Top 10 Best ATV Tires in 2018 Reviews

Playing in the mud is the funniest experience ever. Consider the Best ATV Tires to ensure you enjoy the fun to the fullest. Large Best ATV Tires are more reliable than smaller ones. In the market, there exist many types of ATV Tires from different manufacturers. Be aware that not all manufactures have customers interest in their hearts. You can access off road tires to use on muddy areas. However, only when the mud is an obstacle rather than in muddy conditions. Most ATV tires include rubber compound. Large gaps between the lugs ensure maximum traction in the mud. Also, the gaps prevents caking resulting in self-cleaning effect. They are unidirectional hence you can install only in one direction otherwise, the scoops will malfunction.

Best ATV Tires lugs tackles the deepest muds pits anywhere. Most people think choosing the Best ATV Tires is just a simple task. No, you have to analyze seeking advice from experts and other reliable bodies. Equipping new tires to your ATV is the best way to improve its performance.  There are different brands hence a bit confusing to choose one that is of good quality. All Best ATV Tires work the same except that they differ in ply ratings, thread design and the construction.

Things to consider when choosing Best ATV Tires

  • Terrain of the land

Consider the terrain of surface you are to ride on? Choosing the appropriate ATV set resembles choosing the brand pair of shoes. You choose the right Best ATV Tires for particular terrain is not an option. It is recommendable that you go for versatile Best ATV Tires as they are economical. To add, specific tires offers great functionality in comparison to multi-functional tires. You know yourself well and it’s upon you to choose based on you needs and capability. Generally, there exist 5 major types of tires based on terrain;

  1. All-in-one terrain.
  2. Sand
  3. Rocky tires
  4. Mud and snow tires
  • Manufacturing company

Ensure you buy from reputable dealers who offer friendly customers service. Lifetime warranty translates quality Best ATV Tires. After sell services such installation and spare parts availability should be considered. Also, the company should aims at giving its customers the best of the best product. In case of any inquiry, they should be readily available to provide the service.

  • Durability

You cannot be spending o ATV tires on daily basis. Consider ATV tires made of durable materials that last longer. The tires should resist environment corrosion.

  • Price

Most people translates that expensive Best ATV Tires are off good quality. This is misleading. I will say that good quality ATV Tires are expensive. Basically, ATV tires you intend to buy should be within your means without straining.

You are puzzled on how to choose the Best ATV Tires, no more worry. We are at your help. Here are the Top 10 Best ATV Tires in 2018 Reviews. Choose them accordingly.


10.GBC Dirt Devil Bias ATV Tire

This ATV tire has stylish look that is great for both ATV and off-road vehicle rides. It offers the perfect traction control balance and a long-lasting ability for the mixed terrain utility. It comes at a reasonable price and features a great construction. This product has been made and tested to be among the best most balanced tire used daily on mixed terrain conditions. It is a superior all-year tire that you can use it anywhere you decide to venture on. The aggressive V tread pattern has been designed to bite very hard for excellent reliability and traction offering great handling characteristics. Its heavy-duty construction and the 6-ply rating makes this tire among the most puncture-resistant tires today. Its distinctive tread design mud channels assure self-cleaning. This product works best on mud, loose terrain and hard pack.


  1. Sturdy construction to lasts longer.
  2. Extraordinary thread design allows the wheel to perform self-cleaning.
  3. Free puncture and other accidents.


  1. These ATV Tires meander at high speeds.

9.WANDA ATV P350 Tires

This ATV tire model delivers in a set such that when you purchase it you get 4 new tires. It is a popular model among many ATV owners currently. This product features shoulder lugs that protects the rim of the tire and the sidewall. It also features high quality nylon build to resist any punctures and abrasions ensuring that there is nothing that can hinder you the moment you start going. To install it on your ATV is quite easy and it offers good stability even when you are riding on rugged trails. With this high quality product, you will enjoy your adventure.


  1. Heavy ply 6 nylon engineering to last longer.
  2. Works not bad in any surface.
  3. Provides smoother ride and excellent traction.


  1. Mounting cost adds unnecessary cost.

8.Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire

This ATV tire features open thread. This enables you to do your work with no damage caused on the turf. Carlisle Field Trax ATV tire is ideal for use on fields, lawns and the golf corners. The product is made by Carlisle and weighs 28.8 pounds. It measures 25 by 25 by 13 inches with rim size of 9 inches. The non-directional tread pattern offers you traction that is enough anywhere you go. This tire is also resistant to puncture. You can get this product in either 2 or 4 ply construction and gives tire replacements of both front and rear. This model is great for grassy areas and does not perform best on steep terrain, mud, sand and hard surfaces.


  1. Provides extra traction for comfortable maneuverability.
  2. Tires are sold out quite affordable price for great value.


  1. They are versatile hence their performance is not as good as that of Nano-functional tires.

7.ITP Mud Lite-XL Mud-Terrain ATV Tire

This tire has got a little bit bigger profile to ensure great cornering stability. The product is manufactured from the extra extended –wear rubber compound of high quality to ensure it lasts longer and offer great value. Mostly the front tires have loosely-gapped, best knobby design that features rounded carcass and are designed to provide sharp steering response and easy control. This makes this ATV tire model be an all-weather product that can be used anywhere off the road.  ITP Mud Lite XL is also very flexible tire which adapts to various types of terrain. It has different tread compounds for ensuring there is the correct balance between the stability and control. It is a 6-ply mud tire that is engineered for the trail.

