Top 10 Best Baby Bottle Tote Bags in 2018 Reviews

We are no longer in the era where mother mixes all baby belongings all in a single bag. Choose the Best Baby Bottle Tote Bags to keep your child’s drinks, food, and bottle in the right place. Hygiene should be the priority for every mother. For those who have twins or triplets, they should consider large Tote bags. You should have prior knowledge concerning Tote bags to get the great bag. Well, if are a beginner, worry less. Our main agenda is to provide you with a guide on how to pick best of Best Baby Bottle Tote Bags. There are various manufacturing companies but not all produce quality Tote Bags. Ensure you buy from reputable dealers who have customers interest in their hearts.

Tips for buying the Best Baby Bottle Tote Bags

  • Ease of usage

The Best Baby Bottle Tote Bags you intend to should be easy to use. Hassle free to clean and maintain. A good tote bag can open using one hand to pick necessity especially when you are in the public places. In case it makes use of zipping closure, ensure it is flexible for easy opening and closing.

  • Durability

The Best Baby Bottle Tote Bags should withstand harsh environmental corrosions. It should be waterproof. Strength is dependent on the materials used.  There is wide range of materials used to make other Baby Bottle Tote Bags including nylon, leather among others.

  • Size

The size of Best Baby Bottle Tote Bags you intend to buy should include the number of belongings you intended to carry. It should never be too big nor too small. Large Baby Bottle Tote Bags are suitable for long term outdoor events, but in case you are to travel for a single day, think of investing on the right size.

  • Design and the color

Who does not admire unique Baby Bottle Tote Bags? Exclusive designs give the mother pride of having the bag. Also, Best Baby Bottle Tote Bags for boys should be different for the baby girl. Someone will distinguish if you a baby is a boy or girl by just examining the bag you are carrying. Choose bright colors for the little girl with some flowers. For a boy, choose handful colors that are not too dull.

Others factors include;

  • Easy of transportation.
  • Exterior and the Interior pocket for keeping small items such as sunglasses.
  • The cost.

We have narrowed down your choices by listing the Top 10 Best Baby Bottle Tote Bags in 2018 Reviews

10.Hoopla Gorilla Bag

This bottle tote bag is crafted beautifully for carrying drinks. It fits around the bottles or cans snuggly to provide the needed protection and insulation. The product can keep the drinks cool for up to 4 hours depending on the temperatures outside. It protects your bottle from breakages, bumps or bangs when you are on the move. To carry this tote bag is very easy and you can conveniently hang from stroller hook. This fantastic carrier offers flexible usage. It gives unique way for transporting your drinks safely. Additionally, it has been built to last since it is made of sturdy neoprene material that is non-toxic and insulating. It is also reusable from time to time. With its beautiful design, many people love this product, especially during festive seasons.

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  1. Having this Tote Bag is the most convenient way to carry your lunch either to workplace or school.
  2. They are constructed to last from sturdy, flexible neoprene materials.
  3. Very easy to clean and maintain.


1.It is small in size hence cannot accommodate a large group of people.

9.Munchkin Cool Wrap Bottle Bag

Munchkin Cool Wrap Bottle Bag is a multi-functional bag that delivers with the provision of different compartments so that you can store the bottles and accessories of your kid. It features removable gel packs that help in keeping the bottles cooler for up to 13 hours. With this product, you do not need to put the whole bag in the freezer. This bottle tote bag enables you to keep you kid cool anywhere you go. Additionally, this product gives the parents option of attaching it to the stroller easily which improves your convenience. It is also available at a fair price that you can afford.


  1. It features a unique design to the baby bottles comfortably.
  2. Enormous to keep a large number of baby bottles.
  3. When not in use, it collapses in your travel case well.


  1. You cannot open using a single hand.

8.Tommee Tippee Insulated Bottle Bag

This bottle bag is insulated and has been designed intuitively and amazingly for the purpose of on the go feeding. It delivers with a provision of 2 individual bags for you to keep the bottles and food either cool or warm. These individual bags enables you to meet any need of the on the go feeding. These bags comes in a compact size that fit easily in any bag making them best for travel or daycare. They are also free from all the types of chemicals including BPA and phthalate The sturdy Velcro closure adjustable strap that comes with this product enables you to attach anywhere you want enhancing your convenience.


  1. It is sold out in 2 packs for more conveniences.
  2. Cools the baby bottles for more than 6 hours.
  3. Big enough to accommodate large baby bottles.


  1. Its insulation is not such perfect for fragile food stuff.

7.Dr. Brown’s Insulated Bottle Tote

If you want to keep your baby bottle warm or cold, then this black insulated bottle tote bag can hold up to 3 standard sized bottles or 3 wide neck baby bottles. It delivers with Velcro straps that are attachable easily.  It also has an adjustable main strap to enable different carrying positions. This bottle tote bag comes with the provision of extra pockets for additional storage purpose. The product features freezable gel pack for extended temperature control and the backside straps to allow easy attachment to the stroller. It has been reviewed positively by many customers, and you can get it at Amazon at an affordable price.


