Top 10 Best Athletic Supporters in 2018 Reviews

What are the Athletic Supporters? How to get Best Athletic Supporters? Anytime they mention Athletic Supporters am sure this question rings in your mind. Do not mind. It is not an option for athletes and player to have Best Athletic Supporters. That is the main reason we have written this article just for you. Well, Best Athletic Supporters are important sporting equipment. Athlete’s men mostly use them during exercise. Those without plastic cups are perfect for men while cycling, running and skating. Contrary, plastic cups gives enough protection when playing contact games. Athletic Supporters protects your groin area from physical injury. Accidents do but likely to occur most in the field. Ensure the supporter provides maximum comfort. Most of the players have a challenge on how to choose the correct size. Worry less; Reputable dealers indicate precise measurements of the supporter.

Types of Best Athletic Supporters based on amount of support it provides

The main reason players wear supporters is to get sufficient genital support. Having the Best Athletic Supporters is the solution to this.  They are two types;

  1. Regular athletic supporter
  2. Cup-style athletic supporter

Both types are essential when playing. They differ in degree of protection. A regular athletic supporter is suitable for diving, jogging, and swimming. Those with mesh-like pouch are advantageous. For those playing contact sports such as the football and hockey require cup-style athletic supporter. Choose one that will provide enough support your desire.

How to wear Athletic Supporters

Some men wear them under the boxers while other under the boxers. No specific way to wear them but it is recommendable you wear them under boxers. The main reason is that most users need the cut of the supports to fit into skin securely. Wearing this way ensures maximum protection to your genitals. The size of a supporter is the measure of the waist circumference. Never rate the size based on the size of the cup. Tape measures give accurate size measurements. If you are planning to wear over the pants, consider larger size to accommodate boxer’s fabric.

Features of Best Athletic Supporters

  • They should be smooth to wear.
  • Fits well and comfortably.
  • Provides enough support to your genitals.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • It should be from quality materials to minimize skin irritations.

Types of Best Athletic Supporters

Best Athletic Supporters are divided into three categories. They are as follows.


The jockstrap is the big supporters available in the market. They have elastic waistbands alongside flexible loops. All these features make wearing very comfortable. The front part has a unique pouch-like design to hold the genitalia in place.

Compression shorts

Unlike in the old days, people are adapting the use of compression shorts. They are made of flexible synthetic fabrics to keep genitalia safe. Most players consider it most comfortable than other supporters. Runners and cyclist love compression shorts for their maximum comfort.

Hockey Jock Supporters

They have special modifications from Compression shorts and the jock strap. As the name suggest, it is suitable for hockey players. It is equipped clips referred to as garter.

Jill type

These types are also known as pelvic protectors. They resemble jock strap but worn by the women. Also, the genitalia protector is small and flat.

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After comparing various types in the market, here are the Top 10 Best Athletic Supporters in 2018 Reviews.

10.Mcdavid Performance boxers With Cup Pocket

This is a convenient athletic supporter from McDavid Inc. which produces performance apparel and sports medicine braces of high-quality product across the countries. It features Hydra vent moisture technology which improves heat control, performance and comfort of the athlete. It is manufactured using 805 nylon, 20% spandex fabric, and 5.5 oz. Per square yard. This performance boxer is also resistant to stain, shrink and colorfast. With this product, cup pocket, the cup is sold separately. The patented Hex Pad Technology offers lightweight, breathable and long-lasting padding system in the compression apparel. The head is equipped such that it moves and conform to the body of the athlete providing optimal protection. It comes in black color.


  1. Nylon material to withstand frequent washing.
  2. It does not fade nor shrink.


  1. Wearing the cup for long hours causes irritation.

9.Duke Athletic Supporter

This product by Duke is strong, durable and comfortable. This athletic supporter is 3’waistband which helps in maintaining the shape after the repeated wearing. It is shrink resistant and also resistant to stain. It also includes soft open knit pouch to enhance both support and comfort of the athlete. This product also features 1′ leg bands to enhance comfortable fit. The Duke athletic supporter also features the extra strength elastic that has a plush backing. It comes in white color. With this product, you are guaranteed of not regretting on spending your money on it. It comes the second Best Athletic Supporters.


  1. Shrink resistant.
  2. The waistband is flexible fit all people.


  1. They do not last.

8.Shock Doctor 221 Compression Short with BioFlex Cup

This athletic supporter is one of the most popular athletic supporters that offer perfect fit and great protection. This Core Compression Short is made of the premium moisture wicking 4-way stretch material which moves together with your body hence eliminating sweat for more comfort and compression. The dual mesh cup panel secures cup and offers maximum ventilation improving cooling. It’s comfort waistband enables you to engage in sports activities with no irritation at all. The X-pocket cup retention system is equipped such that it securely keeps the cup in the right position between legs for a close and comfortable fit. The Bio flex cup with gel perimeter offers maximum comfort and protection. Its body flawlessly forms to the athletic frame giving freedom of movement, comfort, and airflow.


  1. They have a bio-shaped design to provide maximum support to your genitals.
  2. It does not restrict movement.
  3. Free air circulation.