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  1. It is compatible with most late vehicles models.
  2. It incorporates computer aided construction to ensure best tires for the customers.
  3. They hold the trail well in a slippery muddy conditions.


  1. They are quite expensive.

6.Maxxis M917 Bighorn Tire

This is another tire that is one of the best ATV tires on the market these days. Maxxis Bighorn Radial features the Extra lugs on the shoulder to offer both sidewall and the rim protection. Its radial construction made by Maxxis provides a smooth ride and better traction. This product is perfect for dirty, desert and rocky terrain. The tire weighs about 20 pounds.  Its dimensions are 24.3 by 24.3 by 9 inches. The size of the rim ranges from 12.7 to 14.8 depending on the size of the tire. Its tread pattern and the wide footprint offers greater traction.  This product also has big shoulder lugs that assists in protecting the sidewalls and provides the best ride with great comfort.


  1. Serves various purpose such riding in the mud, parks and mountainous areas.
  2. They are very stable in all riding surfaces.


  1. Slightly expensive.

5.Kenda K284 K284 ATV Tire

This K284 ATV Tire has reinforced knobs for great tracking and cornering. It is well known as amongst the best and popular ATV Tires on the marker currently. This product also contain a casing that is resistant to puncture ensuring that it will last for a long period of time. This ATV tire have a weight of approximately 11.6 pounds with rim diameter of 9 inches. The product measures 21 inches by 21 inches by 8 inches. It is a good match for the scorpion. Additionally, this product is affordable for you to purchase it and it is available on the market today.


  1. Knobs are strengthen to ensure comfortable riding.
  2. It features puncture resistant exteriors.


  1. Highly selective for specific type of cars such as RWD 4 wheeler.

4.Kenda Executioner

This Kendra tire weighs 56 pounds and has aggressive 4 by 4 riding terrain tread that has been engineered to meet requirements of deep-down traction. This make this ATV tire ideal for the muddy terrain. The dimensions of this product are 24 by 24 by 10 inches with 12-inch section width. This model has the reinforced knobs to minimize rollover risks at lower pressure and increase the ride comfort. Improved tread lifespan and dimpled surface of the tread offers excellent traction in dry conditions. The puncture resistance and great handling is obtained with its 6 ply rating. This product offers bumpy rides on hard surfaces and causes damage on grassy terrain.


  1. Engineered to accommodate aggressive 4 by 4 terrain surfaces.
  2. Rims savers safeguards against rust damages.


  1. It gets work very quickly.

3.Kenda Scorpion 2 Ply 22-10.00-8 K290 ATV Tire

This product’s dimensions are 18 by 18 by 9.5 inches with rim size of 8 inches. Its section width measures 18 inches with 9.5 aspect ratio. It also has F speed rating and 0.5 tread depth. This product also features a unique knobs design for improved stability and ride that is predictable. Puncturing on both tread and sidewall area is resistant. Compounded with material that is resistant to tear and snag makes this tire lasts longer. This tire also features an in-built rim guard for extra protection of rim and sidewall. Additionally, it is lightweight with easy-rolling tread. The tires are 2 plies hence they cannot be used on the highway. It offers best traction in various changing conditions.


  1. Keeps the lawn safe.
  2. Multi-purpose and affordable


  1. Some of this tires come when scratched.

2.CST NEW Front & Rear ATV 4 Tires Tire Set

The New Front and Rear ATV 4 tire set is an all-in-1 ATV tire that perfectly suit all of your demands. The knobs that it has extend across section width to give optimum control and traction. This product is usually on the go for all terrains types. This ATV tire also has directional front that gives predictable cornering with a straight line stability. It is manufactured from a long-lasting 4-ply rating construction that is resistant to puncture and reduces the tire roll. The model weighs exactly 14 pounds. It also has dimensions of 24 by 20 by 20 inches. This product is also affordable for you to buy it on the market today.


  1. Provides better traction on hilly surfaces.
  2. It is worth its purchase price.


  1. side walls tears off easily.

1.Sedona ATV Mud Rebel Tire

This tire has been specifically designed for aggressive mud and utility ATV/UTV driver. It offers incredible performance in mud and also handles rocky terrains excellently. This product also can easily handle rugged dry terrains. The carcass material of high quality ensure the extended sizes that are well-controlled making your tire offer the best performance. Mud rebel offers improved strength of sidewall for both puncture resistance and impact absorption.  Its aggressive-angled tread design provides best grip in either muddy or dry conditions and cleans out well for great balance. Its super-strong 6-ply carcass is puncture resistant, absorbs any kind of obstacle and handles toughest terrains. Its superior rubber offers durability and traction of high level in muddy conditions. It also offers great steering response.


  1. They are durable.
  2. Dealers offers after sale services such as the installation.


  1. In comparison to other producers, it is not such aggressive.

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