  1. The package includes a freezable gel.
  2. Keeps 3 baby bottles comfortably.


  1. They are not readily accessible due to high demand.
  2. A cooling gel is all over the bag hence tough to clean.

6.The JL Childress MaxiCOOL 4 Bottle Cooler

This JL Childress MaxiCOOL 4 Bottle Cooler, Black can hold up to 4 standard sized bottles, 3 baby bottles that are wide or 3 sipper cups. The product is an excellent multi-purpose. It features PVC lining that is leak-proof, phthalate and lead-free for you to have peace of mind as it is a tote that is safe to use. Its lining pulls out for the purpose of easy cleaning. This product also includes the reusable ice pack. Additionally, this bottle tote bag is available at an affordable price for you to purchase it and it offers you the best service that you need.


  1. Has more extra pockets for keeping other babies accessories.
  2. It is small hence the child can carry by himself while walking to the day care.


  1. The bag cannot accommodate large bottles.

5.The JL Childress 6 Bottle Cooler

This bottle tote bag is cool, black, fully insulated and best for the daily supply of you baby’s nutritional needs. Its lining is PVC, leak-proof, lead and phthalate-free so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your child. This tote delivers with features of 2 insulated, separate compartments that are zippered to allow easy organization. The bottom compartment that comes with this tote bag hold up to 6 bottles of standard size or 3 bottles and the cereal box. The top compartment holds up to 3 food jars, bibs, and utensils. This product is also heat sealed. It also includes a reusable ice pack. The lining of this product pulls up to enable easy cleaning.


  1. It is made of PVC-free from lead and phthalate hence safe for the baby’s bottles storage.
  2. It includes a shoulder strap for convenient carriage.


  1. The bag is so large for comfortable traveling.

4.JJ Cole Bottle Cooler

This JJ Cole Bottle Insulated Cooler; Stone Arbor can keep 2 extra-large bottles at an ideal temperature for long hours. It includes the handle that can be attached anywhere. It also comes with a freezer pack to enable extended temperature control. The exterior pockets that come with this product have enough space for 2 extra-large bottles to carry them anywhere you go. Its exterior is made of 100% polyester canvas, and the interior is coated polyester. The product features reusable ice pack to maintain the ideal temperature and handy exterior pocket used to store small essentials. You can get this product at a fair price on the market today.


  1. It includes a carrying handle that can be attached pretty anywhere.
  2. Available in various designs hence the customers have a choice.


  1. The handle breaks off with time.

3.Vettore Neoprene 6 Pack Baby Bottle Carrier

This baby bottle carrier allows you to carry up to 6 bottles. It is very easy to hang this bag. This product is manufactured from a non-toxic Neoprene flexible material that assists in insulating the container to maintain the drinks warm. It has been built to last longer and is perfect for transporting your drinks as it keeps the drinks fresh and safe. It is very easy to clean this product since the neoprene can not absorb lots of liquids. It is the perfect gift for every parent. You can use this bag to carry the baby bottles whenever you are on the go. You can also take it on camping or the road trip. It is safe for use as it is made with non-toxic materials.


  1. Its manufacturing company uses non-toxic materials during manufacture.
  2. Keep the baby bottle cool throughout the day.


  1. They are readily available in the market.

2.Munchkin Cool Bottle Bag

The blue Munchkin Cool Bottle Bag can hold up to four bottles. This product includes the ice pack for keeping your bottles cool. With its stylish design, it easily folds flat to allow you to store your belongings with ease. This bag is versatile, and it grows with baby. It is best for holding the snacks and lunches. To clean this bottle tote bag, it is quite easy. Many customers have liked this product and have been rated one of the best bottle tote bags on the market currently. Its price is also fair for you to purchase it.


  1. They are sold out at a discount up 34 percentage.
  2. It features remove cool gels.


  1. A bit hard to carry the tote bag.

1.The Pack-It Freezable Lunch Bag with Zipping Closure

This lunch bag is black and features zip closure that has been designed to be freezable lunch cooler with the ability to maintain contents cool for a long time up to 10 hours depending on the temperatures of the external. This product can fit a drink, snack, sandwich or 3 drinks provided no other content is kept inside it. It features patented cooling technology. The freezable gel permanently built in the liner so that it makes things simple for you because you will not need gel packs or ice hence you will not waste your money. With this bag, you just fold it with zipping closure then freeze it overnight. This Pack It lunch bag is best for packing healthy foods including fruits, dairy, and vegetables. It is also perfect for individuals with food allergies and special diets.


  1. It keeps the contents fresh for more than 10 hours.
  2. You can keep in a close freezer safely.


1.Velcro closure weakens with time.


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