it can be used to train kids who are new to wave surfing. Excellent quality EPS foam core is available. On purchase, a free leash is included. Available at affordable cost.


i) convinient length measuring 42 inches.

ii) Comes with a comfortable leash.

iii) Slimy white bottom.


i) Highly priced.

5. VS Bodyboards Ikon Bodyboards

This a great bodyboard for serious beach bums. Though highly priced, the product has got various useful features. This includes bullet-tapered shape that ensure the board cut along the waves smoothly. Single stringer is also available. During it manufacture, both its functionality and form are combined for better performance. Different colors are used on its parts making it a beautiful board for fun making while in the beach. Its deck is blue in color, white pinstripe with yellow rails. Crescent tail alongside advanced channel offers full control in all wave conditions.


i) Excellent quality bodyboard.

ii) PE core.

iii) The CFT stringer gives the board more strength.


i) Highly priced.

4. Younger 33 inch Super Bodyboard

It includes 60/40 rails that improves its portability. The product is lightweight featuring EPS core and IXPE deck. This bodyboard is constructed based on heat lamination technology for more strength and durability. Its bottom is made of high density polyethylene that offers more stability. The crescent tail makes the product more streamline. It is waterproof thus it cannot corrode easily in water. Brilliant quality leash alongside with wristband that keep the board intact. Perfect choice for beginners.

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i) Moves at high speed.

ii) High quality leash to keep the board nearby.


i) Best for kids only due its limited size.

3. BPS Full Beach Ultra lite

This is most selling bodyboard from Bullet Proof Surf. It is available in pink and blue colors. It features coiled leash design that flexes providing slack needed during riding. It is perfect for teens. It is made from long lasting durable EPS core. To add on the above, this product is available in different sizes offering the users a choice to consider depending on their needs. Fin tethers safeguard your swim fins. The manufactures include instructional manual that guide on how to install and use the bodyboard. It fully satisfy the users.


i) Durable since it constructed highly resistant materials.

ii) Easy to assemble by use of provided manual.


i) It uses fiber cloth instead of fiberglass

2. California Board Company Magnum Bodyboard

It measures 44 inches length making it accommodative to all citizens. It features crescent tail that ensures streamline movement through the waves. It has got dual swivel coiled leash. Presence of CNC deck for awesome performance. It ideal for teen learners. Its extensive template gives the user confident to easily plow over the water. High density polyethylene bottom allows the body boarder to smoothly cuts over the water.


i) When its functionality is compared to the cost incurred, the product is very cheap.

ii) Multi-functional.


i) Inefficient capacity.

ii) It breaks easily.

1. Bo-Toys BodyBoard

The Bo-Toys Bodyboard comes with EPS core. It very lightweight hence can be moved from our residential areas to the beach for wave riding. Heat lamination technology embraced make the product durable. It delivers excellent performance at high speed. Its bottom is made of polyethylene featuring channels with a crescent tail. It is available in bright attractive colors. It come when fully assembled from the suppliers. It can be used at river, beach or at park.


i) Convenient length that suit most of the people.

ii) Portable to be use for outdoor fun activities.

iii) Variety of colors to choose from.


i) Since it is available in bright colors, some users might dislike especially male riders.

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