  1. Nylon materials do not affect sweat hence you can quickly develop sores.

7.S&C JockStrap Gym Athletic Cotton Supporter with Cup Pocket

This athletic supporter is made of pure cotton. It comes with a superior quality design for optimal durability. The product is perfect for all kinds of fitness activities with natural elasticity. It is designed to support your critical organs from a lot of strain. It is ideal for hernia control. The multi-stretch material offers great comfort for an athlete. This product has high quality elastic that helps make you comfortable and feel good during sports activities including football, cricket, athletics, hockey and many others. This athletic supporter will not become loose even after several washes because of its good quality. With this athletic supporter, you are guaranteed of all the comfort and convenience that you need when you are engaging in sports activities.


  1. The company utilizes cotton materials to last longer and withstands frequent washing.
  2. Suitable for all fitness activities.


  1. Exclusively for men only. Most customers wish the company provide for women too.

6.Safe-T-Gard Jock Strap Athletic Supporter

This athletic supporter is made from lightweight, soft and comfortable polyester blend fabric so as to maximize the safety of the user without affecting the style and comfort. The Safe-T-Gard Jock Strap has an excellent fit. It features wide elastic waistband which assures you of a snug and comfortable fit. It also comes with flat seams and a fiery red accessory which many users love a lot. This product is also made of shrunk free materials with high quality making it last longer and fit comfortably. This athletic supporter will offer you excellent performance. This product comes, and you are ready to use it.


  1. It is from high-quality materials that do not shrink nor fade.
  2. They are comfortable to the skin and offers great protection.


  1. Their design can be easily imitated hence there is a high possibility of buying poor quality.

5.(x)ist Men’s 3-Pack Stretch Core Jock Strap

This is another great athletic supporter that is very convenient and comfortable. It is made of 92 percent cotton and 8 percent spandex. With this product, the customers have the freedom to choose either to wash with hand wash or machine wash. It comes in 3 per pack. There is no show rise since waistband just sits 2 inches below the hips. It also features the rear strap for enhanced stability. The product also includes an original contour pouch that offers support, comfort, and fit. It features microfiber waistband which assists the users to be more convenient and comfortable during sports events. This athletic supporter will not disappoint you as it offers you excellent performance.


  1. Cotton and spandex blends result in strong, durable supporter for everyone.
  2. Machine wash for easy entertainment.


  1. The chart they provide does not indicate exact sizes.

4.Shock Doctor Shockskin Lax Relaxed Fit Impact Short

This is another comfortable athletic supporter from the Shockskin. It is the best quality that offers you an integrated fabric and the vented foam pads which are secured by a high-frequency seams, contour and move with your body for exceptional comfort and maximum protection. It features x-fit brief cup retention system that integrates a wraparound mesh brief and the supporter for a high comfort, stability and fit for right cup position. The product offers optimal freedom of movement due to its relaxed fit pattern made for perfect anatomical with no compression. This athletic supporter is constructed using chafe-free seams and the fabric that can wick moisture away from the athlete’s skin. Its ultra-carbon flex cup features improved multi-stage impact protection.


  1. They are the most comfortable Athletic Supporters.
  2. Never question its durability.


  1. The padding is not insufficient.

3.Players Men’s Athletic Supporter

This athletic supporter from Players is made in such a way that it offers maximum comfort to the user. It comes in white color. It is constructed using a soft ring spun, comped cotton fabric. The material is breathable and very comfortable. It comes with an exceptional craftsmanship that assures you a comfortable fit irrespective of any sports activity you are doing. This product features shrink and wrinkle resistant material that helps it maintains its shape and the functionality after several repeated washes. It is available at a modest price and has a durable quality that has made my sports people like it. The product will give a high level of performance.


  1. Use of cotton materials lasts longer.
  2. Good quality to lasts longer.


  1. Most of this supporter are small for huge-bodied athletes.

2.Shock Doctor Men’s Power Supporter with BioFlex Cup

This athletic supporter is manufactured from 51 percent polyester, 44 percent spandex, and 5 percent nylon. It includes Bio flex cup that is unique with vented bio-shape body integrated with a gel pad to allow maximum freedom of movement and enhanced comfort. Additionally, this product is made with supportive four-way stretch material and comfort fit waistband for an ideal fit. The vented mesh cup panel is constructed using breathable mesh to allow maximum airflow to keep the user cool and dry. The comfort fit waistband enables easy removal of a cup for washing. This product comes in white color. This anti-bacterial moisture wick strong fabric allows a comfortable fit.


  1. Shock absorbent technology provides maximum protection.
  2. Available in different sizes to suit all players.


  1. Sliding pads cause lots of discomforts.

1.McDavid HexMesh Athletic Supporter

This is another athletic supporter of great value offered by McDavid. It is available at a decent price, yet it provides excellent performance. The McDavid Hex Mesh is one of the best sports grade products on the market today. It features Hydra vent technology that keeps the users comfortable, fresh and dry as it wicks both heat and sweat. This product is also manufactured using Hex Mesh technology that gives maximum air flow. It includes the cup pocket that enables you to fit several standard cups for improved protection. It is made of 80% nylon, 5% polyester, and 15% spandex. The product helps a lot in reducing injuries and enhance the performance.


  1. Its cup pockets make it ideal for contact games.
  2. Mesh technology guarantees enough ventilation.


1.Pocket cups does not hold well in the correct place.


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